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  • It's gone a bit quiet here of late. I do hope all are well.
    20.59 5k = 80.70% WAVA so finally made it!
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Sorry for my absence, but I've been catching up on jobs that I've been putting off for ages.

    JB, I'm not training for the SAS, but the virtual London Marathon😃

    Wow, that's an amazing 5k time, those new trainers were certainly a good buy. I don't suppose they will last as long as your previous pair though.

    We've has a set back with our marathon training. Sarah F has broken the little toe on her left foot, and can't run at the moment. She is determined though to resume running asap so that she can still run the London Marathon. In the meantime, Sarah H and I are continuing with the schedule. Wednesday was 6 x 4 minutes at tempo pace with 2 minute jog recoveries; Thursday an easy pace 5.4 miles in the rain on roads, and this morning, 20 minutes tempo pace with a warm up and down, with Sarah H and Giuliana. 

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    Afternoon all,

    You're quite right JB - it has been quiet lately.

    I can see from Strava that HS and Aquarius have been out there doing training runs. I'd imagine Aquarius is busy with grandma duties again .. don't know what HS's excuse is ;) 

    As for myself, I'm taking a break at the moment from putting the living room and study furniture back in their respective places and emptying boxes and filling up bookshelves, draws and cupboards.

    HS - the decorating ladies were super-efficient again and had the living room, utility room and study done within two days. As mentioned above, we're only just getting things straight again as we had to wait for Margaret's son to come over today to help me with some of the heavier furniture. The 'ladies' will be back again twice in September - once to do the main bedroom - and again later in the month to do the hall, stairs and landing. Well done re that 15ml run - I think I saw the photos on Strava of you stood in the middle of a stream.

    JB - I'm sure you're right that 'most' home exercise equipment gathers dust (yours being the honourable exception of course). Alan was accused of being 'parsimonious' (aka. tight-fisted) in his divorce papers so it's a running joke where he's concerned. He had very good reason to be parsimonious re his ex-wife but his new partner seems to have persuaded him to free up that wallet a bit! I'd never been to Brighton before 2019 when we went there for the day while staying nearby visiting a friend who lives in Bexhill. Sounds like those new trainers are helping and well done for breaking the 80% barrier with that 5K time.

    My walking and stretching/strengthening exercises have petered out completely lately. The work needed to clear the rooms to be decorated meant it wasn't really feasible this last week or so but that's not really a good excuse. We have our grand-daughters staying next week (Wed to Sat) so maybe I'll be able to get back into the habit once that's over and done with.

    One thing to mention. We thought we'd wash the carpets in the living room and study while they were clear. Margaret has a carpet cleaner which has been in the garage for at least 10 years (probably more!). It worked, in the sense it started up - but the important bit of spraying water/detergent onto the carpet didn't. Possible a broken connection or something? It wasn't a major problem as our local Homebase hire carpet cleaners so we got one from there and I did them both on Friday. You wouldn't believe (actually, you probably would!) how dirty the water was each time I had to refill the machine. And the carpets look so much better now. Margaret thinks she'll put the broken carpet cleaner on Freecycle to see if anyone wants to take it away. If we want to wash any more carpets, we'll either get a new one or hire one again.
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    HS, sorry to hear that one of your Sarahs has been crocked. What's the outlook in terms of time off from training? I wonder what sort of impact there'll be on her marathon performance. (Did she sustain the injury while running?)

    Mel, you've done it again i.e. you've reminded me of a domestic task that we should be attending to: the carpets! We do ours about twice a year and we have got a (working) carpet cleaner. They are definitely overdue a clean.

    We have some relatives living in Bexhill. All I can remember of the place is that I once did a 10k there. 

    We had a visit from our d-i-l with the puppy yesterday. Goodness me she is adorable (and so's the puppy!). The visit has reminded me just how much of a commitment a dog requires - but she's worth it.

    A gentle 6k from me today.
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    Another week or so has passed since I last posted, so another quick catch up with you all. (Just noticed a message along the top of the RW page - “ this webpage is using significant memory. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your MAC” I hope this doesn’t mean my laptop isn’t on the way out, it has been getting really slow of late when I first log in. Another problem to note, store away, and consider more fully when time permits I think).

    HS: I’m waiting with bated breath for those photos of you that Sarah H took on last Monday’s 14/15 mile forest run where you were battling with the wet stretches. That sounds like a rather unpleasant run (at least the conditions sound awful) so well done to you both for battling on. So sorry to hear that Sarah F has broken her little toe, that must have been quite a set-back for her. How long does she think it will be until she is able to resume her marathon training? 

    JB: A new toy for you to play with (exercise bike), what fun. Even more scope for some crazy training challenges. I see you have finally broken through that 80% WAVA ceiling, that’s brilliant! Well done, I think your new trainers gave you the physiological push you needed to get there, and admittedly they may have helped your performance a bit, but it’s your own ability and commitment that finally achieved your goal.

    WtnMel: Glad to hear your decorating ladies did a good job again. I expect all the furniture moving you’ve been doing will count as cross training, as also perhaps entertaining your grand-daughters will be? I’m sure once things get back to normal you’ll be able to find time to fit in your stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as your walking. I echo JB’s remarks on the need to get some carpet cleaning done. :/

    After my (somewhat foolish) run last Friday where I pushed on with a sore knee, and topped it off with a fast mile because some other runners had turned up, I followed this up with a 9 mile run on Sunday which actually wasn’t too bad as regards the knee. Then on Tuesday I had a 4 mile easy run scheduled but decided to change this for hill repeats in the local park. I was a bit later setting out than I’d planned and there were a number of dog walkers in the park when I got there. I’ve probably mentioned before that this is a very small park, basically a path up a hill, turn at the top and come down the hill on a parallel path. Between the two paths is a grassy area and a children’s playground. On one of my circuits up the hill I came across a “playful” dog which was off the lead. The owner was about 50 yards away calling for it, but the dog got its eye on me and decided I wasn’t going anywhere. It charged up to me and virtually stopped me in my tracks as it got in front and jumped up at me every time I tried to move. This went on for some time with me standing quite still until it lost interest, then when it ran off I started to run again, only for the dratted thing to come charging back and we started the whole business again. I toyed with the idea of just running on anyway in the hopes it might lose interest after a while, but I was worried this might just antagonise it even more. Eventually I turned to the dog owner (who was still some distance away, screaming abuse at the dog for not returning to her) and had a few words of my own. It looked like we were going to be there all day, as whenever she made any move herself towards the dog it just ran far enough off to evade her. I took advantage of the dog dancing around her and got going again, but I did wonder what would happen when I came around again to do my next circuit of the hill. Fortunately both dog and owner were on the grassy area and she managed to distract it until I got past. On my next circuit I noticed them leaving the park, dog now back on the lead, however….another dog was waiting in the wings to come on stage for its own 5 minutes of fame. I couldn’t believe it when this dog chased me and jumped up, this time though the owner was quick to pull it off and hang on to it until I’d got away. These two incidents made me seethe and put me in a foul mood for the rest of the run, not surprisingly I later noticed on Garmin that my heart rate shot up after my encounter with the first dog, and stayed high for the rest of my run. After a shower and breakfast it was an unusually tough Pilates session then a very busy day with a trip to Newcastle to pick up our numbers for Saturday’s 10k trail race, then a visit to the physio for a good pummelling and some ultra sound on my knee, then B&Q, then the supermarket, then calling in at my club to pick up a new (free) t shirt, and finally home to make a belated evening meal. unsurprisingly the following day I felt wiped out, and continued feeling under the weather for the rest of the week. I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would be feeling on top form again for yesterday’s 10k trail, but in the event I was sluggish and lacking energy. I had hoped to finish it around 63 minutes, but ended up being 3 minutes slower. It was particularly disappointing because it was on trail paths that I often train on so I knew what to expect and had been confident leading up to the race. I struggled with hills I normally can run up and was glad to be able to take advantage of the two water stations (it was a hot day) to take a breather while getting a drink. Never mind, onwards and upwards as they say, and one positive I can take from it is that I was able to pick up the pace for the last half mile and sprint past a few in the run up to the finish. Bizarrely I feel much better today, and could even fancy going for a run (although obviously I won’t).
    As my training plan has now finished I’m going to start another one, but this time I think I’ll pick a 5k because our club 5k races will start again in October and I need to spend some time before then on improving my speed. Having said that, I have another 10k in a couple of weeks which will set my handicap for these 5k runs over winter. I normally do quite well in this particular 10k, but that is usually on the back of a spring and summer of 10k races, and thanks to Covid my last 10k race must be almost 2 years ago.

  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    WtnMel, our posts crossed yet again. 
    I'm posting this on my phone, as my laptop has decided to do a lot of updates. I'll try and catch up tomorrow. 

    Aquarius, I'm not sure whether I will be able to post those photos, as they are not in my photo gallery, but the WhatsApp one. They are on Strava and Mel has seen them. 
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    Morning all,

    Well done for managing to post that photo HS, you definitely look a bit soggy there :D . I imagine the rest of the run must have been done with squelching feet, yuk!

    Today was the start of a new plan, this time for a 5k, and I picked a different coach to see how their approaches differ. So far so easy, a Benchmark Run today to set up the rest of the plan, consisting of a 2 minute warm up, a 5 minute run then a 2 minute warm down. I was surprised at how autumnal it felt at 6.40 this morning.

    Can't hang about today I'm afraid, we've promised to take our grand-daughter over to the coast so I'd better get on.

    (Forgot to say in relation to Saturday's 10k that Covid precautions had been taken by splitting the field of 2000 into 4 groups, each group setting off with a rolling start every 5 minutes. It seemed to work quite well, although there was the inevitable mass of bodies wandering around at the finish.)
  • Just a very brief visit I'm afraid, but just to say that we are now in week 10 of our Marathon training schedule, and Sarah H and I ran 16.4 miles in the forest this morning. I took some photos which are attached. I will catch up with you all tomorrow as it's a rest day and I'll have more time. 

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    HS, great photos and (as usual)great training.

    Aquarius, phew! That was an epic post. That dog(s) saga sound rotten. As a former dog owner myself  I'd be aghast if my dog had ever done that to  runner. And as a runner, I'd be livid if it happened to me. (As I tend to run in places where dogs are on leads, I've had very, very few such encounters.) 

    You are certainly putting in some (very) hard yards in training. The 10K time might have disappointed you (runners live to be disappointed) but it sounds like a slow if familiar course (trails/hills/heat). Well done for battling through it. I suspect that the majority of the field had times that were nowhere near their 10k PBs.

    Interesting that you are switching the focus of your training to 5ks. I suspect the search for speed will place different demands on the creaking joints! But you are coming at it from a good training base and I'm sure you are experienced at negotiating different challenges. Are the 5ks over another tricky course?

    A rest day for me yesterday and I ventured out for brunch with some old school chums from back in the 1970s (and one from the 1960s). I'm always delighted in the way that you can pick up old friendships so easily.

    Might pop out for an interval session later today. I'm 'puppy sitting' tonight while Mrs JB picks up my son and family from the airport. After reading of  Aquarius's dog problems I'll need to train the pup to respect runners! 

    Does anyone ever use the 'Power of Ten'/Run Britain website? I think it's a great facility. I think it's even greater now since I've been elevated into the top 50 for my age cat in Parkrun nationally*. Obviously this placing will slip down as the year progresses (unless I improve) - but it's by far my best placing ever, so I'll enjoy it while I can.
     *it helps living in a town with one of the fastest courses.........and no, that's not why I chose to live here. 

    PS for my last 3 events, I've resorted to a well known - I think  - ploy of having a strong cup of  coffee before the run. I usually drink caffeine-free instant stuff, so I suspect that the relative 'rush' I'm getting from the 'real stuff' might be helping performance. Am I a drug cheat? 
  • Sorry to dominate the space but I must report this............

    Went for a run. Meant to do 7k. Running along the seafront I noticed a young Labrador off the lead. He bounded over to me but was not in any way threatening. But I as going flat out and was not amused. The owners were a mother and her son who was around 20 or so.

    I told them sharply to put the dog on a lead (it's a by-law anyway) and a few words followed - the mother was very polite and apologetic; the son was aggressive. But, just as turned to continue my run, another pedestrian - a lady in her 60s - pointed out a sign stating that dogs should on leads. At this point the son turned his anger issues onto her - and let out a stream of expletives, much to his mother's obvious distress.

    We all went on our separate ways, but I ended the run early.

    This was of course entirely my fault for being so smug in my previous posting on the issue of dogs. (Even as the dog bounded towards me, I was conscious that I'd earlier claimed to have had no problems in this respect.

    A horrible run!

  • Good afternoon everyone, I'll try to catch up!

    WtnMel, good to hear that your decorating ladies did a good job. It was lucky that you decided to wash the carpet after they had finished, in case they had dripped paint on it.

    JB, thanks, it is ironic that Sarah F's injury was not caused by running, but by an accident in doors. She was walking down the stairs and stepped over something which fell on her left foot and broke her little toe!  That was a week ago, and she is hoping to try a little jog shortly. It will have put her back in her training, and she won't be able to retrospectively reclaim it. She is still determined to run the marathon though, even with the reduced mileage.
    I do use the Power of 10, or did, and have been on it for several years. I've featured high percentage wise over different distances, and age breaks. My parkruns are also listed.
    I never drink coffee before a race or run, although I know that many runners do.
    That was a horrible experience with the dog off the lead. I hope the owner told her son off for his inexcusable behaviour. On a similar theme, on the way back from yesterdays long run, we were in single file, with Sarah just in front, when a lady driver seemed to deliberately drive at her, making her react in a most un- lady like way, waving her fist , and using a very rude word, which I won't even asterisk. I did something similar a few days before. Motorists seem to hate runners, I think they must be jealous, or dick heads, probably both!

    Aquarius, Sarah broke her little toe on her left foot, whilst stepping over something on the stairs which fell onto her foot. That was a week ago, so she is hoping to try a gentle run soon. Unfortunately, it will adversely affect her training, as she won't be able to retrospectively regain what she has lost.
    That was a nasty incident with the dog. They do seem to "like you!" 
    I'm not surprised that your 10k trail run was slower than you had hoped for after the previous incidents. They must have taken it out of you. It was still a good time though.
    Interesting that you have now switched your training for 5k racing, just as we have stopped running them. We are concentrating more now on LSD runs, as opposed to twice a week speed work.
    I hope you like the photos from yesterdays 16.4 mile forest run.

    Today is a rest day, and tomorrow will be 5 x 3 minutes at tempo pace, with 2 minute recoveries.
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    Evening all,

    Gosh - there's a lot of posts to catch up on!

    JB - I don't usually remember about washing carpets. When I do, there's the faff of moving everything out and then waiting for the carpet to dry (the living room one took two days). Does sound nice to catch up with school chums .. think I've lost tough with most (if not all) of mine from that far back. I have never used the PowerOf10 website myself. I've also never drunk coffee before an event. My habit used to be to stick to tea and a bowl of porridge which I knew wouldn't have any unwanted side-effects and I used to kid myself the porridge was slow-release carbs to help me keep going. Sorry to hear about that horrible run of yours ruined by a dog bounding up.

    Aquarius - hope for your sake your laptop isn't on the way out. I would hope the furniture shifting can be classed as cross-training. I've certainly been feeling worn out lately from doing it (probably just proves how unfit I am due to no walking or running). Glad to hear the 9ml run wasn't ruined by your dodgy knee. Not glad to hear about the problem with the dogs - with apologies to any dog-lovers reading this, they and their owners are a pain in the arse. I would have been so tempted to kick the dog if it had been me. Not surprised to hear you were wiped out after that mega physio/shopping trip. Sorry to hear your 10k trail race didn't go as planned. Good luck with the 10k in a couple of weeks and no doubt we'll be hearing how your training goes for the 5k races. 

    HS - sorry to hear Sarah F has broken her little toe. Thanks for posting the photos of you and Sarah H and well done re that 16.4ml run you did. Still trying to work out what Sarah is doing in that 5th photo! ;)

    Yesterday we had the first U3A monthly meeting in the village hall rather than on Zoom for over a year. Some people wore masks - some of us chose not to. Groups have to take it in turns to do the teas and coffees after the talk and it was the turn of the "coffee & chat" group I belong to. If I say so myself, we were very efficient and got the teas and coffees out in double-quick time and washed and dried the empties and got everything back in the cupboards quickly as well. With the way the tea and coffee rota works, we won't be having to do it for another couple of years.

    In case you're wondering, I did check that the book group I run and the science & technology group I go to aren't on the rota either.

    Our two grand-daughters are arriving tomorrow for a few nights (we're taking them back on Saturday). So if I don't have time to post for a few days, you'll know why! :)
  • WtnMel, she was squeezing a gel into her mouth!
  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    WtnMel, that must have been good having your U3A meeting "in the flesh!" The members must have been impressed with the teas and coffees and the speedy way they were washed and dried and put away. Good that you won't have to do it again for another couple of years!
    I hope the granddaughters enjoy their few days with you, and that you and Margaret also enjoy their company.
    It's my son's 49th birthday today, he's older than most of my running friends. Makes me realise how old I am. 

    This morning's session was 5.78 miles in the forest comprising warm up, 5 x 3 minutes tempo pace with 2 minute jog recoveries and warm down. 
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    HS, that driver was (literally) criminal. I agree with what you say about drivers generally. Nice well structured training session yesterday.

    Mel, after your g'daughters' visit you'll feel like you've just run a marathon. So put your feet up!

    Todays run was a bit different from my usual charge long the prom. I went to a park which is only less than a mile away. (Thinks: why don't I use this more often?) I did a 2k run at brisk pace and then 10 or so minutes of 'Tabata' intervals - 20 second sprints/10 seconds rest. I actually quite enjoyed this torture and was surprised how 'easy' it was - possibly because my so-called sprints were too slow. Cricket has been played on this park for 250 years which you'd never guess if you saw it as it's surrounded by a 1960s shopping precinct.

    We have some of the grandchildren today and tomorrow - not staying as they only live a mile or so away. On Saturday there's a big family party (mostly Mrs JB's side) with people travelling down from all over the place. There will be about 30 of us for a picnic by the seaside - and the weather forecast has been getting gradually worse as the week has progressed. Oh dear.
  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    JB,  yes I'm sure it was deliberate 🤬
    Your interval session sounded good. I haven't heard the term "Tabata" I'm sure that it shouldn't have felt easy 😁
    I hope the rain holds off for the big family party by the seaside 🤞

    I did a steady 5.72 miles on a hilly road course this morning. 
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    Afternoon all,

    HS - ah, makes sense now. I thought she was pulling a face for the camera! ;) Yes, having a large (80 people) U3A meeting 'in the flesh' was nice after so long but I think everyone has been jabbed and feels safer now. Well done re your (almost) 6ml run and today's hilly 6ml run.

    JB - I plan to be putting my feet up on Monday. Have never heard of 'Tabata' before. Hope the weather stays okay for your mega-picnic.

    The grand-daughters seem to be happy enough so far (or maybe that's just the freedom of being away from Mum and Dad for a few days). We walked up on to Cleeve Hill yesterday and flew the kites and today we've been to Folly Hill in Faringdon (slightly underwhelming). We stopped off at Costa before heading home - coffee for us - some sort of concoction with cream for the girls so a bit of a treat for them (probably wouldn't be allowed by Mum!). I posted Cleeve/Faringdon on Strava as 'Cross-Training - Other' and described it as 'ETG (Entertaining The Grandchildren)' :) We're taking them to the Forest Of Dean tomorrow to "Go Ape" (clambering about in trees). 
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    HS, Tabata is quite a well known technique in cross-fit circles. It is based on some experimental work which showed some quite dramatic fitness gains by very short (4 minutes!) bursts of 20 seconds intervals. You can use any exercise - bike, rower, body weight stuff, so it's not specifically a running drill. I think the original experiments were with elite athletes, so (dramatic) results might not be universally applicable. And you are right about it being not meant to be easy - it's the 'throwing up' zone. 

    Mel, love the ETG! It made me think that while we tend to look back with rose-tinted specs, the standard of grandparenting has probably risen quite steeply. My own grandparents were simply worn out by poverty and I recall not one day out. (This is not to point the finger of blame - they had far, far harder lives than the likes of me.) My own parents and in-laws didn't really engage that much with my lads and they must have seemed ancient.
     I think our generation tries much harder, has more money and can really enhance* our grandchildren's lives. I think we are 'younger' in attitude if not in age than our predecessors.
    *I hasten to add that in my case the enhancement is from a 95%/5%  split with Mrs JB taking the larger share.

    PS Mrs JB is now scrabbling around trying to find a church hall for the Saturday family gig as the rain looks to be a certainty. Rotten luck.

  • The usual Saturday morning update. Parkrun in 20.56 - a few seconds quicker than last week, although conditions were a tad harder. My time only got me 3rd place in my age cat. The two who beat me are excellent local runners and I was pleased to be so close. One of them is a top 1500 metres runner and I made the mistake of trying to outkick him whereupon he put me in my place and went past me as if I was standing still!
    Both Mrs JB and I achieved our highest ever WAVAs, so a good day at the office. 
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    Good afternoon all,

    Yet another week has passed before I get around to posting on here. We’ve been busy with grandparenting duties  and although the weather hasn’t been great for going anywhere we have managed a couple of beach days, as well as fitting in some reading/writing/maths practise (we’re such fun to visit), various indoor activities and some bike riding practise (hoping to remove the stabilisers soon - granddaughter’s, not mine). Then as we are expecting to pick up our new hybrid car in a week or so I’ve been researching appropriate electricity tariffs for home charging and Steve has been researching the best home charger as well as finding a local company to install it. Then we’ll need to take the two cars off our multi insurance and see what the best deal will be for the new car. As if all that isn’t enough we’re seriously thinking of putting our house back on the market and moving back to the coast. We had it listed in 2019 but took it off over the Christmas period, then just as we were deciding to put it back on the pandemic hit. 
    Anyway, back to your posts - 

    JB: I’ve heard of PO10 but don’t use it, and I only drink decaf coffee, but I do like a strongish cup of tea and will have that sometimes before an early morning run. I don’t think it helps my performance but it does help me get my eyes open before staggering out the door. Sorry to hear about your encounter with that labrador, but as I started reading I just knew what the outcome would be as encounters with dogs off the lead rarely end well (and of course it’s never the dog owner’s fault). I’m not surprised it spoiled your enjoyment of your run, I know that feeling well. Why am I not surprised that you incorporated some Tabata intervals into your run, it must be a few weeks since you tried something “unusual” ;) (which reminds me - how is the new exercise bike? Set yourself any challenges on it yet?) I see you have a family party arranged for today, I hope that goes well for you all. Well done for your parkrun result, plus new WAVAs into the bargain for you and Mrs JB.

    HS: What a frightening experience for Sarah H, she was lucky it didn’t turn out to be more serious than it was. (Incidentally I thought she was doing “Simon says” in that 5th photo). I hope your son enjoyed his birthday, when our eldest son turned 40 this year it made us feel really old. It’s strange how certain events or experiences can make us feel older, or sometimes younger, than normal. We’ve noticed lately that a lot of presenters and continuity announcers on television use language that we would regard as slang, but is that just us showing our age?  

    WtnMel: I see that you have been busy with grandchildren, how did the Go Ape experience go? It’s hard work (at least I find it so) finding things to do with our granddaughter, I feel sorry for her being stuck with us when she would have a much better time if there were some children of her own age she could play with. She’s still at the stage of asking “what can I do next” every few minutes. When we went to the beach on Thursday she wanted to play football (on soft sand :/ ), dig large holes in the sand, build sandcastles and play chase. We were exhausted after a few minutes, we’re definitely feeling our age these days. We have her again next week, so will need to start planning how to fill our days. 

    My 5k training plan has started off with some easy sessions, but no doubt the intensity will increase in the coming weeks. I had a short speed workout yesterday but the goal pace advised was a lot slower than I’ve been running on the 10k plan. I went up to the school track for the session, and as once again other runners turned up, I rather exceeded the recommended pace. Today should be a 40 minutes “easy” run (I’m struggling to get used to running for a set time on this plan rather than a set distance) but I woke up feeling very congested so will see how I feel later on, I may reschedule the run for tomorrow.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Back again.
     I decided to go for my run today after all because I remembered that I have another run to do on Monday. Today's was an easy run to be done at a very slow pace (11.48) but I struggled to run that slow, so I included a hill for part of the run in the hope that it would bring down the overall pace. The accompanying advice for this run was to remember that going faster wasn't the goal, instead just do a steady slow run. 
  • WtnMel, yes it did look like she was pulling a face😁
    That sounded fun, flying kites with the grandchildren. I saw your cross training post on Strava.
    I hope the visit to the Forest of Dean went well.

    JB, thanks for the explanation. Well done to you and Mrs JB for your highest ever WAVAS!

    Aquarius, that's good that you have been out and about with the grandchildren.
    That's rather exciting getting a new hybrid car, enabling you to get rid of the two current ones, and then only having to pay insurance for one.
    Good luck with selling your house, and buying another at the coast.

    Sarah H was lucky that the car didn't hit her. It definitely seemed to be a deliberate act😬
    Good luck with your 5k training programme. It is often difficult to run as slowly as some training plans stipulate. It's the same if you run to the heart rate levels. I would have to walk to not exceed some of them! Did you do the 40 minutes easy run today?

    I ran 5.13 miles on road this morning, bringing me to 1000 miles! Sarah F ran for 3 of the miles, her first run for 2 weeks since breaking her little toe. She ran better than expected and said that it didn't hurt any more at the end, than it did at the start of the run. That is encouraging, but she won't do Mondays scheduled 13 miles until Thursday. She will probably just run a few miles with us on Monday and run back.
  • HS, so that's 1000 miles and over three months left of 2021. Well done. did you start with any sort of annual target? I suspect that in your prime you clocked up huge mileages(?). Goodness knows how long it would take me to get to the 1000. Good to hear that Sarah is making progress.

    Aquarius, new car and possibly a new house? The latter will be the more stressful. I can see why you miss the sea, although with sea levels rising.................(I saw a projected picture for my town in 2050 with anticipated flooding. It wasn't pretty.)  Mind you, with the new car you'll be doing your bit against global warming - so I hope it goes well. 
    That training regime must take some discipline.  I hope it pays dividends.

    I'm very 'sensible' on the exercise bike - I just do 15 minutes at a steady pace. (50 times a day of course!)

    A steady 6k for me today. Then to the Junior Parkrun to watch Lily presented with a wristband for doing 11 JPRs (= 'a half marathon'). It was lovely as she got a big cheer - and then didn't finish last!

    Our family do went very well, mainly because Mrs JB had booked a church hall and that gave everyone a good base while avoiding the rain. When the sun finally made an appearance everyone was able to go on the beach (100 metres away).  You realise what a thrill it is for the youngsters who don't live by the sea - inevitably we tend to take it for granted.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    Back to relative normality here after the decorators and grandchildren visiting - we had an 'exciting' trip out this afternoon to look at carpets ;)

    JB - the Tabata sounds similar to the HIIT training a la Michael Mosley programmes on tv. Well done re the slight improvement at parkrun .. sorry, had to chuckle at that other runner out-sprinting you and you feeling like you were standing still. Well done to you and Mrs JB for the highest-ever WAVA's. Had to smile at Lily being presented with her wristband for doing 11 JPR's. Glad to hear the family 'do' went well .. especially with Mrs JB's forward planning of hiring the church hall.

    Aquarius - good luck with your research re the hybrid car and charging stations. Also, good luck if you decide to go ahead with putting your house on the market and moving back to the coast. I prefer a strong tea to start the day (and a strong coffee with Margaret mid-morning). But by the afternoon, I'm onto Earl Grey tea and camomile tea last thing. The grand-daughters really enjoyed Go Ape - they've done it before at Center Parcs but this one, although not as high, seemed to get the seal of approval. I had my SLR and zoom lens and have just sent their Mum a link to the photos I took so she can download them. I expect the 5k training sessions will soon 'ramp up'. Even when I was running and starting over after an injury, I don't think I was ever as slow as that pace of 11:48mm you mentioned.

    HS - well done for reaching 1000 miles .. and glad to hear Sarah F was able to run so soon after breaking her little toe.

    The night before we were due to take the grand-daughters back Margaret's son phoned to warn me about major roadworks near Warwick that would mess up my usual route - including the junction I usually use being closed off. He helped me with an alternative route using some minor roads and villages and a 'back way' into the town which worked a treat. I felt very smug as I drove over the affected road and saw the queues of traffic slowly trundling along the contraflow.

    Playing golf with Alan on Wed after last week's break. I was watching the Women's Open from Carnoustie at the weekend and will be doing my best to emulate them (stop laughing at the back). So no surprise for you to hear that after a week off from golf, I'm heading to the driving range tomorrow for some practise.

    I mentioned going to look at carpets this afternoon. Margaret has decided to replace the carpet in the main bedroom and also wants to replace the hall, stairs and landing carpet. We've brought home some samples and will get them in to measure up and give us a quote and a date (we've been warned there's currently about a 4 week turnaround).
  • Mel, always good to avoid traffic jams. Good luck with the driving range. I think it's another Ryder Cup year and that's the only time I'll be caught watching golf on TV. It's great to put one over on our friends from across the pond, especially when they chant 'USA! USA!' ad infinitum.
    New carpets eh? I'm definitely going to check this weeks lottery winners to see if I can find your name! Mrs JB is  painting our front door as  I type this and is available for similar upon application. Reasonable rates for fellow runners...........

     I was so bothered by my non-existent sprint in the Parkrun that I've decided to do some speedwork. So today's workout was

    - 2k brisk (9.05 mins)
    - rest for 1 minute
    - 20 x 25 second 'sprints' with a 5 second rest after each one (= 10 minutes)
    - rest for 1 minute
    - 1 k easy (4.50)

    Quite by coincidence this added up to 5k - in just under 26 minutes.

    And Mel is right - it is the sort of thing recommended by Dr. Mosely, but a tad more extreme (as Aquarius would no doubt expect!).

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, our posts crossed again. I see that you did run on Saturday. I find the same as you that I find it difficult running slowly, and my heart rate is higher than when I speed up.

    JB, I don't really have an annual mileage target, but usually aim for at least 1500. The highest I have recorded since joining RW is around 1800, but I suppose in my more competitive days, it would have been around
    2000 or more.

    Thank's Sarah is doing ok, see my post below.

    Well done to Lilly, I bet she was pleased with her wrist band and the cheers! Also great that she didn't come in last!

    Glad that your family do went well!

    Your interval session was impressive, are you following a programme, or did you make it up yourself? 

    WtnMel, you know how to live dangerously, looking for new carpets😁 My exciting news is that I bought a new kettle! The old one used to leak as I poured the water out.

    Thanks, I was pleased to get to the1000 so soon, and Sarah is doing ok with her toe, see below.

    It's always handy knowing alterative routes, avoiding the traffic jams, and diversions going on for miles. 

    I hope your golf practice today helps you to beat Alan again next time you play.

    I imagine that there will be chaos again now that the guests have gone, when they start laying the new carpets and all the furniture has to be moved around.

    I ran an easy pace 10k on roads on Sunday, and 14 miles in the forest on Monday with the Sarah's and Mike. Sarah ran the first part of the run with us, and then turned round and ran home. She ran 8.5 miles which she was pleased with. She said that her toe didn't hurt any more after the run than it did at the start.

    Today is a rest day. I just missed out on doing a 40 mile week last week with 39.2.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon

    HS: (we excel at post crossing don’t we!) To run 1000 miles in well under a year is amazing, well done. Good to hear that Sarah F is managing to run without any problems. Good too that your marathon training is going so well, both you and Sarah H must be pleased with your progress.Well done for achieving a weekly total of just under 40 miles, I wonder how many other people at your club can match that. 

    WtnMel: I’m very envious of your newly decorated rooms and your plans for new carpets. Avoiding those road works was a bit of luck, there seems to be more and more of them about these days. We often find even local journeys are being delayed by two or three sets of roadworks at a time. It’s so difficult not to get frustrated by them. How did the golf practice go today? I hope it’s set you up for a win tomorrow.

    JB: We are about 100m above sea level where we live now, so perhaps we should stay put to avoid the rising sea levels (the downside however is frequent mist and windy conditions). I think Lily is a star, as I think I’ve mentioned before, and she well deserves that wristband and her cheer, not least because she is obviously improving. We expect great things of her and will watch her progress with interest. ;) I’m glad your family do went well, and how nice for the children to be able to enjoy the beach. We took our granddaughter rock-pooling yesterday and she loved it. The weather was nice for a change so it was no surprise to find a lot of other families poking about in the rock pools with fishing nets and buckets at the ready. Our “haul” was a limpet, a shrimp, a hermit crab, a winkle and two small fish. All were returned to the sea as the tide came in. 

    Still finding this training plan a bit tedious with these slow pace runs but presumably things will suddenly pick up (and I’ll no doubt be wishing I was back with the slow pace sessions). Monday was another struggle to get the overall time in. I had to warm up for 10 mins, run for 20 minutes at 11.48, then there was the option to add on an extra 15 minutes at the same pace, then cool down for 10 minutes. I set off too fast and had to slow down for the second half of the run, even adding in some walking in the cool down until I reached the right time. Tomorrow is an “easy” 40 minutes at an average of 11.48 again, but Friday’s run allows me to run at 10.39 - whoopee!
  • Aquarius, your current schedule is a bit like running with the brakes on. It would drive me bonkers. But well done for being so disciplined. I think you are 'safe' where you are! Youngsters and beaches are made for each other, aren't they?

    HS, impressive distances (40 miles in a week is not to be sneezed at...unless you've got hay fever of course). Pleased to hear Sarah's toe is getting better.........or not getting worse. When you run with other folks do you chat?

    Well, more intervals for me today. (HS. you can tell I just make it up as I go along!) This time 2 slow 1ks and 2 fast ones, alternating. The fast ones were 3.59 and 4.02. Only 4k in all but very hard work.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, thanks, hope this one doesn't cross!
    I've now done 200k this month, so touch wood, things seem to be going ok.🤞 I'm usually near the top of the Club's weekly leader board for mileage, and also for hours run.
    I'm really surprised that your training schedule is so consistent at wanting you to run at 11.48 pace. You could probably fast walk at that pace! What distance race is the schedule aiming for? Easy pace recovery runs are essential, but not that slow. Friday's run will be a treat for you, and you will probably find it quite easy!

    JB, yes we do chat, except when doing the structured training efforts. The ability to chat during the lsd runs, means that we are running at the correct pace. When doing tempo runs, we should be able to speak in short breathless bursts.
    Good pace for your fast k's! I often make up interval sessions, but am sticking with the marathon schedule that Sarah F has provided. I think she said that it was aimed at runners that had done one or more marathons previously. 

    Todays run was an "easy one" in accordance with the schedule. It was 6.84 miles in the forest, comprising warm up, very easy pace round the 5k course, and warm down. 
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