Friday 6th February

Dead easy and not applicable to me but it's the first lyric that sprang to mind. Was going to post on yesterday's thread but thought I might as well get today's started instead.

What: 3k fast (for me)
Why: speed session. Thought it was going to be 3x1k but coach thought it'd be a bit of a change from intervals to do it as an all in one.
Last hard: Sunday
Last rest: Tuesday

Gym day - little bit of CV (x-trainer, row) general resistance and core stability.

Have a good one folks


  • Last nightshift of the week, Yippee

    What: 10 mile with 40min@ 1/2 Mara pace
    Why: Should have done this wed but opted for a track session
    Last Rest: A week ago

    Last Beer: Sunday
  • Well I will post and retire,

    I will be running some hill reps at Bretton in the Henry Moore field at lunchtime if anyone wishes to join me.
  • Morning:

    Sorry to hear on all the injured/sickness still knocking about - recover soon guys!

    What:am : Weights session, Squash, pm: Run or bike

    Why: Last In phase 2 on weights programme 10 weeks now completed it gets easier now! and triathlon prepping!

    Last Hard: Yesterdays Speedwork

    Last Rest: Wednesday

    Enjoy whatever your doing today!
  • Another day on my lengthy comeback trail!

    My recovery is hopefully gathering pace (if not speed!), last night I ran 5k on the treadmill with the significance that this was my second run in seven days. No pain after the run (other than the aches and pains of someone who hasn't run for a long time!). Just for the record the 5k was completed in a very easy 26 minutes.

    Today will be a day off as I'm certainly no going to push the recovery then a long cycle ride on Saturday and maybe, just maybe another run on Sunday.

    If I can reach three runs a week by the end of March then that will be fantastic, but I'm quite happey to keep at one or two runs a week if it means running pain free.

    I have a question regarding shoes and orthotics that I will post on the equipment thread.
  • MartinH2, great to hear from you again, awesome that you're getting some running in once again, nice one.

    BT, will probably remained unattached, at least for the next month or two, might join another club that is AAA affiliated if I decide I want to run the Notts AAA Summer League series, we'll see.

    What: nowt.
    Why: Friday = rest day and mini-taper prior to Sunday's race.
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Monday
  • Morning all

    STH legs in answer to yesterday it was all on road!!

    Just back from a 7 mile fast tempo run and in pouring rain it went fine although my HR was up its those hills that do it for me every time!!

    Hope all injured are on the mend

    Have a good run out there today
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Monique

    If only I lived nearer would have joined you;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • morning all

    legs feel a bit tired today so will have a rest day, although...

    what : may go for a gentle swim
    why : legs a little tired
    last hard : yesterday
    last rest : tues

    this week is step up week for FLM and quite pleased with how it's going.

    Hope those niggles from yesterday are a bit better today.
  • Motning,

    I'll do a run of some kind at some stage today. Hopefully by the time I go the rain would have eased off slightly.

    Enjoy your training guys!
  • Morning

    Did 5 miles first thing. A 15 miler planned for tomorrow.

    Enjoy the weekend

  • Hello All,

    Haven't been on these daily training threads for a few days as I was recovering from a sciatic nerve problem from last Saturday. In the meantime, I've been doing daily exercises for the whole body (ie weights, pressups, sit-ups, squats etc etc), 30 mins on an exercise bike for CV work (at easy effort) and then carrying out the various pose drills.

    Saw my physio yesterday and he's given the go ahead for easy runs buiding up to normality by next Thursday - or sooner if I feel up to it.

    Am well pleased that he is also a runner and hence is greatly aware of my 'trials & tribulations'. He gave me a book all about muscle physiology. There's a section on endurance training which is similar to the 'infamous' Hadd article on the Base Training thread.

    Anyway completed my normal 4.30AM stint today:
    what : 60mins @ LT-15
    why : Stage2
    last rest : If I've cross-trained everyday then does it still count as a 'rest' from running?

    Thanks to all peeps for posting/emailing me their get well wishes. I really appreciated it.

    A speedy recovery to all those who are nursing injuries at the moment. Hang in there.

    Have a good day and great weekend,

  • Morning all,

    No internet access at work for the last two days. Amazing how much more productive I've been!!

    What: Gym & 6 miles done, 6 at lunchtime and 9 tonight (same ysterday)
    Why: aerobic base building
    Last hard: 30th Nov
    Last rest: Sunday

    Right....time to see what's been happening around here lately.....

    Have a good day all
  • Morning all,

    What : 5 miles steady into work, done.

    Wanted to run about 6:40 mins/mile today. Set off at what I thought was the right effort level, checked my watch after a mile ... 7:15, d'oh! Decided that legs wern't playing today so settled into that tempo rather than pushing it. Tomorrow off then big track session on Sunday.

    Happy Friday everyone, mine's a stella!

  • Morning

    What: rest
    Why: travelling home today
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: Monday

    Note: When I first started running my trainer asked me what I wanted to be able to do, "run 5-6 miles reasonably easily" says I, well now I can.
  • Gotta make the moment last
    Brain isn't working and can't think of the rest of the song

    What:3 miles steady or maybe nothing.
    Why: Aching from circuits last night. XC tomorrow and need to have a good run. Need to start breaking in new trainers for week Sunday.

    Good luck to any racers.
    The weekend is nearly here, enjoy.
  • Wahey, it's Friday....and that means it's my fave session of the week.

    What: gym session, 20 mins CV (bike and row) and 40 mins weights and stretches. Followed by dinner out to put on the calories just lost.

    Why: that's Friday's session!

    Last hard: weds (ran yesterday but only did 2m and it was gentle)

    Last rest: tuesday

    Don't usually post over the weekend so have a good one y'all.
  • Morning!

    what: dasy recovery run

    Good luck to anyone racing this weekend.

    Happy running!
  • Thursday
    10 miles at 7:40 pace
    Felt great :o)

    Upper body weights
    abs stuff
  • Morning All

    What: 5 miles easy
    Why: tapering for half on sunday

    have a good day everybody
  • Morning all

    MartinH (2??? there's only 1 surely?) good to have you posting again and excellent news about the return to running. WP - Road??!! I feel for your knees (?!?!), won't coachy let you run on nice soft grass then?

    what today: rest
    what tomorrow : 3m with some strides (wow - use of terminology)
    what sun : race
    why : assault on 10k pb

    if succesful will report back if not, I may be gone for some time, perhaps to golfersworld forum ;-)

    have a good w/e
  • Morning all - good to see a few people getting over aches and pains, still too many suffering injuries though, guess it goes with the territory.

    What: 11 miles mostly within aerobic threshold but with some sustained surges.
    Why: Injury recovery/mileage building.
    Last hard: 4 days (Tough Guy).
    Last rest: 2 days.
    7-day mileage: 38

    Am pleased to be building the mileage up again and getting a few longer runs in. A long way to go still before I'm race fit. Am planning an off road session for tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend.
  • Hi everyone,

    What: easy 4 miles
    Why: recovery run after yesterday

    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Wed

    Sons 3rd birthday on Sunday so only a short Sat run with friends this w'ened.

    Enjoy the weekened!
  • Morning all,

    Went out for a run to test the calf last night, and it felt fine. So I picked up the speed a bit, did a mile at marathon pace, a tempo mile, and another MP pace. Then the calf started to tighten up again. So in hindsight I should have kept the run short and easy - oh well, can't do anything about it now.

    Going to take the next two days off, have a massage appointment on Saturday, and hopefully she can work some magic. No idea what's going to happen about Wokingham half on Sunday though :-(

    Have a good Friday everyone, it's almost the weekend!
  • good luck venom. My Mr. has been struggling with calf trouble too. A cloud over FLM for him I'm afraid.

    Murf - you made my day - I *never* recognize lyrics, but I knew those!

    MartinH - good to see you again. May the pain stay far away.

    What: pool exercises, and at first I was told I had to use the slow lane in the main pool, to everybody's intense irritation. Finally, for ten minutes before the school kids came, we were allowed into the little pool.

    With apologies to all those who inadvertantly kicked me in the face, I had forced my unwilling bod through the rain to do those exercises and those exercises were going to be done. They were.

    Back seems mostly recovered except for a dull ache, but it seems to be a barely walking day, for whatever reason.

    That's ok, so long as it sorts by Monday, which is my next scheduled attempt to run.
  • Morning all,

    Yippee Friday, beers tonight in London as reward for all hard trainingh this week!
    What: Bike, row and v. short run at gym done
    Why: Couldn't affors to hammer the legs anymore after last nights sesssion
    Last hard: last nights club session, really wicked
    Last Rest: monday

    Chichester 10K Sunday - will I see anyone there? Race # 240, maroon, white stripes club vest.

    Have a great weekend, good running and good luck to all racing and recovering from injury
  • Morning. Hope all you injured types are feeling groovy soon.

    Today involves recovering from last night's long run (pleased I managed to squeeze one in this week) and tapering for Sunday's race. i.e. a couple of days off.

    Have fun weekends.
  • Venom: I injured both my calves last October. The physio I saw did a great job and gave good advice. He's based in E. London (Ilford). Send me an email if you'd like his contact details.
  • Cheers NRG-B, Ilford is a long way for me to go. I know a decent physio near where I work, might have to go visit her next week if the massage doesn't clear things up. Most frustrating...
  • err, should have typed "BUT Ilford...". You know what I meant...
  • Morning All

    What : Back from the weekly club run 22 miles in 2 hours 50 mins, at times we were really going for it but was quite a bit slower by the end! Two ocean training going well. Cut back this week culminating in the Dubai 10K race next Friday

    Why: Its Friday!
    Last Hard: Today
    Last rest: Sunday

    Hope all the injured amongst us recover soon.
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