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  • Whoo hoo - bring it on - if you're lucky Bear will wave her crutch at you as you pass (if you're even luckier she'll lend you her spare one....)

  • Can't refuse an offer like that Bear

  • I'll look forward to seeing you on the day BBH,  JD, and of course all the runners! I'll do my usual general support thing, so I'm on for trips to ASDA for jaffa cakes, etc.

  • Thanks moomoo.  Always good to have an extra pair of hands

  • Hello. My name is Gemma and I'm training for a marathon. Apparently.image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    does anyone hear from Tu Tu much these days? 

    Gemma there was a forumite, she was/is in your club, she held the London Marathon record for a runner in a wedding dress, I bumped into her at the first Chester Marathon.


  • Hi guys, You also have Mattoo joining you image

  • Yes that's Eleanor, Mr Puffy. image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    yes of course I remember now image


  • Woot!! Thanks so much guys image my name's Kate, I'm running for Action on Pre-eclampsia and will probably be dressed as Minnie Mouse. 

    I'm hoping for a 4.45 finish, so will work out when I'll approx be at Mudchute to see all you lovely people when I'm less sleepy! 

    I had a phenomenal time last year and the support from the RW Mudchute crowd was brilliant, so when deciding what to do on the last day of my twenties this year, it was a no brainer --  VLM, of course!


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Redhead (not Readhead!!!!) and as always I'll be running for Alzheimer's Research UK. VLM will be my 3rd marathon of the year (the first 2 are next week - week!) and my 34th in total. I don't know my number yet. I'll be wearing my purple vest but the best way to spot me will be from the wool tied around my waist and the crochet hook in my hands as I'm trying to beat my Guinness World Record for crocheting a chain whilst running a marathonimage

    Eleanor's running VLM again this year too image

  • Excellent cause Kate, and love the costume idea!

    I can't crochet standing still Redhead - you're awesome! I haven't seen much of Eleanor recently, but I believe she is back on it now after the baby!


    So, I'll be wearing my purple Kirkstall Harriers vest, purple shorts, purple leg warmers/socks and pink/purple shoes, and I have red hair, so I'm pretty easy to spot. I'll likely also be crying/singing/waving all at once too. My number is 8213 and I'm in the blue start. Aiming for just under 4:30 and hoping to run with a pacer (anyone know when they will be announced?).

    I'm going to the Expo on Friday afternoon and will likely be leaving just a couple of gels and some cash for you guys.

    Oh, and any kind of abusive/sarcastic/sweary cheering works for me, so don't hold back!

  • Looks like we're going to be a very colourful group!  Should be easy to spot you.  Good luck with your forthcoming marathons Redhead and hope the rest of you have fun with your tapirs within in the next couple of weeks.

  • Sorry Redhead.  I was getting tired when setting the groups up last night image

  • Good luck everyone for this weekend's training/marathon as the case might be.  Sadly all I'll be able to manage is a ssw  {short slow walk) but with a bit of luck I'll be able to ditch the crutch quite soon (paws crossed).

  • That was me nipping over from Group 3 and being cheeky!

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Oh dear BBHind, what have you done to warrant a crutch?

  • Errrmm - I tripped over my instructor in a body combat class and busted my pelvis in 3 placesimageimage.

  • bainspjbainspj ✭✭✭

    Helloooo... I am a late addition to group 5.  Just want to say a quick thanks to you guys for doing this... I think its a great idea. 

    I expect to be at the expo on the Friday afternoon (however this may be saturday early morning depending on work).

    What can I do to help you help me?  And how do I make a donation (at the expo?)?

  • I think I've missed a meeting.....

    So I'm in Group 5 

    Hello everyone.

    I'm running my second ever marathon.  My first was the 2010 VLM.  Yes. it's taken me 4 years to recover.   

    I am running on behalf of a local hospice (Rennie Grove), from the Blue Start and aiming for 4h45m.  Gulp.

    Is it an idea for us all to post lovely flattering photos of ourselves in our proposed running kit, so the supporters can tick us off their I-Spy list ?

  • Welcome to you both.  Lovely flattering photos would be well - lovely, otherwise a description of what you'll be wearing + e.t.a. would be fine  Any donations, special requirements etc. can be dropped off at the Runners World stand at the expo.  Just package them up with your name and group written on the outside. 

  • bainspjbainspj ✭✭✭


    This is me (see picture).  I will be the one that looks like they are being force fed the world's sourest lemons (I have no idea why, but I seem to pull the weirdest faces when I run!). 

    I will be racing in the kit shown in the picture... white vest with blue and yellow diagonal stripes, and I think, grey (or black) shorts.

    I hope to be at Mudchute between 1hr 43mins and 1 hr 50mins.  If I was exactly on target pace this should be 1hour 46mins from the start to Mudchute (I am aiming for 2:45).

    My runner number is #31013.

    In terms of special requirements, I would like two SIS gels - i'll drop these off at the expo.

    I dont think I have any other "special" requirements... although I might think of one closer to the time.




  • /members/images/743954/Gallery/me_purple.jpg


    Minus the purple sleeves, this is my exact outfit. If I do wear sleeves they will be pink with cherry blossoms on (the ones in my avatar). You can't quite see the shoes here, but they are (surprise, surprise) pink and purple.

  • Wow - should not be able to miss that image!!!

  • Planning on running in my VLM kit this weekend - just to make sure the charity vest doesn't cause any chaffing problems !  Will upload (unflattering) photo !  I think my vest is easily spottable too... (you'll see what I mean)

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    I always look like this at the London marathon, usually with knitting needless in front but this time it will be my crochet hook image


    SRA, I love your purpliness image


  • Looking forward to seeing your hook - sorry that sounds rude!!! image

  • All the best to you all for the weekend.Special wishes to Redhead with her marathon!!

  • Redhead!  I believe we were at the same event this weekend and you didn't come over and introduce yourself!  Jungle Dave was there too, so I hope you got a chance to meet him

    *wanders off muttering about all the people that never bothered to say hello*

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