My name is ???????? and i am gonna seriously get my sh!t in one sock



  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    You can draft off me   image

    S'all very well until I get dropped image image

  • Ooh - challenging talk Melds - liking it!

    M...eldy wrote (see)

    Why do I swim in meters and K's and run and bike in miles ??   image

    I think it reflects those of us of a "certain age"

    Mouse - you are absolutely right about SMART targets image

    Like LtP I have some undeclared SMART targets but also some are more ephemeral......"learning to love running" is not easily squished into that concept!

    However this week I have done some pool swim sets and this morning 37 miles on the bike so I have made a start.........

  • Biked up to HPP for the TriEngland/SwimSmooth OW session.  It was a lot of fun image drafting, swimming in pairs and a diamond formation and sighting. Biked home.  Still thinking about my firm targets.

  • Whats on the rest of the plan this week then Podds .... as a wise man once said 'it doesnt count unless you back it up'


  • and to quote the full set of rules   image

    The Rules
    1. The most important role of any training session is to leave you fit to train the next day.
    2. High quality training sessions do not necessarily correlate to high heart rate training sessions
    3. No good ever came of training on a Thursday
    4. It is what it is
    5. A kill’s a kill
    6 Hills are your friend
    7 It might be windy on race day.
    8 Free speed is always good
    9 You only have to be fit for one day a year
    10 HTFU, JFDI or INAKC generally covers it
    11 It could be worse, it could be raining
    12 You’ve got to back it up
    13 There is no rule 13
    14 When the temperature’s zero, don’t be a hero
    Harden the fuck up, Just fucking do it, Its not a knitting club

  • Oh arse, I failed on the HTFU today, did a 105 mile sportive, OK it was a bit hilly but my pace was nearly one mile an hour than two weeks ago, and I just couldn't face a run off the bike and had a lovely caramel ice cream instead. Fail.

  • 105 bike miles doesn't sound like failure to me KateF

    Melds - another bike tomorrow - prolly around 25 to 30 - providing lady garden is up to it image then houndies all day monday but dover harbour swim in the evening, prob 1500m to 2k depending image  Beyond that I have not thought image

  • More thought needed Podds .... I shall be checking

    Kate less ice cream needed, you can have that after the run   image

  • I was so slow Meldy he would have packed up and gone home.

  • My sock did a 10k race this morning and went mountain biking for an hour afterwards

    My sock is now slumped on the settee watching rubbish telly and I have come to w*rk

  • 55 mile ride this morning, followed by a giant sunday dinner and Budweiser.

  • Okies well here goes these are my SMART targets for between now and the end of 2014 season.

    1. Lose 5kgs (between October 7th and January 31st).
    2. Lift some heavy things to build and strengthen my lean muscles in particular my core 3 times a week from October to January, then 2 times a week thereafter.
    3. Go back to eating a Paleoesque diet (fruit, vege, protein) especially during Oct-Jan and thereafter only eat gels/processed carbs while training long.
    4. Get my 10km run to 55mins image
    5. Get my 1.9km OW swim to 40mins.
    6. Increase my cadence to 90rpm to as per normal on all rides.
    7. Do the Outlaw bike portion in 7 hours or less.

    Argggh - hmmm work to do!

  • My sock stayed in bed all day and I came to work

  • The end of my sock has come unravelled and all the Sh#t has fell on the floorimage calf has pinged again on a plus note still getting some good wetsuitless sea swims inimage

  • RBM I envy you those sea swims, they're only on a weekend for me and then only when I can convince someone else to go hence none this yearimage

  • Ive done two sea swims this year and both were in Lanza ... thats Nice training done  image

  • I feel your pain RBM.  Hamstring and calf went earlier in the summer, just when I was getting into my Cricket!

    I've just been out for a 3750m OW swim.  First since Nottingham and I feel good!  That's my training for the Dart 10K done then!!  Helllloooo Mojo, where have you been hiding the last 18 months?!!  image  I even feel like a plod around the park tomorrow too!


  • Cricket ??  That serves you right quite frankly    image

  • Top of the League we are Meldy!  image  But, being a witch, you wouldn't understand!!  image

  • Feckin right I wouldn't  image

  • ok, if we are making our targets smart:

    1. lose 21 pounds by xmas

    2. do the outlaw swim in less than 1:30

    3. be able to complete the outlaw half without worrying about cutoffs (ie get sorted on the bike)

  • Did a interval/hilly run today- sock felt good then got a hole in later as I ate a toblerone image

  • My swimming shit sort of fell out of my sock a bit. 

    I haven't swum since Friday due to a monster hangover brought on by a foolish extra glass of wine Friday night! 

    I'm now fully recovered so will be back at it tomorrow! 

  • darned my sock, rode out to Outlaw north loop and did hill repeats on that bit of hill going into Southwell. Going open water tonight too, see you if you are going mathschic I will be sporting my pirate swim hat image

  • chris - I have a splitting headache so probably not goingimage I did run hill reps on that same hill this morning thoughimage (I am guessing you mean the one on the A612 up to Brackenhurst?) 

  • No worries MC. I don't think It's there, it's coming from Oxon, at the top of the hill they sell horse poop. 12% gradient image.

  • oh, Oxton hill you mean! I haven't managed to actually get up there yet. Will probably attempt it at the weekend again. I tend to get to the last corner and give upimage. Determined to get that sorted by next June though as it is bound to be part of the Outlaw half course. The idea of going down it scares me

  • I love going down it. I did 7 repeats of it today and the going down it was great lol.

  • blimey - 7 reps, mind you I should follow your example...

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