working at it slowly



  • Caren - thanks for advice. I'm slowly getting better at it - used to stuff my face every day - could go days on end eating only chocolate.... today's disaster is first choccie for 3 days so that's not too bad. Might try and force myself to take muppets out for extra walk after work to compensate a bit - to me for all the calories and to them to having been rather "home aloned" this week.
    Will also definitely run at weekend...
  • Okay, advice has been taken on board. Now I'm going to put it to the test!! ;-)

    Alcopops will be avoided. Have a good weekend.
  • Hi all

    Today's a rest day for me. I did my hilly fartlek last night. I'm sure it must have done me good, but neither my intervals or hill climbs were particularly speedy- but then again it's all relative isn't it?

    The downside of getting somewhat fitter is that I'm now finding it a real struggle to run fast enough to get my hr up to lactate threshold. And, with me being me, I tend to give into the temptation to slow down again and just jog.

    Tomorrow morning I'm going with the club on their long run. We've got an 11.5 miler planned, which should prove very useful to me as my 10 mile race is only 3 weeks away.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.
  • Sloooooow 10 miler this evening.
  • Morning all
    Got a load of flowers and a soppy card, dunno whether to be glad or sorry that there was no choccie!!
    No running for me today, I'm supposed to be doing a 10k tomorrow, legs and ankles not too bad this morning so it looks positive.
    See you later
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Morning - heart shaped biccies (jammy dodger style) for me.

    3 miles in 30 mins for me. Maybe another long slow plod later.

  • morning

    very , very gentle and short plod for me today prior to the lonest run of my life tomorrow
  • Longest

    and perhaps loneliest too
  • You won't be lonely, you'll have hundreds of forumites with you in spirit :)))
  • Doesnt really matter anyway
    Do all my runs on my own as it is

    its just the thought of seeing all the others finished, while i have to go round another 5 loops
  • I've just had confirmation of the Adidas training day in Wimbledon next week!!

    My stomach is doing flip flops, this FLM thing is getting more and more real..........................

    <<<<<< omygod what have I done >>>>>

    Is anyone else going to this? It would be great to meet some other forumites there.

    I'd better just get on with my course work if I'm going to be away next Sunday
  • Off out for long run today. It's cold and damp and got no one to drive me anywhere nice so eill have to run along canal with annoying fishermen :-(

    Wanted to go out first thing this morn but didn't plan it very well - started eatng breakfast and didn't stop (huge bowl of porridge, jam buttie, montana choccie biscuit) so have had to wait for all that to settle before I head out the door. Not evn gonna try to go any faster than ultra-slow plod today, just not in the mood.

    btw ten ton, the 'not today' thing sometimes works for me too. Saving things for treats for the weekend rather than just denying yourself will mean you have more control over eating chocolate/McDonalds or whatever. Saying that though, look at what I had for brekkie and that was just supposed to be a small pre-run bowl of porridge!
  • Trin
    Yes, you may be overdoing the weekly mileage a bit.

    BUT- if you slow the long run down (I know you might say 'even more') it will take a lot less out of you, and still do you as much good, stamina wise, as a faster run.

    It's all about building up the mitochonria (energy factories) in the leg muscles.

    If your long run is easier you should find that your mid-week sessions get quicker, without an obvious increase in effort.

    Hope this helps a bit. Please note I'm not so good at practising what I preach!
  • I did my 12 miler with the club. We went out at 8.30, so I've now got that wonderful feeling that all the hard work is over for the day.
    Hubby's off for his 1 hour run now, so I thought I'd catch up with the thread.

    Loads of luck, Hippo, for tomorrow. It's an ultra isn't it - is that 50k????

    Hope everyone's running goes well today.

    BTW, Trin, if you're doing a 10 miler in 3 weeks. My club are starting their taper next week, pre the 10 mile race on 7th March. We did 12 miles today, but next week it'll be back down to 9, but that will be a hillier route.

    Sometimes I wish I live in East Anglia. Even our flattish routes seem pretty hilly to me!
  • Trin

    It's Ok to walk for bits on a long run. That's what the more experienced club runners were saying today. But it's best not to stop completely, as the old leg muscles won't want to start moving again.

    Hope tomorrow goes well
  • XBXB ✭✭✭

    Option 3 is out.

    If it was me, I would go for option 2. The closer you get to the actual race mileage the more confident you will be that you can actually finish. More confidence = relaxed approach = enjoyable experience.

    Which race is it BTW?

  • Hi all.
    First day without ciggies and alls well so far. keeping busy and dreaming of the day when i can get full lungfulls of air whilst running.

    T1 - 2nd option i would go for but be very carefull you ease off if you feel any extra soreness. you dont want injuries. You will probably find on the day you wont need to walk as the adrenalin will carry you along.
  • Trin

    I would add 1.5 miles run/walk/ to your long run.

    That way, in 2 weeks time you will be doing an 8 miler.

    I wouldn't aim for any more than that, because you don't want to overdo it before the following weekend's race.

    If you can do 8 miles, you can easily do a 10 mile race.

    Plenty of people run/walk in races, and they often finish well before tortoises like me.

  • Not a bad day for me. I did the Atlantic College 10k in 64m 31s (my watch), which is actually a pb for me which I am pleased about.
    The fact that it was my first race since Cardiff, due to being contiually injured really pleased me.

    I'm havings some trouble with my pc and cannot join in the discussions for some reason, so I have to use my laptop, bit of a nuisance.

    Good day everyone
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Top running Caren. That's a good time...

    A gentle 4 miles for me this morning. Suffering from a lack of sleep - twin 1 has 4:00am earache for 3 days on the trot. Yawn.

    The best bit of the plod was the view at the top of the hill it was soooo clear I felt I could reach out and touch Ingleborough.

    The only other person to share it with me was a lone horsewoman - we had a chat about how smug you feel when you get up early and get to see the sun rise on such a cracking morning.

    Keep away from the fags, L

  • Well done Caren! Very similar to my 10K time (well, OK mine's a couple of minutes faster).

    T1, I'm no expert on training (in fact you sound like you know more than I do) but I think you're right when you say you can 'wing it' on the day, but not for more than the extra mile, maybe 2 miles. The only problem is how much you're gonna hurt the next day!

    Then again, if you can increase your long run up to 10m with plenty of walking, at least you know you can do it and will, of course, be able to do it a little faster on the day. So I reckon the second option would be better - at least it will give you the confidence that you'll get round one way or another!

    Larraine - I gave up the ciggies a few months before I started running and it was fantastic when I realised I wasn't being hampered by my breathing anymore.
    It did take a while (though I'm sure you'll feel some immediate effects) so stick with it. One day I realised that I was able to run do much further and my legs were becoming tired before my lungs and that was a good feeling, worth all the hard work. :-)
  • Evening guys - looks like this thread is becoming popular - which is nice!!
    They have restricted our internet access at work which means I get a nice little 'access denied' message each time I try and log on to RW!!! ruined what used to be a perfectly acceptable day at work!!

    Keep up the good work every one - oh and Larraine - I to am no longer on the dreaded weed - 2 weeks tomorrow....
  • Thanks for your support guys.

    I gave up smoking just over four years ago, that was after more than 30 years!

    I was up to 20-30 a day, I just had a gutsful of a wheezy chest and the fact that it was ruling my life!

    If I was going anywhere, coach, train or plane, the first thing I would think of would be ..... how long without a fag!!!!!

    Now I am training for a Marathon, a lifetime ambition for me.

    Keep it up guys, count the days, they will soon be in double figures, then you can count the weeks, before you know it, you will looking at years, you will be rich, fast and your skin, hair and eyes will be fantastic!
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