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  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    all right, i think your laugh will be a good excuse
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    time to sleep
    nite nite
  • nite nite - another 8 hours of work to go - ho hum.....
  • Morning all, it's luvverly weather for plodding/jogging/running, cool and still, hope it lasts a few days. I'm have my legs rubbed down with an oily rag after work by the Marquis de Sade, so no plodding for me today.
    It has been worth it, I didn't realise that I was carrying this injury, I kept up my running log after Cardiff ½, and suddently realised I was slowing up! I then found that my left calf was a bit niggly, it suddenly gave way one day, so I went to the physio who said that the problem was in my right leg! Apparently, my shins were in such a state that my calves just tightened right up. I've been having these massages for a month now and fingers crossed it's paying off!
    Have to walk the muppets now before work cya later.
  • I'm still at work ..... should be outta here by 7 and then home to beddy byes and not before time!

  • Well I went running with my club last night and we did hill efforts - boy do my legs hurt today. Normally only manage about 7 in 40 minutes but last night did 8 - YIPEE!!! Hows everyone else this morning?
  • Plodding Hippo
    Yes I was a tad tired on my return home - maybe it was my other half's way of doing me in - always knew he had an alterior motive! Bless him!!
  • can I join in - looks like I have found my home. Also a slow runner - delighted to break the hour for 10k, pb 2.11 for half-marathon. Have been running (slowly) for a couple of years. Now I've read this thread, keen to investigate base training (have a HRM but so rarely used the batteries have run out!). Harking back to previous discussions on shape/weight, has anyone found that losing weight makes them run faster (I have read articles suggesting that it should but we are in the real world here)
  • Morning all
    Caren DK - nice to know there's someone else out walking muppets at 6am - sometimes seems mad friend and I are the only ones!
    Petrified Hippo - sorry to be so ignorant but what's a Hadd test??
    No running possible this week for me until the weekend but (potentially) rather uptight running club AGM tonight so banking on that to raise my heart level for a couple of hours instead!
    Good runnning / walking to all who are at it today
  • Morning peeps

    Well, couldn't go out for my slow amble last night as I felt a bit giddy, so decided it was best to rest again.

    will attempt a mile or so this evening.

    (p.s. early muppet walker too!)
  • Hi all. I think im going to have to get into this muppet walking sounds like fun!! Only trouble is i have to leave at 7 for work so maybe too early! Have a good day all of you.

    Trinity1 - hope the gym works out ok Im thinking of going back in the gym for the treadmill so at least I can listen to music or watch tv while Im running!
  • Hello folks

    I did my club run last night, and it went well. My overall time was 90sec slower over the 8 miles than last week, but the pace felt FAR more comfortable.One of the other runners started chatting to me at the start of the monstrous hill, and we didn't stop talking until we finished the run 5 miles later. Running with other people makes it seem lots easier.

    In celebration, and having unloaded my littlest lad on the grandparents, I did a 70% max hr recovery run and, amazingly, broke the 12min mile barrier for the first time in a recovery run.

    I must be getting fitter. Now all I have to work on is getting the old legs to go a bit faster when it's a tempo run that I'm doing!
  • Well done ff!! Sounds like you're doing great!!

    Trinity - why dont you get some weights and do the upper body work at home - I got some great weights from Macro for £5.99 plus vat - can you believe it - mind you it was a struggle lifting them to go in the trolley!
  • FF - well done on excellent plods. It does make a difference running with other folk doesn't it? I used to run with my club but now feel too slow and also sit on its committee so that takes up time.
    Should get back to it but it seems to be going through a bit of a fast phase on club runs!!
    Trinity - well done on weight loss - you must be chuffed.
    Tilly P - muppet walking early can be glorious but can also be cold, wet and muddy!! In my case being out for 75 minutes moderate walking burns of 317 calories according to my programme so has added advantage of allowing more food. Need to lose weight - firstly because running out of clothes and secondly because I firmly believe I will run faster if carrying less around. Logical no?
  • Hi guys - looks like I have found my spiritual home!!
    I am in training for my first marathon - FLM (for the RNIB) in fact pretty much my first real exercise since I left school. It sounds like my 12 min/mile pace is right for this group!! Must admit all the talk about heart rate and lactate and 70% of this and that is a little scary!! Started between Xmas and New Year - a little late I realise! First run I did half a mile out on my feet and half a mile back on my knees. But through sheer bloody mindedness am up to 12 miles last Sunday. Cant seem to change my pace - did one short run at 10mm and it nearly killed me!. OK question is, I would like to do a half marathon before the biggie and have been looking at Sussex Beacon on 22 Feb - but looks like I would be about 10 from the back of the field - has anyone experienced this? Do they all go home - can you imagine finishing with only your wife standing there - agghghhhg
  • Gaz2 I think that doing the 1/2 would be ideal so at least you know where you're at! I think you will be fine, im doing my first half in March and like you just dont want to finish last but I thought the same on my first 10K and actually managed to run all the way round for the first time and wasnt last so go for it! My first marathon is in October and im v scared as well ...

    Poddler - Yep sounds a good idea - need to do the same myself as i need to drop about 2 stone.

    Trinity1 forgot to say well done on the 2lb weight loss!!
  • Gaz

    How did you guess I got a heart rate monitor for xmas?

    However I haven't got to the crazy heights of doing a 12 mile run yet- 10 miles is the furthest I've done so far.

    You're doing really well for someone who started running so recently.

    I've been close to the back in all 3 races that I've done.

    The longest one was a 10k. There were still plenty of people around when I finished, but I have to admit that 5 minutes or so after I went across the finish, the organisers did dismantle the finish funnel.But everyone that finished did have their time recorded.

    I'd go for it. As long as you've got your stopwatch, and your wife to mark the finish line, you're prepared for all eventualities. Chances are that the organisers will hang around for the final finishers.
  • Hiya - I'm in (please!) Am trying to build up distance for an ever-receding Half so have slumped into 11+ min miling (max time out so far around 80 mins at a dizzy 12.3 min miling!), on shorter distances I can hit 10 min miling but can't maintain it for more than 2/3 miles before HR creeps up into the deathzone & my speedwork is just a very noisy joke - one minute bursts of howling on the treadmill followed by ever-increasing 12 min miling (or walking!) recoveries. Does that do the trick? Ambition is a sub-30 mins 3 miles, sub-60 mins 10k, sub 2.15h half, sub-5 mara, long-ways to go as keep crashing during my training schedules! This has been going on for some time ........ Greet!!! (invokes gritty determination)
  • Gaz - given your target don't worry about speed, concentrate on endurance as this is what you are going to need for your main target! I'm not familiar with the half you mention but no responsible race should go home until all the runners have been accounted for either as finishers or drop outs. I am a race organiser and the terms of our insurance and various permissions mean we have to have a tail sweep to make sure there is no one out there still. Also races don't mind people taking a long time (usually) as long as they are realistic and trying. By this I mean that if someone set out to walk a whole race I would be pretty p****d off as it is a running race but if someone run / walks round pushing it then that is fine. See if you can find the website or a contact for the half you mention and you will find the stats on last year's race e.g. how many finishers, last finisher etc
    Good luck and if the one you mention isn't suitable then have a look at march race diary - there are a lot of races from 10 - 20 miles that month.
  • gaz, how have you got up to 12miles so quickly??
    Ran a timed circuit last night and knocked 25 seconds off my previous time :-)Am determined to get quicker over the coming months.
  • Just reread my post and it sounds quite grumpy reference someone walking all the way! What I wanted to say is that it is attitude not speed which makes the difference. As a race organiser I will have spend many hours pre race working on it, most of the Saturday marking it out checking last minute arrangements etc. Will have been up since about 4am on the race day putting out mile markers (otherwise p***heads on a Saturday night think it is funny to take them down or turn arrows around etc) then coping with all the last minute you see we only have enough energy left to support those who seem to want to participate.
    Hope no one offended by any unintentional misundertanding :o)
  • hello all

    Poddler, ill reply properly to your post later tionigh
    gotta go back to the wards now
  • Don't think you sounded grumpy at all Poddler - I'm just grateful that there are people like you out there who do all this & don't seem to mind tailenders like me! (I try really hard each time guv!)
  • What a pity we probably all live so far apart. I'm sure we'd make a merry bunch, bleeping along(me with my dodgy HRM!)- see earlier post (if indeed interested!!!)
    Anyway, off to Safeway before my run which I don't really need but you gotta eat - and so has the cat! Enjoy your runs tonight, everyone!
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