Support Group 2 - Mudchute 2013

The list below contains the name and details of all supporters/runners who are in this support group. 

Claire Hardman
Running Rodent

Dave Wood 4 & Dan Wood
Mr Puffy
No Pain
Rattler Rattler

The supporters need to know:

Forum name
Name (suggest you email this if unhappy to divulge via the forum)
Race number
Estimated time to mile 17
What you'll be wearing
Any special needs*

*Special Needs - All reasonable requests will be catered for i.e. SIS/High 5 gel, banana, Jelly Babies, boiled sweets etc, even lager & Guiness have been requested before. To be sure we have what you need or for more obscure requests please leave items at the Runners World stand at the registration Expo. Supporters will be collecting them Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Items should be marked with: name, race number & support group number.

Location of Support area

With approx 40,000 runners it is almost impossible to pick out individuals as they pass, therefore its important you know where to spot us.

The support area is on the right hand side of the road at the pelican crossing by mudchute DLR station. There is a water station immediately after the 17 mile point, pelican crossing is immediately after the water station. I will post a close of google map/google earth image of the area with exact location shortly.

Supporters will be standing in sequential group order along the course. The area will be festooned with blue and yellow balloons so should be easy to spot, when you get to us, look out for the support group numbers and go over to your respective group.

Please use this thread to ask any questions and look out for further information which will be posted up until the race. 

Good luck everyone..



  • Hi all - roll up, roll up, welcome to Support Group 2 image . All reasonable requests dealt with and some unreasonable ones too if we think it might be fun.
  • This is a brilliant idea!

    I'll pass on my details asap. image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Hi Peeps First of all thank you for your support I look forward to seeing you at mile 17 image

    Having real problems up loading photos at the moment I have e-mailed the boffins who are looking into it.

    Forum Name: No Pain

    Real Name: Gary

    Time at mile 17: race starts at 10am so between 11:54 and 11:57

    Race number: 30752

    Wearing a Fetch Vest

    Will drop off a drink and SIS gel at the expo and a few quid for the supporters to have a pintimage

    Bring it on image
  • Hiya, so pleased I'm going to get some support as family depleted!!! My forum name is liberty6201 but my real name is Nikki. Ill have to work out time..... Think it will be about 3 and a half hours. Really sorry!! I'm looking to finish in approx 6 hours so will tighten up that timing! Race number is ?3296 ( will confirm this) . I will be wearing a bright yellow Meningitis Trust vest saying Nikki on it!!!

    Sorry to be a bit vague, I'm not at home so can't really check my details. Ill be back though!!,
  • **waves**

    Thanks in advance - the hug I got on my only previous attempt kept me going when I was in pain and very low.



    time - er well, 2hr 33 would be nice..... so if get through start quickly 12:33- 12:45

    number is 6135

    wearing a red and white birm children's hospital vest

    Happy to take a hug and some sweets/ choc/ whatever!

    Hope the sun shines for us all (well not too much, just a bit really)....
  • Hello Group 2! Best group by farimage looking forward to meeting all you fabulous runners at mile 17! image
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    I won't need any special needs thanks, just a wave, I think I will remember what you look like RR, Paris was four years ago...
  • Good to see you all - if I can work my way round the technology I have some photos of where we'll be so you know what to look out for on the day. Mr P - you were one of the first forumites I ever met image .l'll be back in Corcoran's again on Sunday but it's a fortnight in between this year so I get an extra week to rest my legs.
  • So sorry I will be so long getting to you image x
  • liberty - there will be plenty of runners after you and any of us could be at the back if it goes wrong (which it will for lots of people).

    I tripped on the timing mat last time and spent a few miles fighting tears with frustration and despair because I felt so crap. The crew at mud chute were like angels!
  • Just popping in from Group 1 to steal the Jafffa Cakes

    Liberty, we are very happy to wait until the last of our runners comes past however long it takes.  Its a point of pride with us image


    Thank you so much, I will cry when I see the balloons and may well rest awhile image.

    Hope to...  (changed from Hopetofinish - for the shallow reason it did not fit on a tshirt)



    3hrs 10

    Fetch top with Hope to... on the front

    Some full fat coke I can leave at expo


  • Thank you everyone. On a good day I only anticipate finishing in 6 hours so if something else was to happen.....eek!!
  • Hope to ... Don't worry I cried last year image all the best people doimage

    Running Rodent - is there anything we need to do as supporters? Or just bring jelly babies, Jaffa cakes etc and just support on the day image
  • Hi all, I have moved to this group as Louise wanted to be my support. I hope you don't mind and I promise to be good as gold. image Supercaz l gave me permission to abandon group 5 image

  • Claire - that's pretty much it. If you can do any pickups of stuff that people have left at the Expo on the Thurs/Fri/Sat and bring it with you on the day, that's helpful, but if you can't, no worries. A willingness to inflate balloons and tie things to railings is helpful too. Also bring a Swiss Army knife to dig the jelly babies out of the soles of you shoes afterwards...

    Nearer the time we'll do a check on who will be there when, so we've got the whole thing covered (I'm assuming not everyone will be willing or able to do 9am-2pm). I live nearby so I generally offer to get there early.
  • Someone in your group needs to work out how you are going to be identified to the runners, so decide amongst yourselves who wants to do that.  You need a big number that is easy to see, and think about how you are going to attach it.  In the past people have bought number shaped balloons, but they tend to get blown out of sight if it is windy.

    Also one of you needs to collate all the info about your runners and bring it with them in a form that is easy to read on the day.  Think about how you are going to deal with mutliple runners appearing at the same time.  Remember, some are after times and will want to be able to grab gels etc on the run

  • ...phew, found you all at last...

    I can do pickups on Thurs and / or Fri evenings at the Expo if anyone needs me to, we just need to confirm meetup times.

    I can also do shopping / carry stuff in a backpack from Asda on the day

    I will have just moved house so can't volunteer to do printing / lists et cetera cos I dont think I'll have everything set up in time.

    RR / SC I also live quite nearby (Greenwich), but not sure about how the foot tunnel will be working on the day?  Or DLR?  What's been your experience in the past?  Assuming I can get under / over the river ok, I am happy to do 09h00 - 14h00.


  • Louise - good question. I can't find anything about the foot tunnel on the day, although I have a feeling that they do run a one-way system during the marathon, and at that time it might be the other way! I'll see if I can find out. DLR should be OK. I'm on the north side so I've never had to do it. 

    I'm happy to compile a list of runners and needs, but I won't be able to start until I get back from Paris on Monday. Feel free to put your needs on here and I'll catch up then. I seem to remember SuperCaz was super organised last year and had a laminated spreadsheet - I'll see what I can do...

  • image

    You don't want to see the spreadsheets I've got set up already this year.

    And it wasn't laminated.  It was in plastic wallets.  I was thinking about laminating them this time though

  • ok I found this -

    The Greenwich Foot Tunnel (with new lifts) will be open and the Tunnel will have a one way (south to north) flow for two hours between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm to allow Marathon spectators to cross to the north side of the route. A queuing system will operate at the Tunnel entrance on the Greenwich side.

    So if starting at 09h00 all fine for me.

  • Hi all

    Good news is that I can travel on the Tube with my Teddy as long as I don't get in the way of anyone and don't obstruct anybody's view. I am just worried now though as I assume those tubes will be very busy. I suppose I will just have to risk having him taken off me.

    Bad news is that I just fell down the stairs and landed right on me backside. Feeling very sorry for myself as I think I may have bruised me Bum Bone image

    *goes off to find Cake*

  • I'm concerned that Cake is the person you want to show your bruised bum to.  Does this indicate that maybe you banged your head at the same time?

  • I forgot Cake was on the forum. I was thinking more the Choc Fudge variety or maybe even a nice Lemon Drizzle image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Hi Peeps well its near time to start to taper here, hope eveyones traing is still going to plan.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Very quite on here, well new Parkrun PB for me yesterday and a half marathon run at MP this morning image now feeling well chuffed and looking forward to the big day image
  • I'm feeling very sorry for myself. Got pinched nerve at top of my leg, making day to day existing feel like a marathon! Can't take ibuprofen in any form and paracetamol not touching it so hoping dr can give me something tomorrow. On a good point it doesn't hurt any more to run on it than walk, just not getting rest I need :0(
  • No pain - my taper wont have a half at race pace in it!!! More like a few jogs if I feel like it.....

    liberty - boo to pinched nerve, can you get some burly chaps to grab your feet one end and hands above your head the other and PULL.

    Can't believe in 2 weeks I'll be drunk......
  • Ouch Liberty, that sounds painful image. I hope the Doc can give you something for it.

    I have started my taper with a 6 miler today with the Teddy I will be carrying to see where I will need to put the Vaseline image


  • Liberty hope the Doc has managed to sort something out for you. 

    Hope everyones taper is going well, I got very restless legs this time last year. 


    Ill try find out where I am staying as I maybe asking for some directions... I will be staying for the long haul as one of my friends (in another group) has to walk the marathon and I am there to support her so Im not leaving the area till she gets to mile 17, plus I may just be walking the rest of the way with her. image

    Ive got some jelly babies and jaffa cakes for you guys. 

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