Milton Keynes 2014


17 weeks to MK ( or close enough). Are you running it? Or thinking of running it.

i'm doing P&D 18 weeks, So just done a gentle 12m run.

So how is your training going? 



  • I am hoping to enter this as my first marathon.  Also doing the 18/55 P&D so just completed the first week!

  • haha!! We will be doing lots of similar runs.  What speed are you aiming for, as I guess you''ve had to use a time to work out your different effort levels etc...

    I'm in the not quick brigade pb is 4:36 hoping for 4:22 but really want to ensure I crack 4:30

  • Entered as my first full marathon. Aiming to finish in under 4.30 but we shall see.  

  • I am a fully paid up entrant! I am starting a 16 week programme on 13/01/2014 although have been ticking over throughout the winter and despite a small injury endured the 2013 Gut Buster 10 mile multi-terrain race on 29/12/13.


    This will be my first marathon, so I am dreading it. Having completed a 15 mile training run in 1:57 a few weeks ago I was left walking up my street shaking my head wondering how I will ever be able to complete a further 11 miles after that as I was spent! Fingers crossed the progressive training will stand me in good stead and my longer runs reassure me that I can limp, hobble, walk or crawl across the line come race day!

    See you there

  • I have based my schedules on an rather optimistic sub 4!  I did my first half mid december in 1.53 and plan to do the festival of running half in march to finalise my Mara race pace based on how i do there!


  • Xyloid: 1:53 for a half is pretty much spot on what the Macmillan online pace calculator thinks you need for a sub 4. So it's possible, will be hard work.  Good luck. image

    MemsahibR:, with your ultra trainer I think you should get there have you done many halfs to have an estimated time derived from them? 

    Nick: good luck. Don't go to hard on the training runs, need to save some energy for the race itself image most of your long runs will be done at slower than marathon pace depending on your plan. quite often building up so you do a portion of them at marathon pace

    As an aside my 4:36:59  (from October 2013) I went through halfway in 2:11:30 and the Macmillan running calculator said from a half of that speed it estimated I could do a marathon time that was within seconds of my actual finish time.



  • I've done five half marathons. Last one in October was PB at 1.50. My biggest concern is training time as work looking to be interesting over next few terms with Ofsted looming. 

  • I'm hoping for 3:30 if my body allows, I have recently completed a very hilly half marathon in 1:37 and a 10 miler in 69 minutes so fingers crossed I can just increase my endurance. The quality of my training will determine my end result. The unfortunate thing is I work shifts and when I'm not working I look after my 2 year old boy, I reckon he'll be up for a long run!!!
  • Well wave at me when you lot have finishedimage the finish in the stadium is great image

  • A couple of my friends are doing this one and trying to convince me too.  I'm doing Brighton on 6 April so one month in between two marathons should be ok.

    Nick - I did Gut Buster too, but "only" the 10k option.

  • Andy - I thought along the lines of value for money on Gut Buster!?!? You missed out on an absolute pig of a muddy up hill gully. The last mile was quite possibly the longest hardest mile I've ever run, I dare say it'll be a different story come May time. Toying with the idea of doing Reading half as a precursor to Milton Keynes.

    Also I'm definitely be doing the Gut Buster again this year!
  • The 2013 version was definitely lighter on mud compared to 2012, and I ran the 10k 4 minutes quicker than the previous year too!

    The photos show quite well the climb to the finish line.

    I'll be doing Reading HM too, it will be my 100th Half-Marathon.

    I'll be doing Gut Buster again as I really enjoy the event, and it's very local to me.

  • Ah, nice to see others going for MK. This is my first full mara - just ticked into my second year of running but hoping that this is a good one to do!

    I'm just hoping that the weather is going to be okay. Have a fear of 20+ degrees and roundabouts...

    Nick Dransfield 2- I'm hoping at your kind of times, can I just get in your slipstream the whole way? Done 2 x 1:35 halves so feeling like 3:30 is possible. 

  • Neil T - you're welcome to my slipstream however as any team pursuit you'll have to take the helm at some point! Best of luck pal, as I've already said I'm starting my 16 week programme Monday 13th, I'm going to try to stick to it as best as possible but I'm sure by March I should have a good idea of an exact finish time 4 weeks prior I'm on a family holiday in Lanzarote so that'll be great warm weather training!
  • I'm also following the P&D 18wk/55mi plan, so hopefully we can drag each other through the long runs ahead and give some motivation when needed!

    As a local, this will be my first running of the MK marathon. I've several of the half marathons in past but not the full. I only done my first marathon in October last year at Abingdon so looking forward to taking on another and getting stuck into the training routine again.

    Has anyone got any races planned before the marathon? There's a few that I'm looking at including the Watford Half (February), MK Half (March) and Oakley 20 (April), but I need to see how these fit in with the training. Good luck everyone!!

  • Stanford Hall (Leicestershire) half on 23rd March mainly as deferred entry from last year because cancelled due to snow.

  • No races planned for me, actually MK is almost a warm up run, I have 3 ultras in June, August and September 

    oh, MK also has pacemakers which is interesting only race I have ran with them and you do get into a group and chat a bit more as a result. For someone hunting for a PB if one of their pacemakers is running around your planned speed it might help to drag you along for part of the marathon 

  • I'm doing the Cambridge Half on 9th March - tempted by Stamford on the 23rd but will see how this fits in with training.

    Oakley's not a bad fit actually plus you get the famous hoodie...!!

    booktrunk - what time pacers, do you know?

  • Didn't know there were pacers at MK, as neil t said, any ideas on what the times are for the pacers?

    Exactly neil t, it's all about the famous Oakley hoodie!!

    3 ultras booktrunk?! You're brave. Where are they and what's the distance?

    So what times are people going for then?

  • Aiming for 4:18 ish...... current PB is 4:36 first mara was 5:30 so getting quicker, done 3 so far.

    Other Runs for the year. The Wall 69M, Ridgeway Challenge 86M, Ladybower 50M. Then Loch Ness, (possibly Leicester) and Snowdonia Marathons.

  • Wow booktrunk that's a boot load of running! Unfortunately I work shifts and can't get all the weekends off I want which limits my racing a touch however I aim to do MK, Bournemouth Marathon and a few halves and 10ks.

    Good luck with all your running!
  • Cheers I need it. I'm going to be right at the back of the field, but hey, someone has to finish last image

  • Jamie Farmer wrote (see)

    Didn't know there were pacers at MK, as neil t said, any ideas on what the times are for the pacers?


    According to the website "We will have pacers available again for 2014 at the following predicted finish times: 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45 & 5:00 hours"



  • Saved me posting it image I did 4:56 last year and hovered between the 4:45 and 5:00 groups spending some time with both image

    aiming to start with 4:30 and creep ahead at half or start with 4:15 and cling on for as long as I can image

  • I'll see how training goes but 4.15 might be where I fit in. I presume the pacers are easy to spot.

  • booktrunk - You'll be in front of me, I'm firmly in the 5 hours+ categoryimage

  • A lot of pacers so a lot of options for people then which is good.

    Steady 8mile run for me last night with some strides thrown in so get the legs going over. Rest day today though I will be doing some strength exercises this evening, ready for tomorrow's run.

    booktrunk, it doesn't where you are in the field or where you finish, you're doing something that a lot of people wouldn't even consider!

  • Jamie: I should have done the 8m like you last night but I work on a site 70 miles away on a Tuesday so i'm doing it tonight, then the 10m tomorrow.  I'm not used to hard miles after work i usually just plod 5 or 6 miles 2 or 3 times a week never done 10 after work.

  • Andyp: High 5 image i'll hopefully be hanging around cheering some over the line. My first marathon took 5:30:22 image this is my 4th.

  • Hi all nice to see a thread up and running for this.

    I'm on board (although still waiting for the cheque to be cashed). 

    Like others on here I'm (very roughly) using the 18Wk 55mi P&D plan.

    When I say roughly I mean I want to hit the weekly mileage and get the different types of sessions in but like Nick I work shifts and have young children. My runs are mainly done commuting to and from work. To give you an idea for those also following the same plan I did my steady12 on Monday morning, a 5 on Monday evening, steady 10 this morning and a 5 and a bit fartlek this evening.

    Good to see you again Jamie, lets hope the weather's a little better than Abingdon. Don't tell me your also going for London in 2015 otherwise it might get a bit weird.

    I've got the White Horse Half in April which was a bit of bad planning as I've got a XC race two days before!

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