Hi All

I am seeking advise please, after my run a couple of months ago I decided to do a light weight training session, I sat down to do a set of seated curls and bent side ways to pick up the dumbbell, and ouch I felt a tear or strain, it is quite painful and annoying.

Has anyone encountered anything similar, or any ideas what I may have done?




  • If it's been a couple of months, you need to seek out a professional.  It's beyond ice it and hope.

  • Sore Knees after running

    Can anyone please help. I am a 61 year old runner and have been running for appropriately 30 years, I only run around 20 miles per week now but a couple of hours after my run my knees become hot and uncomfortable, maybe linked to arthritis, does anyone have any tips or ideas how to manage this problem.

    Thank you

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