National Lottery Olympic Anniversary Run



  • I like it image - that'll be my plan too - with Chariots of Fire playing in my head....

  • Johnny2323Johnny2323 ✭✭✭
    Or that sound effect from Six Million Dollar Man (only folk of certain age will understand)
  • I was going to quote that but wondered if no-one else would know what I was talkoing about!

  • Johnny2323Johnny2323 ✭✭✭
    What a dude:

  • A nice steady lap and enjoy the place, looking forward to it.


  • Agree a steady paced lap for me with maybe a little sprit for the last 100 metres for good measure.  It is going to be ace - I'm so excited just thinking about it!

  • sean scutt 3 - I just wondered if you have ended up with a spare space for the Olympic anniversary run? I managed to get in, but due to a mix up my girlfriend didn't, hence I wondered if you have a spare entry for the event.

  • SlowkoalaSlowkoala ✭✭✭

    If anyone has any spectator tickets going spare, I would love to buy them... I have 3 kids and OH so looking for 2 more tickets to watch...

  • Johnny2323Johnny2323 ✭✭✭
    Has anyone had any joy contacting the organisers? I've tried emailing their info@ address but had no response.
  • @Johnny2323 - Yeah, I contacted them on the info@ address the day after it sold out to as I hadn't had the e-mail.  I got a response about 24 hours later.  You could try contacting them on Facebook - I know last year they were very good with replies on that.

  • Just been announced Chris Hoy is going to be starting the run - Legend.

  • If anyone has any spare tickets then I could give one a good home!

  • I also need a couple of extra spectator tickets for my parents if there are any going spare anywhere...?

  • If anyone has a spare place in the run, would be interested please as trying to get a place for my girlfriend. She got the unsuccessful email today to her application in the ballot for the run.

  • I've just won a place in the ballot, so exciting. Big problem now is two children plus OH, would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has a spare spectator pass,..

  • I got a ticket in the ballot too anyone know what time the run starts? I'm not usually an early morning running and will be traveling down to London on the day, about hour & half away. Guessing I'll have an early start? Will be worth it though, having missed out on tickets to go see the Olymipics running in the stadium will make up for that image

  • AJC, they have said they are working towards a 10am start, with a Noon start for the family event.  That said it might change, as last years one was a 2pm start I believe.

    10am start for the event. The Family event will start after 12 noon - See more at: 10am start for the event. The Family event will start after 12 noon - See more at:
  • Thanks Matthew, next time I should read all of the FAQ before asking questions that have already been answered! 

  • AJC, well the website is a little all over the place at the moment and isn't quote as intuitive as it should be - but it's early days so I'm sure they will get there.  It is worth following them on Facebook if you have an account though as they were excellent with information and answering questions that way last year.

  • If anyone has an entry and has a spare spectator tick I'd love to buy or donate to charity for it, I want to take wife and 2 kids to London for the weekend so I was gutted to see you could only have 2 spectators!! Seems really short sighted of the organisers not to give people th option to pay extra

    10000 runners with 2 spectators each doesn't fill the stadium 

  • I'm in- and so excited, what an amazing opputinity!!


    Also if anyone does have a spare spectator ticket message me on here as I'll be happy to make a dontaion to a choosen charity as have inlaws and husband who all want to come!!



  • if anyone has a place they can't use then I would love it image.  Happy to cover costs etc. Would love to run it, missed out last year and would love to do it, and raise some cash door charity, this year.

  • Hi

    Unfortunately my friend managed to obtain an entry but, I missed out in getting a place !  Did anyone manage to get a few entries initially and now have one spare? I would love to participate.

  • Hi,

    Also desperate for one spectator ticket if anyone gets one spare please so the kids and hubs can come and watch.

    Please email if you have one.
  • What are peoples predicted times? 

    I put about 40mins on my form but thinking I can probably do it in 35. 

  • I can do it in 42 though I think I'll probably be faster on the day.
  • With a little effort I should break 35mins.

    Part of me thinks I should slow down at the and enjoy the stadium, but then an even bigger part of me thinks I should try to break Usain Bolt's record over last 100m! image

  • I know what you mean RP. I won't want it be over!
  • Got my place, can't believe my luck, but I would love to take my wife and 2 girls. If any one has a spectator ticket that they won't be using let me know I'd love to take it off your hands.

  • Competition has now launched for a few extra places...

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