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  • Go for it - enter the race! A fun run will break the ice for you & it's guaranteed you won't make a fool of yourself and nobody will laugh. That's exactly what I thought in my first race & I felt sick with nerves at the start with all these "proper" runners around (there were quite a few improper ones as well tho'!) - what I didn't expect was the massive support and encouragement you get from fellow runners, marshalls & spectators & how much fun it'd be on the day, so go on - have a go! You'll never know otherwise!
  • Hi guys - well looks like you were all correct - went out for a 4 miler last night and had to stop after 2 as my right calf was starting to hurt and this morning its somewhat tender - have an appointment with my osteopath tomorrow to see whats going on - keep everything crossed for me!!
  • Welcome laraine and Christine

    Gaz, hope it all works pout for you
    poddler, im no expert, btu i think lactate threshold is when you are very uncomfortable, rather than just working hard, and cant carry on
    it just before that point
  • Thanks P Hippo

    Chrissy - have you thought about one of the Race for Life races? 5k, women only, many people walk the whole way. They're for cancer charity and they like you to raise about £30 but it's not compulsory. The atmosphere is fantastic and despite being very different in some ways to "normal" races many things are similar - the support you get, the nerves, the feeling that everyone is faster and.....the queue for the loos.
    I think the venues are due out for 2004 sometime soon (there is a thread on this somewhere too) and with about 250 venues in the UK I would imagine there is one near you.
    As Erratic says the support is usually good at these races even from the whippet racers sometimes!
  • larraine

    it wont be as hard as last time if you've only been back on the fags a few months. try the allen carr book for a new approach?

    good luck
  • XBXB ✭✭✭

    The Allen Carr book worked for me...I couldn't wait to finish the book and smoke my last fag. I had my last fag on 16 November last year and haven't looked back.

    I also listened to a hypnosis cd last thing at night.

    You can do it...

  • erratic and poddler,
    thanks for the advice, i think ill give the 3k a go next week, that'll be my first big step! the race for life sounds right up my street so ill definitely be looking out for that. any advice on motivation?! im trying to get my butt out the door as we speak!
  • XBXB ✭✭✭

    Just do it!! You know you want to...and you know what a buzz you'll feel when you get back. And it's not raining...and...and...enjoy

  • Thanks everyone for encouragement. cant keep running and wheezing like an old steam engine and running is much more important than the fags, I keep telling myself.
  • From one addiction to another...

    I ate a days calories last night in the form of a McDonalds meal and dessert. As I was buying it I knew that I could get an alternative but I still went ahead. I haven't even attempted to make ammends and missed my run this morning! Not good. Bad Laura.
  • TenTon

    It may help if you try to look at food as the fuel for your running, rather than looking at running as a way of burning of the food.

    You ate more than intended last night?-so what, it was still fuel, and it will give you the energy to go for a run today.

    Get out that door tonight, girl!

  • TenTon - that's the nature of addiction though isn't it? I'm the same with chocolate. I'll buy 2 or 3 of the largest bars you can get and eat them one after the other...about half way through I feel sick but I still eat them! fortuntately / unfortunately I am not sick afterwards (accidentally or deliberately)so the hips are ever expanding.
    Am trying weight loss resources on the internet at the moment and so far it is making me take more responsability for myself so will have to see how it goes.
    I remind myself that thinner me makes a faster me!
  • Poddler

    I look like I should be able to run fast- long legs, slim- but I'm still dog-slow!!

    It must be my genes. I blame the parents, you know.

    Seriously, I have had my own battles with food in the past, and I can identify with your chocaholism. I had a serious episode of it when my youngest son was a baby.

    I ended up avoiding chocolate completely for a few months. I do occasionally eat it now, but only if it is, say, a chocolate biscuit or a sweet that someone has offered me. I never buy it for myself now.

    Having a substitute, that you can eat unlimited amounts of, helps too. I filled up my fruit bowl when I gave up chocolate, and I still eat huge amounts of fruit.

  • Hi all
    to give up smoking I went out with my friend and drank endless cocktails. The next morning I was so ill. I realised that I'd had my last fag the night before when the pack ran out and haven't smoked since so if you want to give up, go out with my friend!! (And that was 10 years ago)
  • What plodding has everyone done (or will be doing) today?

    Someone at the running club suggested I try some hilly fartlek, so that's what I've got lined up for tonight.

    Best done under cover of darkness- fewer dog-walkers around to overtake me as I stagger up the hills!!
  • Hi guys
    Sorry T1 for your broken night - boy am I glad I don't have kids - the dogs are enough for me. Hope you get some kip tonight.
    Also not running tonight but only because can't run Mon - Fri at mo' for various reasons. Hoping to do a gentle 3 miles on Saturday and ??? 10 miles (gulp) on Sunday...

    FF - sorry for your genes! At least you look the part when you're out and about. I just look like the porker who's just made New Year's / Birthday / Morning after the night before resolution. Glad you're enjoying the club - I'm going to get back to mine in a couple of weeks when things get sorted a bit.

    FG - like your solution but a bit extreme! Was ill the other night (cooked for myself - never a good idea...) and having also had chocolate that day was hopeful that spending half the night with head down loo would cure me of everything I'd eaten in the previous 24 hours. Unfortunately anti choccie sentiments only lasted 48 hours. Have tried fruit etc but it's just not the same...
    Happy plodding tonight for those who are
  • FF I have the same problem - I look like I should be fast too, must be the Scottish genes.
  • the one time in my life i might even be grateful for my solid frame and big appendages

    im not supposed to be fast
  • I'm into week two, runwalk for me at the moment, 3min run, 1min walk. Usually do the 3min run 5times over a set distance, don't know how far as such, just use markers.

    Enjoying it very much, but the hardest part I am finding is patience. I want to do more than I am. Still, softly, softly catchee monkey!
  • Morning
    Off to RPM class then work, it's Friday so paperwork, meetings, more meetings and more paperwork.
    See you later
  • XBXB ✭✭✭

    Quiet in here today. Good luck T1, it sounds like you'd benefit from a good run.
    RPM? I'm intrigued.

    I had a very gentle plod this morning on my sore ankle. It felt better but very tender. I'm off to see the (Podiatry) wizard this after - he thinks he will be able to sort it.

    I hope so - I have my mother in law staying for half term next week and I'll need to get out of the house.

  • RPM is another name for spinning
  • RPM is cycling on stationary bikes to music - it looks very hard!

    I reached my 30min non-stop running target this morning. Woo hoo!!!!

    No more McDonalds and no urge for anything sweet and sticky since Wednesday's faux pas.

    On an anti-valentines night out tonight (with a bunch of bitter women). What's not too calorie intensive as far as alcohol goes?
  • Gin and slimline tonic
  • TenTon, try vodka and slimline tonic or diet coke - 50 calories a shot. Did 3 miles on treadmill this morning,run and walking. breathing bad. got patches from doctor today and hope to start using them at the weekend so hopefully the wheezes will soon be going and that will make running easier. sore hamstring today. rest or run tomorrow? think I know the answer really just don't want to have to stop now that I've got myself in the right frame of mind for running.
  • Good on you TenTon
    I've blown it I'm afraid and eaten large amount of chocolate today - don't really know why as not a bad day all things considered.....well pi**ed off with self. Will go for self denial tonight and be so busy that don't need to eat.
  • Plodder
    Don't do self denial, that's the road to failure for one little slip.

    Try 'I won't have any today' tacitic, then if you wish carry that on each day or every other day.

    You could always have some choccie (just a little), but really enjoy it once a week, this will then be without guilt. It's worth a try.
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