Entry date for London marathon 2014 to get into ballot?

You would imagine that the date you have to complete your entry for next years London marathon would be well publicised, however having googled away I cannot find it.

Can anyone shed any light?

Many thanks





  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Isn't it just after the marathon?

    I failed to enter the ballot for this year because the thieving website wouldn't let me click continue without agreeing to donate my entry fee.

  • Thanks, I missed out on even having a go for the ballot last year as i couldn't find the date (then forgot about it till it was too late!).

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Last year it was about a week after. Be quick though.
  • I dont think they publicise it until after this years is out of the way. You'd always get some muppets confusing what year it is they've entered for.
  • In previous years, it has opened a week after the marathon on the Monday. It generally reaches the maximum of 125 000 within  24 hours.

  • If in any doubt watch the TV coverage on the BBC  - they always tell you.

  • just had email saying ballot opens on Monday 29th April. If you are on the 5 rejections grandfather rights, it opens on 18th march and closes on 2nd April

  • Is the marathon in 2014 on Easter Sunday?

  • No.....the week before I believe......never on easter sunday

  • Easter Monday is 21 April 2014.

  • London Marathon 20 April 2014

  • 3rd time lucky I hope.  Good luck xx

  • Having never run it before, has anyone any idea of entry costs?

  • I can't remember exactly, but I think to enter this years it was £30-something. My bad memory is thinking somewhere between £32-36. Hopefully someone else can tell you the actual fee :P You don't actually need to pay when you sign up for the ballot though. You have the option of paying upfront and if you don't get it they send you a gift like a rain jacket. Or you can choose to pay if they offer you a place, usually October time. 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    32 quid for this yr. paying for it it the easiest part. Then running it. Getting through the ballot is the most difficult.
  • so if it's monday 29th of april do i have to stay up till midnight to enter and stand a chence or will it open at a set time like 9am. ?

  • The last ballot for this year's opened just after midnight. How long it stays open depends on how long it takes for the system to reach the quota. Last time it closed around 5.30pm and for days afterwards people were complaining because they thought they would have a while to apply so didn't bother doing it at first. 

  • Would love to do London Marathon. My mate applied and got a place for this year, he only started to train a few months ago. Grrrrrr. His legs are going to fall off!!!

  • I second Elizabeth, the ballot was Mon 30th, 8 days after the race, and my confirmation email is dated 1.28am! I went back and looked during the day and it was still open mid-afternoon IIRC but had closed by nighttime.

  • maybe you could help me....I would like to know how to join a London marathon next year to raise a fund basing in the Philippines. may I now the procedures???? thanks!

  • The London Marathon is April 20th 2014, which according to my diary IS Easter Sunday. *confused*


    I've failed one ballot before so fingers crossed for getting a place - I wont hold my breath though! image

  • Where are people getting the 20th April 2014 from? image 

    The London Marathon is on the weekend before Easter Sunday, 13th April 2014.


  • I googled it and it was the only date I could see - lots if charities have it listed at being the 20th!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Chimpster, is that off the VLM site?  I can't find anything on there.

  • Public ballot opens on the 29th April... good luck!!!

  • From this years final VLM magazine, ballot for 2014 opens 29 April 2013 and will close when 125,000 applications have been received.

  • imageDont think they do the enter 5 times your automatically into London marathon anymore! Iv entered over 15 times & only got in through the main ballot once!!! Think too many people enter for this system to be feesable now! Stopped it a few years ago.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Debbie, you're right.  They did away with the 5 times rejected a few years back.

    29th it is....again!

  • Opps sorry Cinders missed your question. It is indirectly on the VLM website, it's hidden in the VLM 2013 media guide

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