NDW100 2013

Must be about time to kick this off. Where is everyone hiding and how is your training going? Really excited about my first 100 image

I have now managed to recce the whole course so wanted to share a few thoughts.

1st 25 - seemed reasonably tame and a nice intro

2nd 25 - tough but great scenery to take your mind off it

3rd 25 - did this at night and found the night navigation between Holly Hill and Cuxton difficult in places

4th 25 - the last section from Lenham is a nice runnable section to finish on but not sure I will have any legs left by then as the section before it will be evil on tired legs! The steps and climbs between Little Kit's and Hollingbourne are going to be brutal at that stage of the race *GULP*


Couple of questions for the more seasoned campaigners...

Any strategies for dealing with the nettles which are likly to be like Trifids by then? Compression socks?

Does anyone wear ankle support for the night section or ever consider it? I turned my ankle a couple of times even with 2 lights whilst (head and hand) and with one of my ankles weak from an old injury, it does worry me a bit as would hate to DNF through something as daft as a knackered ankle.



  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Did this last year.  Might do it again some time, but it's too close to Ridgeway 85 which I do every year.  Last year they were two weeks apart and I DNF'd at mile 83 on the Ridgeway, 2 miles short of the finish, and spent the next 24 hours in A&E.

    Sensible to do recces, especially the night section, and you seem to have summed it up the route well.  I remember the whole lot being more undulating than expected -  endless short rises into woods, etc - except the last 13 miles or so.  And you're quite right - those hills and steps between about miles 82-87 are not what you want at that stage!  Positively cruel.


    Not sure if running poles are permitted at this event.  Some events allow them and runners use them for the night sections.


    Nettles are natural anti-inflammatories. You'll be fine.  I expect the path will have been well walked by then and the front end of the race will have taken the brunt of it.  But that might include you of course!

  • "Nettles are natural anti-inflammatories. You'll be fine.  I expect the path will have been well walked by then and the front end of the race will have taken the brunt of it.  But that might include you of course!"

    Wow, didn't realise that! Sounds like stinging is good lol As for the front end of the race including me, I very much doubt that. The main reason for spending the time on the recces is to improve my chances of finishing, not to be competitive. Even so, I still had to keep telling myself off every time I started thinking a 100 mile one day buckle was doable. I know that I can do either haf of the course in uner 12 hours but could I do the second half in under 12 hours with 50 miles already in the legs? I have no idea and as the only reason to do the race is to challenge myself, I'd rather just ensure a finish even if that means 29:59:59.

    You must have been in a right old state to have pulled up 2 miles from the end T Rex! 2 weeks apart is not a lot, I've got a 60 miler in the peaks a month before NDW and was thinking even that was too close.


  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    The first 27 got under 24 hours last year so good luck with that goal - a 24-hour buckle is definitely something to covet.  Putting myself under constant pressure over the last 25 miles or so I just about managed to complete, finishing in 29:44.

    Yes, got a bout of rhabdomyolysis.  One leg wouldn't move.  That 60-miler should be fine. Take it very steady indeed, and then do nothing much in between.  You can use it to experiment with nutrition.

  • 29:44... sounds like great pacing to me and well done on the finish image

  • Looking forward to this race not reccied any yet but did crew on the ndw50. All I heard on that at are checkpiont was about the hill just before are cp. Need to getting the sdw100 done this weekend then focus on  this one. people I've spoke to say the  ndw is the hardest race centurion do with a high percentage of the drops coming between 60 -70 miles ( boxhill area I think) 

  • For sub-24 you really want to be going through halfway in around 10 hours. I hit halfway in 10:30 last year and finished in 23:45...

    The pace guidelines on the CR website for a 24hr finish are pretty good in my opinion. If it's your first attempt at the distance though, then finishing in one peice should be your goal image

    Not sure if it's the same this year, but the final leg from CP13 was 4.5 miles last year NOT the advertised 3.2 - it crushed me last year when I got there, thought I could walk it in, but had to run to make sub-24...!

    It's a brilliant route, run my great people - an unforgettable experience!

  • Lingster good luck with SDW and hope to see you at NDW.

    GeeM, I had been studying the results from last year and figured that I needed to aim for 9-10 hours through the halfway point if I wanted to be in with a shout at sub 24hrs. Not sure whether to try or not but you are right that just finishing is my main aim.

    An unforgettable experience is what I'm hoping for.... hopefully not just because of the pain though image

  • I did the NDW50 last year and that took me 11hrs although I was in much worse shape then that I am this season. There are some nasty short hills that really take it out of you in the first half according to my recollection but then again there are loads of lovely technical descents where you can make your time back if you're not scared of death :P

    The weather was a bit too hot last year so a cooler day would be most welcome. I plan to recce the last 50 before the event so I'm curious to see what the 60-70 mile section looks like. The high drop-out zone, I heard someone say? Interesting..

    One question; are people bringing pacers? I've never had one before but debating it if I can find a volunteer...

  • I ran the NDW50 last year but had had a DNS on this years 50 due to an ankle injury. With the 100 in a month or so I am a little nervous now, still trying to get back up and running properly again (a marathon next week should see to that hopefully). Nervous about the lack of training I have been able to do, its pretty much been a wash out for the last few months with only cycling keeping my legs turning over!

  • Robert, for me it felt like the tough part was 75-85 as a couple of steep climbs but also lots of deep steps to negotiate. Looking at the results from last year it seems that most peple dropped between 50-75 so looking promising if you can make it past 75.

    Ultraplodder, I know the feeling. When I entered I was feeling really strong but since then my knee blew up and I was sidelined for a couple of months. Just starting to get my confidence back now so hopefully the timing will be ok for me.... good luck with the mara.


  • After failing at my first 2 atempts this year at 100 miles I'm planning at just finishing this one!

    I will be recceing the course with Lingster.

  • I'll probably head out on my MTB for a course recce next Sunday if anyone fancies it, I'm banned from running for another few weeks yet

  • Underestimate this race at your peril. Harder than the SDW for sure.

    Medway bridge to Hollingbourne is very tough only about 15 mile but tough. Mostly pitch black woodland and undulating to say the leastimage

    Recce GD? Didn't realize you were running this.

  • I ran 24.36 last year but my Achilles had swollen by about 3 times the size. Pleased with result really.

  • No not a recce mate, I'm not racing it. I'll be at registration and a couple of the early aid stations but a guy I ran with at the SDW asked me to pace him so I'll get out there for a few hours anyway

  • Think I might volunteer for one of the later aid stations as they are on my doorstep.

  • Dill, I'd definately recommend volunteering. I volunteered at mile 88 of the Winter100 last year and it was really informative (& inspirational)!!

  • Our paths have crossed then Robert. I ran the W100. Mile 88 must have been the final turn around on the Ridgeway when we changed from that horrible headwind to the heavenly tailwind.

  • Yeah we were the final turnaround! We were huddled in the back of a van because our aid tents blew down just as the second runner came through. Based on how rubbish we were feeling I can't imagine how much you guys must have suffered on the course. (how did you do by the way?) Well, I'm running it this year so maybe I'll find out! Any advice? 

  • Well I finished, just not with a time to write home about.

    Anyway it was horrible! Cold, rain, long hours of darkness and thick mud. I've entered again too.

    As for advice, get the best kit you can afford and make sure it is well tried and tested. Particularly your coat, waterproof trousers and head torch. It rained for 17hrs and was dark for 15hrs. Never has kit played more of a part in my finish.

  • Anyway I mustn't talk about it on this thread. We will have to discuss it on the W100 thread.

    Or GKD will get upset.

  • Hey I don't make the rules, it'd be anarchy around here if we didn't have rules!

  • "It rained for 17hrs and was dark for 15hrs."

    Dill, your not selling it well lol

    Another NDW night recce for me this weekend covering the second half through Friday night. Humid, sticky, sweating buckets... quads destroyed... job done image


  • Sorry WR that comment related to the Winter 100 not this. Last year this race was red hot. My head was so hot I thought it would burst.

    Are you running all the second half? I ran a 20 mile section yesterday at the crack of dawn, it was lovely.

    I've volunteered my services for this I'm marking the course from Caterham to Holly Hill. So you can all blame me if you get lost image. Lovely place to finish though, as you reach the top of Holly Hill just before the road walk to your right and see one finest views the North Downs has to offer.  

  • No worries Dill, I did realise you were talking about the W100 and it has moved further down my list of things to do as a result image I guess that is a big advantage to the summer runs that the night doesn't last anywhere near as long.

    Yes, I've done the full second half as a night recce twice now (the first time was alone for which I've been widely regarded as a complete nutter and the second time with a like minded soul lol). Setting off at different times so that I've navigated most of it in the dark now. Hopefully shouldn't need to rely on my map too much now and with 2x50 milers in the tank over the last month it should give me a bit more confidence on the day. I'm resting now for a couple of weeks before UTPD60 and then rest again untill NDW.

    Good on you for volunteering and yes it is a fantastic view from there.

  • I've offered to volunteer at Knockholt Pound; not heard anything yet... Dill, when did they contact you about marking the course?

  • Good luck Debra. Knockholt Pound is an epic checkpoint. Such a great atmosphere. At least it was when the NDW50 & NDW100 were run simultaneously. Not sure how it will be this year..

  • Robert: thanks. I thought it would be interesting to see how the 100-mile people are when they reach that point (which was the finish point for me running the 50). Also, I'll be volunteering at parkrun in the morning as usual but I figure I can get our results done AND get to Knockholt Pound in time for the full shift there - and I know where it is so I wouldn't have any concerns about possibly getting lost on the way there...

  • Just want to make sure everybody knows this. 

    20 additional slots will be made available in this years NDW100 at 10am on Saturday 13th July 2013.

    These will be on a first come, first served basis only.

  • Anyone manage to bag one of the extra 20 places?

    If this weather continues 29:59:59 will start to look like a very good time!

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