A bit like sub-4 (but 15 minutes quicker)



  • Ash, I hat eto bring it up NOW bud, but as I have known you for a little while now Id like to finally say.......... DROP THE F@*kin E.......yes mate the EEEEEEEE. Its Woony not Wooney. Although it does make me feel all warm n tingly that you have a special way just for me. I might just change me name soon to 'Tread Miller' thou Im sure you'll call me 'Mr Tread Miller' just to be different. LOL

    So this 8:20 m/m could take off, and it should be wid d Pacers (ish). The list AMENDED:
  • The thing is even if we weren't exactly with the RW pacers we wouldn't really be losing them much if we were consistently running 8:20's.

    Given the fact that the first couple of miles could be as slow as 10 minute miles due to the crowds then at best we'd only be coming in around 3:41-3:43 assuming we kept up 8:20 pace from mile 3 to 26. So I reckon you really need to run at that pace early on to hit the 3 Hour 45 target.

    Let's get together on the day folks.
  • Mr Woony, I have such a terrible problem with names and spelling and typing and tings.!

    Your lucky I remember your name at all!

    My dad took a couple of photos of you at Thanet 20, The scanner at work has died and the one at home isn't connected yet so if you don't mind waiting a bit. The best one is you crossing the finish line switching off the time piece!

    He also would like to apologise for only getting half of you at the 12 mile water station.

    Reading what you have said Mr Woony about Pacers etc. Then 3.45 certainly sounds to be the correct target time... always a chance of a PB next time that way. (2 for the price of 1 so to speak).

    OK then, I guess we may all be at different start points, does anyone know if there are pace groups going from each start point, at which case I expect that they will meet up somewhere on route. If this is the case then no problems. If not then we will have to think about plan B
  • How did everyone get on last night? I did 12 miles over the hills and it was fantastic. The sun was just setting, the views were awesome and it was t-shirt and shorts weather for the first time this year. Last night was what makes running fun. Didn't do a very good time but felt like I had loads in the bag at the end.

    Tonight am planning 1 mile warm up with 12 x 200m hills then a couple of miles to finish.

    Does anyone know yet where they're starting from?
  • morning all, still not got my pack yet so don't know where I'm starting, presumably at the mass start at greenwich. Ashley, from what I remember, the pacing groups tend to all meet up, so if we're all on the 3.45 pacing group we should all meet.

    Hi fruit cake, did an easy lap of ilkley park and 25 mins on treadmill yesterday, like you say it was a pleasure to wear shorts again (must remember the vaseline on the day though as hadn't worn them for 6 months !!). Have to agree with you, when the weathers right and you're feeling good, it makes you realise why we run, it's good to be alive !!

    Doing a hard fartlek session round one of the ilkley parks today (2nd speed sesh of the week) however have learnt from last weeks mistake, I have had an easy run yesterday and have got a day off/very easy run tomorrow before saturdays 20+ effort. Just hope I feel good at the end otherwise I really will start worrying. The cold I was starting to get seems to have stayed at just a bit of a head cold, nothing on my chest and feeling fine still so hopefully should not have any effect.

    It's the 18th today, only one month to go, it's funny how I still get nervous even though this is my 4th time. This year I do feel more motivated, a lot of that is due to this thread, it really helps chatting to people in the same boat, makes you realise you're not the only nutter out there !!

    good running

  • Morning all

    Did my 12 miles into work this morning at 1hr 30mins, the addition of wearing a rucksack put me off rhythm a bit but no ill effects other than tiredness (did 40 mins tempo last night) Still planning to do the same home but boy is the bus a tempting option, it may come down to it being bright and sunny and then I'll get on with it planning to put my feet up Fri and Sat.

    I also got into my speedy shorts and T last night for the first time in ages, felt strangley exposed but good at the same time

  • errrrrr, I'll rephrase that by saying that it was good to get back to normal running wears rather than covered up in tracksters and long tops,- not "that I like being exposed" !
  • Ash, Looks like yr Dad n Caz maybe battling it out for the (un)Official Photograph job. Love to see the piccies.

    Did a 8.6 miler yesterday b4 goin to work on nights. It was my Toughest 'Easy' run yet. Did 5 mins w/u - 60 mins @12.5 KPH - then a 5min c/d. Must of been the heat, might give todays run a miss, should be fartlek(ish), legs still not quite right from the Brentwood 1/2 on Sunday?

    Im on the RED START (uphill). So I'll meet up with the BLUES Quite early I THINK?

    Does anybody else know where they r starting from. I think as a ROUGh RULE its:
    BLUE; Champs,Celebs,Ballot Places
    RED; Club places, Golden bonds
    GREEN; Good for age, More Celebs
    I could be totally wrong so dont take this as Gospel. However I would like some back up from those of you who ave done it B4.

  • According to Swiss I am Blue - or is that just the language?

    Hmm, didn't do anything last night. 30 miles behind schedule this week so far, not so good. Still Making up for some of it tonight with 22 miler, heading out from Tower Bridge along FLM route (in reverse) to Dartford, then Lewisham, Bromley and A21 to Green Street Green. The first ten miles are nice and flat and then its up hill for the next six miles, nothing steep just a long perpetual drag. Double back on myself for three miles of easy flats then a nice steep half mile rise followed by the last two and half miles of undulating hills, again none steep but after 22 I might as well be in the Alps!

    Mr Woony - revenge is sweat ASHLEY - ash is what cause your life to be hell!!!!
  • Hi Guys

    I've had the morning from HELL !!!

    As my 'long run' windows are rapidly diminishing I simply had to run this morning. I'm still carrying a chest cold and sinus infection which is making me breathless. Some how i managed to shuffle 20 miles out in 3.05 but just feel like death now and for every pace i took. I think the main thing i can take out of it is a 2nd 20 mile run but probably most importantly a mental battle (to walk)like i've never had before which i came through.

    Not recommended unless you enjoy extreme pain and discomfort !!
  • Hi guys,

    have been quiet for a while, but now my running becomes better again and so is my motivation. Did my 4th 20 mile run on Sunday (only one more to go), didn't went bad but wasn't fantastic, still one more in the bank. Did it in just over three hours. Additionally I reduced my Wednesday miles from 15-16 to 7 miles, therefore faster miles and I think I can see the effect.
    Today track session, 8 times 3 minutes with 2 minutes recovery, I will try to run about 6:30 minutes per mile for this which should be OK.
    On Sunday I have a half marathon race in Milton Keynes, but from what I read about all of you here I will be far away from your times. I hope to run under 1:45 which would be aa (officially) 5 minutes pb for a real half marathon for me.

    Woony, are you sure club places are on the Red? You know where the defered from last year places are?
  • Hi everybody. I've got a bit behind on all the postings so can't comment on everybody, but sounds like there's some good long and fast running going on.

    Adam, I think you did very well to survive your run but you've got to take it easy - the body takes such a pounding on these long runs that you need to be at near full strength. I recommend you rest for a week or so until you feel stronger again - otherwise you'll be in danger of hindering your recovery in time for the big day.

    Did 10 x 200m hills yesterday with my crazy friend who is better than me. Found them quite difficult but I was still quite stiff after my race on Sunday and tempo run on Tuesday. Feet up now (not literally unfortunately) until Saturday's 20 mile race. Typical it clashes with Wales vs England - I'll have to set the video and hope that I don't spoil the surprise by seeing any Welsh supporters on the way home celebrating a famous victory (in my dreams I think!!).

  • ASHLEY, Tooshay (or however u spl it).
    If you're doin that 22 around Tower bridge et all, I 'll try to look out for you if we're on a shout. The tower is on my Fireground and Im on nights 2nite. If you need some water(bottled not out d hose) then pop in to Whitechapel FS. Its on the end of Commercial road b4 u get to Braham St. Or just pop in for a Cuppa if we're not out 'keepiing London safe'.

  • Good luck with the 22 Ashley. Adam, 20 miles in 3 Hours is good going. I'm planning something similar tomorrow night with the aim being about 22 miles. I'm aiming for around 3 1/2 Hours for the long run, thankfully it'll be my last 20+ before the big day.

    Today was a rest day and I've just been tired and constantly hungry all day.
  • Thanks Dave

    Hmm may if Woony is Dave then I must be Trigger, not a pleasent thought!

    I will be on the South Side and not the North Side, although I may do a North side at some point, we should arrange a convenient time to have another trial run... NB Dockhead (or is it Blackwell)is next door to us.

    Better get off of here if I am ever to get that run in.

    NB Lars 4 20 milers already, you put me to shame, my 3rd tonight, one more to go next week and thats my lot, also as already posted I am 30 miles down on the past week, with no chance of even considering catching up.
  • boy i can hardly walk today - strange thing is - it's all down my right side - ankle, knee and hip - christening new trainers probably didn't help either...
  • It is here, this morning my magazine arrived. I am at the blue start and they gave me a target time of 2:54:39 so I have to go to the sub 3's now ;-) Or is it just a race number? Then I stay here!
    Anyway, less then 1 month to go and now I am getting exited. Half marathon on Sunday, probably in marathon pace, will decide onthe day if I blast it, the Sunday after last 20 mile run.

    Does anyone know how long lane 7 of a track is? Yesterday we had our session at Battersea and they closed the inside 4 lanes, our coach decided we do lane 7 and let Donna's group have the inside lane, they are supposed to be faster ;-)
  • Afternoon all

    Where did I get to on reporting my runs? Lunchtime run on Wednesday, deliberately made it comfortably hard (or was it hardly comfortable?!).

    Last night at the track. That weird variable pace session again, 400m at 5k pace, followed by 400m at marathon pace, comtinuously for 25 laps, no recovery. First four lanes closed so all in lane 5. going roound the bends seemed to take forever. Can anyone tell me how far I actually ran in that case as must be more than 10k?

    Rest today (thank goodness), Saturday short and sharp (maybe experimenting in vest just received from ChildLine)and then Sunday. Has to be long but should I do the Finchley 20 as a marathon paced session or just go for a long run for at least 3 hours 30? (been three weeks since I did one of those)

    Woony - you work just round the corner from me then. I work in Adler Street.

    Lars - welcome back - have joined Serpentine this week. Are you doing the last half of the marathon training run this weekend?

    Get/keep well everyone and good running!

  • Lars - you were there last night? Did you see me hogging lane 5 for my oh so slow 25 laps?

    Killers those bends weren't they?
  • Hi Donna,
    just checked on track lane distances, every lane is about 6.70 longer than the one inside of it, so you did run 4 x 6.7 metres + 400 metres each lap.
    I didn't realise any of the inside runners, didn't you run with the whole bunch of Frank's group? They were always starting together just before I reached them. I was at about the end of the first third of our runners yesterday.
    I will not do the last half, will be in Milton Keynes instead. Are you doing it? You must have registered before the race to be able to run, everything is online on the right corner of the webpage!
    Are you going to do other club runs? On Saturday morning the usual crowd isn't there so BigBob and I are doing the organisation this time. And don't forget to turn up for the handicap every first Saturday of each month.
  • Thanks for that info Lars - will go off with my calculator this evening and work out how off my splits were then!

    Frank sets 2 sessions short/middle distance and long distance. Only 2 people opted for the long distance session me and a much faster guy. Hence I was all alone. Whatever they sprayed the track with was pretty potent too.

    Good luck with the half on Sunday. Might look into the Saturday morning run. What will you be doing?
  • Did it, plus an extra 1/2 mile as I teamed up with another runner around the Bermondsey Loop to take in Quebec Way. Final miles was 22.5 in 3.12. Was on perfect time to 18.2 miles at 8.2 average but the next three miles went a little pear shaped, the last mile was however back on track.

    Decided to try this cold bath thing. Wife loved it! I only filled the bath to ankle depth and once I put my left foot in watching it turn an instant shade of blue I thought lets give it a go and lowered the rest of me in. I obviously made quite a noise as my wife got out of bed and had a great laugh at my expense... In between the laughter all she wanted to know was it realy worth it and why did I put myself through it... a question I was asking myself at the time! Still let out some of the water and topped the bath up with hot water. Still had the shakes though and managed to pour half a bottle of deep heat in, which is maybe why I fell asleep in the bath for two hours!

    This morning apart from going downstairs sideways first thing things are starting to return to normal. A little R&R today and then a gentle five mile tomorrow morning I think. Next run after that will be club run Tuesday night, eight to ten miles of hills on Wednesday and then on Friday my last 20 mile run.

    Then its rest rest rest... (ok two weeks in Disney)
  • Ashley - you poured half a bottle of deep heat into the bath? Then fell asleep in it for two hours? Has your wife phoned for an ambulance yet???

    (great running, by the way)
  • Ashley, looks like you ad a great run d other day bud, Well done. I 2nd read yr post after writing my last and realised it would be a bit outa yr way, as you were startin from d bridge. Always up for getting 2gether thou. And goin back a while now- mothers day is this Sunday, Paddock Woods the next. Thou Im not too sure Im doin d PW 1/2 now, I might look at one of the two 20's that day. (Hemel Hemstead & Worthing).

    Donna, if you run after work around London at all, maybe we should get 2gether for a little run. As a rule I don't run after work but anything for a FORUMITE.

    Lars, was yrs a Club place then? and yr on Blue! I said I might be wrong.

    Take it easy people

  • Lars no she went to bed... I woke up and it was 12.30am so I went downstairs and watched Drop the Dead Donkey instead, the laughter got the muscles going again, well at least enough to climb back up the stairs and into bed for a couple more hours of sleep.
  • I broke down in this evenings long run. I had reached 14 miles into a planned long run when I just couldn't contine due to severe knee pain, hamstring pain and extreme exhaustion. I don't think running after work helped and I was also guilty of setting off a little fast in the first 6 miles.

    Still it's very annoying as I had planned this on being my last 20+ long run. I may try again for 20 miles next week but if I break down again then I'll just abandon long runs ahead of marathon day. I've got the next couple of days off from running as I'm away for a couple of days. Have a good weekend folks I'll catch up with you next week.

  • PPB I did suffered exactly the same in my last long run before 2002. I was so scared I had done an injury that I went to see a physio who advised that the only problem was the one in my head!

    Being so close now you have done all the hard work, there is no reason to continue pushing yourselve if your body is screaming for a rest.

    Woony and I are expecting to see you at the start line as I think the three of us are all aiming for a sub sub 3.45, (not quite a 3.30 but not a 3.44 either. REST build your strength, and if need be see a physio. Don't overdo it and pay the consequences on the day.
  • Back from Milton Keynes, a new half marathon PB in the bag, 1:42:06.
    I could have been a bit faster but just at the start the batteries of my watch went dead so I didn't know any split times. Did run with my girlfriend for the first 3 miles in just over 25 minutes before I went of. Running hard the next 6 catching a friend, he didn't wanted to run with me so I kept going. At mile 11 I eased of a bit, I didn't wanted to overdo it just 4 weeks before the marathon. If my watch would have worked I might have kept pushing for the last two miles but so I saw the watch jumping to 1:42 just when I came on the finishing straight.
    Still happy with my time now being officially somewhere in the region of other 3:45 marathon runners.
  • Cracking run Lars. I've just popped back from 'sub4' to see how you're all getting on. I did a half today in 1:48 which puts me comfortably into 3:50 territory but not quite up with you lot.

  • Nightmare, PPB, hope it's just a sprained brain.

    Great runs, Lars and Higs - showing some fine form at the crucial time.

    With 14 days to go, today was my first Tapering Sunday (Mothering Sunday? What's that?), and I took on the Broadland 15 nice and slow - 8:40 pace intended, 8:36 got. Loved it. This is all going far too well......

    Hope everyone else had good long 'uns.
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