PSOF 10th Anniversary Champs

Thought it timely to give this a jog in the memories of those who intend to jump on board the 'anniversary games'

Austria sells out quickly.

You need to be ready to enter on the day on the minute ....


or, we look towards someone like Nirvana who may be able to take on and guarantee a group such as the size this is likely to be.  We don't have to do the complete package with them but for accomm and race entry and poss transfers it might be worth some discussion?



  • how does it work with Nirvana?

    Do we have to guarantee x entries or something?  If we can pay upfront then that sounds a nice way to do it......


  • Yay. (Lurking)

  • I've never done an IM in Austria....
  • Psychic Meldy - I was discussing the logistics of this with hubby just this afternoon. 

  • I'm going to be on-line and will attempt to get a place in the small window when they go on sale.

    Do Nirvana offer a good deal in terms of price compare to entry and arranging similar accommodation+- travel? Does any one have experience of the service they provide?

    I think it would be fair to assume that not all the Pirate who want to go will get places or even have decided they want to go by the time its sold out. If its possible to get a block booking with Nirvana (and discount) then I'm sure there will be a reasonable up take.

  • As I recall it took about 12 hours to sell out last year so there's no reason why the pirates who want to sign up can, as long as they can find an internet connect in Nice somewhere (for those who are there).

  • If it took about 12 hours, that's no different to when a group of us signed up to Frankfurt, for example, it can be done.

    The championship hotel of choice (Ibis) has free wifi, or at least it did when I stayed there last time, and I doubt this facility would have been downgraded in the meantime.  Most rental apartments include wifi these days too.  Aside from this method, I know some Nice racing pirates have already engaged a third party to do the entry on their behalf.

    I think if we are going to consider Nirvana, we might need a bit more info first.  Would anybody be able to take that on and investigate?  Unfortunately I don't have the time myself at present.

  • I'm still a maybe. I have my heart set on Roth whose entry opens after Austria. If I don't manage to bad my Roth spot, I'll join you in Austria through Nirvana either as part of any Pirate package or booking myself.

  • Been discussing this with Mrs SA while in Lanza, I'm NOT going long next year, but Mrs SA is, not 100% sure that Austria fits in with our plans at the moment.

    The main pirate ship sailing is very good, but then in Lanza we had what a suppose can be called a pirate dingy which worked very well.

    We may well be looking at IM later in the year.


  • this is from Nirvana's booking info:

    "Whether a lone traveler, Triathlon Club, Group or Family, we can package your event travel and accommodation around your needs and your requirements.

    In order to book, we will require a non refundable deposit per person (which varies dependent on booking accommodation only or a flight inclusive package) with the remainder of the balance taken approximately 12 weeks before the event; you can pay either by credit or debit card."

    so I suspect that Nirvana can help but I would suggest that before anyone contacts them (plenty of time) you need get some sort of consensus on what people want in terms of the package - as much as the pirates can agree on anything like this!!

    people also need to accept that they are buying into a commercial package so it won't come as cheap as a DIY option and that may also put some people off as the costs are big to start with

    me and Petal won't be competing but we may come along for the craic but if so we'll do our own travel arrangements using the motorhome

  • Not checked their site yet but maybe we'd all need to fly from the same airport if booking as a group? 

  • maybe - but that would be one of the questions that needs to be asked

  • I'm off to Pontevedra with Nirvana next week. Its a lot more expensive than doing it yourself - but all the hotels have been booked so unless I wanted to stay outside the town and drive in all the time - I was stuffed.

    Whats the issue with Austria ?

    Entries ?

    Accomodation ?

    Getting there ?

    I've always got into any IM I wanted to by being online when entries opened anyway.
  • I've used Nirvana when racing Team GB and there was no need to fly from the same airport - just to. It was good having transfers etc arranged but it wasn't cheap.

  • Little M.iss Happy wrote (see)

    I've used Nirvana when racing Team GB and there was no need to fly from the same airport - just to. It was good having transfers etc arranged but it wasn't cheap.

    nothing's cheap when you race Team GB....image

  • So true! Did it without Nirvana the second time though and that certainly saved a lot.

  • I'll be relying on an entry bitch to get me a slot, probably max the card on other stuff too but that's the price you pay image

  • I don't quite see where the problem is either, do any of actually know anyone who didn't get into a race they wanted. It's not rocket science, you just make sure you're online the moment entries open or get a trusted friend to do it for you.

    Obviously for those that aren't able to do this, you can pay Nirvana a premium to do it for you.

    Seems a bit weird that a couple of years ago people fought to stay in the UK as it was cheaper but here we are contemplating paying a travel agent to do what we can do ourselves?
  • Have to say entry this year was pretty simple.  We sat up until midnight (with the obligatory wine) but entries were still available through until the next afternoon.

  • Did it keep crashing out HC?  (As we've seen happen before with other races) Or did you get through smoothly by doing it in the middle of the night?

  • What I would pay extra for is for someone to ship my bike over. It's a PITA travelling with a bike and I see there are companies doing this for you now. At least to the big races.
  • No Mouse, no problems at all.  

    Getting there with a bike does seem a PITA.  We've opted to drive this year.

  • cougie wrote (see)
    What I would pay extra for is for someone to ship my bike over. It's a PITA travelling with a bike and I see there are companies doing this for you now. At least to the big races.


    This will only be my 2nd IM (Outlaw being the first) so I'm fairly clueless, and I've already started THE LIST.  But I'm sure there will be plenty of people around these parts to keep me right!

    We're tacking the family holiday on after the IM, so I'll be arranging accommodation, flights, etc., to fit with that.

  • It was only a suggestion image
  • Hmmm, if enough of the 2005/2006 crew are going, I might even see if I can convince BtS we need anot her holiday in klagenfurt image

  • I did contact get a guranted place then you would need to give a deposit soon......and it will cost you 100 euroes more than if you paid trough the normal entry i would say that it is better if you tray and do it direct

  • Good to hear that it doesn't sell out in minute but rather hours.

    I think the biggest problem will be for new pirates who don't race their first IM until later in the year. Its a big leap of faith to sign up for an expensive second IM before you sure you can and would want to do a second. Put given that deposits would be needed for places with Nirvana I don't think anyone is likely to put up money for an unknown risk.

    When this was first mentioned as the Champs for 2014 I'm sure that a hotel or hostel was mentioned as a good location. I presume this will sell out quickly and need to be booked at soon after a place is secured. As I will be travelling alone (no family/supporters) I would like to same with the rest of the pirates if possible hotel hostel or camping are all fine by me.

  • Time flies eh ?
  • When you're having fun, yes, this however... image

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