A bit like sub-4 (but 15 minutes quicker)



  • Well done Swerve. Never done Broadland. Was it windy?

    Club went up to Nottingham today for XC finals & won it. I have a natty little medal now which says National XC final winner.


  • morning all, bit busy end of last week so just catching up on the news. Sounds like there is some good running going on, don't worry too much PPB, the next few weeks taper will work wonders for the knee, and you've got the training in the bag already, so you'll be fine on the day.

    How did the weekend runs go. I did just over 22 miles in 3.24 in the wildest weather conditions I've ever run in. At times we were almost running on the spot,funny how the wind was hardly ever behind us !!. Did half the run round my reservoir then had to find another route as the spray from the water was making it impossible to see. Very tough but exhilarating at the same. Not too worried about the time as the wind was so strong,

    Had the legendary cold shower after and my legs felt as right as rain, so feeling cautiously optimistic about the distance, just a bit concerned about the time. Have got a tough speed sesh for today and again on wednesday, then off to Barcelona for 4 days, but will taking the running kit for some early morning runs, hopefully in better weather.

    Still not got my info about the start yet, not panicking yet as they have got around 50,000 to get out (although only around 32,000 turn up on the day).

    Starting to go to bed dreaming about the race, how sad is that, 4th time and i still get nervous.

  • Good morning all

    I hope this wind has disappeared in 4 weeks! Logest run yesterday for 4 weeks, the usual route of about 23 - 24 miles conmpleted in 3:27. Legs ache a lot today despite the cold bath treatment. Not looking forward to a recovery run later.

    Well done Higs, Lars and Blott's mate. Good running.

    Starting to feel nervous now (but also quite glad there's only one long run left, apart from the small matter of 26.2 miles on the 18th April!)
  • Hi

    Another 21.5 miler on Saturday in 3hrs 15mins. Nice and easy with a few walks thrown in for good measure. Next week is my final 20 plus and I intend to push it a bit more and try for 24 miles
  • Hi all

    Sounds like theres some really good running going on out there. If it isnt most of you putting in good LSDs its Lars getting a
    PB. It all adds to my running looking even worse. I've been seriously lazzzzzzy the last few weeks. Looking at doin a long run 2day...............possibly 18 on the Treadmill............... I know sounds boring but I feel more comfortable on it than outside at d mo, what with the winds and rain.

    Hopfully I'll get me @rse in gear next week and put in a real good week with maybe one of the local(ish)20's at the end(28th). Anyone else considering the 'Worthing Open 20' or the 'Gade valley20'? I think theres one in Bedfordshire somewhere as well?


    No go on that run Donna? I don't bite y kno.

    Take it easy people

  • Hi All

    Glad to see there are some good times and runs going on here.

    After the race at the weekend, I'm definitely counting myself in as a 3:45 candidate now! I've even changed my urwfrc time. No more of this sub-3:52:30 talk for me. But fortunately 3:45 is less than 4 so I can still talk to the great team in the sub-4 locker. I'm also tempted by the idea of trying to cling on to the back of the pacer for 3:30... They do give piggy backs for the last 6 miles, don't they?

    Woony - I'm tempted by the idea of a 20 but have decided to stick with my original plan which is my last long slow run this Sunday - so the first time I go more than 16 miles "at speed" will be 18th April. Also, the Bedfordshire 20 is Oakley - and I think entires closed yesterday...
  • just off for a quick speed session, will let you know how I get on, hopefully not gale force winds !!
  • Woony

    Sorry, completely forgot! Been so busy at work lately as well as all this running!!

    Run would be great - what times are you free? Will probably run this evening (but quite early out about 5 hopefully). Sometimes run on a Wednesday evening too (Tuesdays and Thursdays are track days and Fridays are rest days!) Send me an email to arrange.
  • Hi all

    Did 22 miles yesterday in 3 hours and felt really good about it considering the conditions. That's until my training partner did a 20 mile race in less than 2.30. The pressure's now on. Must go faster!



  • Mr Lazy here. Recovery run what is that?

    I did wake at 4am but decide it was too early to go out for a recovery run, and at 6.30 it was too windy, by 7.30 the postman had arrived with my entry details so there was no way I was going out then! I did however manage to run 1/2 mile on Saturday morning (in two stages) when I took my 6 year old son to his swimming lessons. Sunday of course was Mothers Day so I took my two boys swimming and spent an hour in the pool (does this count?), and in the afternoon did a little 1 mile trot to the doctors to drop off my wifes prescription. Next run is with the club tomorrow night, then planning 2 mile jog, 8 miles hills (10% gradient) and 2 mile recovery on Wednesday. Friday will see my last run before the marathon of 20 miles. Welcome aboard BNTM... seems like your the same as me, sub 4 target, but if god is willing might just make the tail end of 3.30
  • Hi Guys

    I'm at a bit at a loss - my shorter distance times are currently suggesting i'm a 3.45 candidate but when i run my long ditances it's outside 4 hr pace (though i'm working pretty hard at the end)

    10k - 46m
    half - 1.46
    20 mile - 3.04 !!

    to date i've run 7x13m,14m,15m,16.5m,2x20m

    Is this concerning ?
  • Adam,
    I would not be worried with your times. Is this a flat out 20 mile time or is this one of your 20 mile runs? You are in training and tired while doing them. With a good taper you can hit the 20 mile point about 10 - 12 minutes earlier in the marathon. At the moment I run my 20 mile runs in about 3.04 - 3.09 in training and hope to hit it at 2:45 which gives me 1 hour for further 10k on the day.
  • that's good to hear - cheers Lars - this is 20 mile runs - i've only raced as far as half marathons
  • Hi all, did mean to have started/completed my run by now. However spent over an hour on the phone talking about Welfare for Akitas, Took me liccle girl (6 month old Akita) training after takin both of them for a 30min walk. Bla Bla Bla, you kno how life always gives you something more tempting than 18 miles!

    Anyhow seems like thingz r goin well with the rest of ya. Just got to get some housey stuff out the way then maybe that 18 miles will come sometime b4 I go to bed.

    ASHLEY, I think you must of caught Lazyitus off of me last time we meet up, it takes a while to grab hold but when its got ya......

    DONNA, email on the way.


  • DONNA, cant email u, u've kept yr details private. Im on days this Tues/Weds but have to get ome for the Dogs PDQ as the Missus is on lates. However Im on Days next week Weds/Thurs and am stayin up to have a Bevvy or two. So a Run next Wed (31st)would be good for me then I can replenish the lost fluids with Guiness. Im up for any kinda run, coz after I finally get around to doing an 18 2day, I'll do a couple of short fast/fartlek runs throu d week then hopefully do a 20 on the 28th. I'll then take Mon & Tues as total rest, so should be up for anything on the 31st if this fits with you. However I dont finish til 1800hrs is that OK?

    Get back to me via either method, MY email in enabled.

    Take it easy

  • Email on thew way Woony - not sure why you can't email me through the forum.

    Adam, don't panic training runs should be at least 30 seconds slower per mile - they're not supposed to be as taxing as a race.
  • but i'm not running them conciously slower donna - that's what worries me - by the end i'm whacked !!
  • Adam - you're getting good advice. I reckon 3.45 might be a pretty tough target for you, but purely because you'll be lacking a couple of long runs. Your speed should be fine to 20 or so. If you're still worried, how about finding a 20-mile race this weekend, and running it at 3.45 marathon pace? Mind you, it's not a great idea this close to the FLM, and, as Donna suggests, long runs really ought to be slow. But it may help you decide on a sensible race tactic.
  • Adam, like Lars said B4, its becoz u is training so hard at d mo. After a good taper yr times/speed will improve. Plus the shear kick of the whole thing on d day.

  • Donna just tried aagain and ...You Know WHAT! I must of did something wrong.

  • adam don't worry too much, with the taper you will feel better on the day. If you can fit another 20miler in next week you should still have time to recover for the big day.

    Did 4 x 1 mile speed sesh today in a straight line,windy day, with times of 7.19, 6.33, 7.30, 6.40 can you tell when the wind was behind me ??

    At least we should be fairly sheltered from gales on the day, hopefully anyway.

    27 days and counting

  • Hi all, got that 18 mile Treadmill run out d way at last. It hurt. 2:23:20, sound good dun it, but when u think (thou on a slight incline) no hills, no traffic, no high winds, no crowds to dodge.........etc.
    Really had to dig in for the last 5 miles, esp as I upped d speed by 0.1kph for d last 5K's.

    Enjoy your running people, I know I DIDN'T 2day. Take it easy.

  • morning all, looks like a sunny but chilly day out there. Think I'll do a 6 mile tempo run up a road called Carters Lane (not TOO steep but goes on a long way) and then along the top of the moors. Gives you a lovely view over Ilkley and in weather like this reminds you why you run !!

    That sounds like a pretty fast 18 miler Woony, just under 8 minute miling, just under 3.30 for the marathon.....WOW. It would be good if you could keep up that pace on the day, if you were fresher after your taper, although if it didn't work out, you're gonna really hurt for the last 5 or 6 miles on the day. You mad brave fool you.

    I'm doing one more 20 mile run next monday (away for 4 days in barcelona from thursday, but will be taking my kit for some short early morning runs)and I'm gonna try that at 8.30 miling, marathon pace, weather permitting, to see how it feels as a guide for my chances of 3.45 on the day.

    This is the time when you find out if you've done enough training, or had lazyitus once too often.

    what have you got planned for running for the last two weeks in the taper ?, i tend to find it a bit hard to judge if I'm doing too much or too little.

    happy running

  • Morning all. Got my race information through yesterday. Looks like I'm at the blue start. Where's everyone else starting from?

    Reality has now set in and although it's still nearly 4 weeks away I feel nervous! Have I done enough? There's only one way to find out now.

    It's a beautiful day out there today so I can't wait to get the running shoes on later.

    The Marathon News magazine suggests a training guide for the final weeks which includes one more 3 hr run this Sunday followed by lots of speed work. I don't know what I'll do with my Sunday mornings after this weekend!
  • Red Start for me
    felt surprising good yesterday so did a fast half marathon on the treadmill whilst watching the Leeds v Man C game.
    Just an easy 6 planned tonight
    I know how you feel adam regardless of my pace on long runs I feel tired and think I couldn't do any more at the end . I'm trying to put the tiredness down to the the time running and not the pace. Logically after running for 3hrs 15 mins you should feel shattered
  • I'm on red start.

    Woony - that's a great time. I find running on the treadmill hard, so hot and so boring. You will definitely be on for sub sub 3:45! Bit worried you might be too fast to run with next week now!

    Recovery run yesterday was quite hard (and slow). Just over 5 miles and although I felt better for it in the end I had to rub my legs down a bit last night. Think I've strained my left quad a bit too much. Track tonight - oh joy!

    I've got a book by Norrie Williamson (Everyone's Guide to Long Distance Running) and I think I might follow his advice re tapering. It's just speed work the last week but in ever diminishing quantities and nothing that will over stress the muscles. Something like a k warm up and cool down with 5 x 500s at 3k pace, ample recovery inbetween and dropping a 500 each day. He suggests you rest on the penultimate day and do a session on the day before (very light as above but only 1 x 500) so that you don't feel sluggish.

    Any views anyone?

  • Donna I read very much the same about the last week. Cut back on mileage and work on speed. It gives your body a boost apparently! It also says on the last day just do a gentle 20 min session in race gear.
  • Hi everyone - I'm back after a few days away. I haven't read all the messages from the thread yet but just thought I'd say a quick Hello.

    After falling apart a bit on my last long run on Friday I've decided to have an entire week off from running with just cross training and pool running to keep up the cardio fitness. I'll run again on Friday. I'll post more later today.

    I got my race number through. I'm on the blue start - number 25022.

  • Hi All

    Thanks for the answers yesterday. Since then I'm getting more and more tempted by the idea of clinging on to the back of the 8mm pace group and trying for 3:30. Expect more ramblings to follow...

    DonnaW - interesting idea in that book and very relevant topic for current planning. For the last 2 races, I've mini-tapered (2-3 days) but I've also done a long (13 mile) run on the Wednesday and a fast session on the Tuesday. I think the results have been good - I've done well in the race, but I've also felt a bit tired in the legs. So I know that for the FLM I've got to taper longer than that. However, I also want to go into the race knowing exactly what my start pace (probably 8:30 or slower) feels like and feeling comfortable and efficient at it - I reckon some last second speed sessions at 7 or 7:30 pace would be about right.

    The other thing for the last 2 weeks of training is that I intend to wrap myself in cotton wool - so running at the track feels a much better idea than running on the roads and pavements.
  • I'm just focusing on the taper to blot out the disturbing fact that I still have a 20+ miler planned for this Sunday. Of course once that's been and gone I'll start to panic that I haven't done enough training and maybe some of those pacing runs or races should have been replaced with a 24 mile race. Or maybe I should have done a full 20 mile at 8:30 pace.....

    Do you think that 50% of all people in a sub x forum are really aiming for sub x-15 minutes? I'm definitely in the other 50% no illusions about being nearer 3:30 than 3:45.
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