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  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius - I could make a slightly risqué suggestion about where we would be without a towel, but I'll keep quiet ;) It was some slightly more energetic dancing yesterday but apart from my knees being a little bit 'creaky' this morning, no problems with my feet. I've not been to any pilates classes but from a book I have, I've seen how there is some crossover between the yoga and pilates and also, exercises given to me by the physio. We're hoping we can dodge the showers at Croome tomorrow. I see like HS, you were also struggling with muddy conditions.

    HS - sorry to hear your friends the Sarah's both came a cropper at various points during your run. I hope and trust the new shower and washer/dryer are settling in nicely and fingers crossed you are wrong about a third thing being due to go wrong anytime soon.

    I was supposed to be at the u3a open meeting this afternoon but had a weird episode where I had geometric shapes in my vision. I don't have any headache but Margaret said it sounded like I might be getting a migraine. I stayed at home as I couldn't drive safely and Margaret had to walk to the meeting (it's not too far). But the symptoms have gone now so I've just texted Margaret to say I can drive round and collect he if needs be.

    As well as dancing being a bit more energetic, some of them were a bit more complicated. But Sue the leader assured us they are classed as 'easy' and danced by children! One included a clapping routine and she has sent us a link to a YouTube video showing how it SHOULD be done, not what we were doing :) 

  • Good afternoon everyone, 

    WtnMel, yes, conditions were rough on Monday in the forest. Thankfully, neither Sarah was hurt, just their egos😀

    Thanks, shower and washer/dryer working well. I  didn't fall during this mornings session 😁

    It's a bit of a coincidence that I had wavy lines in my vision this morning whilst preparing lunch. It's ok now and I don't have a headache. 

    I hope that you found the You Tube video useful, showing how the "easy dances" should be done?

    This morning was 4.51 miles on roads, including 6 hilly circuits of 0.33 miles. Each circuit was quicker than the one before. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - well done for not falling over this morning. And for managing the circuits quicker each time. We had a walk around Croome earlier and I had another episode of zig-zag shapes appearing in my vision while we were walking around the grounds. But it went away after 15 mins or so. Thank goodness - was starting to wonder how I was going to drive. The youtube video was useful - whether we can get the clapping right next time, who knows?

    Off to Tring tomorrow to see my Mum and staying over at the Premier Inn. I'll take my sports gear with me again and try to fit in another fast walk in the evening before I eat (a ready meal from the services if they have anything worth having - or something from the Beefeater next to the hotel).
  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, thanks,

    It's good that the zig-zag shapes disappeared after about 15 minutes, but it's strange what is causing it. 

    I hope that you found your mum to have made good progress since your last visit? Did you manage to fit in a fast walk before your evening meal?

    I had intended todays run to be an easy pace recovery one, but Chris, one of our club Coaches, asked me if I was running. I said yes, but only a short easy pace one. It turned-out that we ran 10k with a few fast efforts included. Not what I wanted at all. I was knackered by the time that we had finished. Thank goodness that tomorrow is a running rest day.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - well done for managing the faster than planned run with your coach Chris .. enjoy your rest day today. If these zig-zag shapes in my eye return again, I'll try and book a doctor's appointment. I managed to get a chicken and pasta meal yesterday at the services, so after I'd seen my Mum and checked-in at the hotel, got out and did a 4.5ml fast walk around Tring before eating.

    I even tried a couple of very short bits of jogging at the end of my walk. As I return to the hotel, I have to negotiate a double roundabout and various roads/slip roads over a dual-carriageway. I jogged across a couple of the slip roads and kept going for a short distance. My knees seem to feel fine today. What prompted it was a supplement I read in the Observer last weekend called 'Joints' - it included an article about someone like me, who used to run, but gave up because of knee pain. But a physio got him running again. Interestingly, most of the exercises the physio got him doing are ones I already do as part of the routine my own physio suggested to strengthen my knees and legs. I'm not getting too excited about this but I feel there may be hope for me yet to try running again. I'm going to incorporate the additional exercises mentioned in the article and have a few more tentative jogs during my walks and just see what happens.
  • Afternoon all, 

    WtnMel,  thanks. I Farmers Walked yesterday, and in the afternoon, walked the 1.14 miles to Karen's, and 1.20 miles back. A good idea to get those eyes zigzags checked out if they keep recurring. I get them occasionally. 

    Well done for your fast 4.5 miles walk round Tring before eating. That's great news that you actually broke into a gentle jog towards the end of your walk. I've read that running/jogging can actually be good for the knees.

    This mornings parkrun went better than expected, after Thursdays "wipe out! There were 250 runners, nearly twice the usual number. This was because New Forest Runners Club had used it for their 5k challenge. I came 141th and 1st AG out of 4. My WAVA was 68.72% and finishing time 29.13.
  • Good afternoon all, 

    I ran a solo 6k on roads this morning. The first 2k was in heavy rain, and then it stopped and the sun came out. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Hello guys and sorry for the long break. I read back but there is too much to comment on. Our parkrun also had near record numbers. Despite all the controversy about the removal of stats, it seems parkrun remains as popular as ever. 
    Wtnmel, it seems all is OK with your mum which is very good news. 
    Hope your vision issues is nothing too serious hillstrider.
    I had some happy news that our daughter is expecting our first grandchild in July. 

    Otherwise all good here. Will check in again soon 👍
  • Hi 00, I thought that you had left us. You are right about parkrun numbers, I don't think that the changes will make much difference. 

    It was Mel that had the wavy lines in his eye sight. I did mention though that I had had them before, but only very infrequently.

    That's great news that your daughter is expecting your first grandchild.

    This morning was a 7.54 mile "magical mystery tour" on roads with the Monday Group. It was good fun, but we did push the pace a bit.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Yet again I can't believe it's a week since I last posted on here. Where does the time go?

    WtnMel I'm keeping everything crossed that you can slowly return to running, even if it's walk a bit, jog a bit. Just don't push too had too soon, although I'm sure you have more sense than that. I've had those wavy lines episodes occasionally over the years, I mentioned it once to the optician, and although I can't remember the exact explanation I think he said it may have been due to a type of migraine which doesn't necessarily produce a headache. Having said that, he had checked my eyes for any other cause first. Perhaps a visit to the optician would be a good place to start? It may be easier than trying to get a doctor's appointment.

    HS Well done on a great parkrun result, and WAVA, perhaps that gruelling 10k with Chris earlier in the week paid off? 

    0054 Great news about your daughter expecting her first child (and your first grandchild!). Time to brush up on your nappy changing skills in preparation for babysitting duties  :D

    We had a couple of days away last week, so didn't get any running done until the road relays on Saturday (which reminds me 0054, I caught a glimpse of you running past while I was waiting for my leg to start).
    Yesterday morning Steve and I had a recce run at the reservoir checking out the route for Sunday's trail race. It was extremely muddy and flooded in places, and unfortunately the forecast for later in the week is for heavy rain and possibly snow. So it's not looking great for Sunday, especially as the race ends with a run around a hilly field.  :/ 
    This afternoon I'm back at the physio as my right arm/shoulder is still giving me problems. I've been doing the recommended exercises but there's been no lasting improvement just yet.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    Sorry I've not managed to find time to keep up with the thread for a few days ..

    HS - I've not had any recurrence of the strange zig-zag vision problem in my eyes. So I will (to coin a very apt phrase), keep an eye on it (boom, boom!) :) <-- (c) Basil Brush. I've definitely been given hope to be able to jog again from reading that article - it could almost be me he was writing about. Well done re your parkrun, your solo 6k road run and the magical mystery tour with the Monday group.

    OO54 - glad to see you back and to hear all is well (was wondering if you might have decided to 'drift off' like others have done in the past).

    Aquarius - having had knee problems in the past, I'll be very cautious about how they react to me attempting to jog again. Re the zig-zag vision, Margaret was convinced it had been a migraine, but without the headache. She thought the stress of my Mum not being well and the regular travel to and from Tring were probably to blame.  I've been thinking a visit to the opticians would be a good idea - it's been a couple of years since my last one and I've had a 'floater' in my left eye for a little while. I'll be heading to Specsavers in town though - I don't plan to visit my local opticians because ever since they moved to bigger premises, ripping you off seems to be more important than good customer service. Sorry to hear your right arm/shoulder are still giving you problems and you are having to go back to the physio.

    I've been managing to get out more regularly for some fast walks just lately. I didn't manage anything over the weekend but went out yesterday morning and did 3.7mls - this was followed by a much more leisurely walk around Pittville Park with the coffee and chat ladies. Then this morning I went out again and did a 4ml walk. As I approached the traffic lights where I cross the main road, the lights changed and the green man appeared on the crossing - so I broke into a trot and jogged across the road. Dare I say it actually felt comfortable for a change? When I've attempted to run across a road before, because a car has stopped for me, it's sometimes felt a bit 'creaky'. This morning definitely felt more like I remember. One thing that will definitely help with trying to do occasional jogging is that I have some new Saucony Guide shoes which I treated myself to last month. I've been wearing the new shoes around the house for a few days and I'm going to start wearing them for my fast walks. The current shoes I use have only done 320 miles - but I suspect the cushioning may be breaking down a bit. It will be interesting to see how much more comfortable and cushioned these new ones feel when I'm out walking the pavements.
  • Good afternoon all,

    Aquarius, I'm due an appointment with the optician in a couple of weeks. I have my eyes tested every  other year, and am waiting for the invitation email. A Specsavers has recently opened and is directly opposite my opticians. It's crazy really, we don't need two in the village. We have no Banks, but plenty of hairdressers, charity shops and cafe's. 

    I think that Thursdays session with Chris may well have been the reason for Saturdays good parkrun performance. I hope that conditions won't be too muddy for your Sundays trail race.

    I hope that this afternoons session with the physio will speed up your recovery from your aches and pains.

    WtnMel, it's good to hear that you haven't had a recurrence of the zig zags in your eyes, but are keeping an eye on it🤣

    Thanks for your comments on my training and parkrun. It's sounding hopeful that you may soon be able to start jogging again.

    Well done for jogging across the road feeling comfortable. Well done also for yesterday and todays fast walks. I hope that you do find your new Saucony Guide shoes do the trick for your fast walks and jogs.

    Just the usual Tuesday Farmers Walk this morning.
  • Very heavy rain and strong winds this morning, so only 3 of us Wednesday Group ran. It was only 2.59 miles there and back, but included a pyramid session comprising 1 up to 6 laps round a local carpark. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - Margaret went to Specsavers in town yesterday and came back singing their praises (compared to our local optician). We're the same - our last bank is now an Italian restaurant and we have plenty of the same as you. I'm not surprised there were only three of you at this morning's Wed group run. Well done re the Farmer's Walk.

    I'm off to Tring again tomorrow morning and will be staying over at the local Premier Inn/Beefeater. So I have started to pack my stuff to let me get away reasonably early. I've decided the time has come to 'christen' the new Saucony shoes. So have added them to my Fetch kitbag in readiness for tomorrow's fast walk in the evening, which I hope to fit it in between seeing my Mum and eating, as in previous weeks.

  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, good to hear that Margaret was pleased with her visit to Specsavers. 

    Good luck with your Saucony  Shoes for this evenings fast walk.

    Another wet and windy morning, and I ran a solo 6k recovery run on roads.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    HS You seem to be getting the worst of the weather at the moment, well done for braving it the last couple of days for your runs. Strangely enough we have a Specsavers in the local town which is a couple of doors along from an long established independent optician. Perhaps this is normal business practise for Specsavers, moving in on competitors in the hopes of stealing their customers? 

    WtnMel I hope you find all is well with your mum when you visit today. We need a report on those Saucony shoes! 
    Believe it or not I had some of those zigzag lines in my vision this morning, they only lasted for about 10 minutes, which is par for the course from what I can remember from when they've happened in the past.

    A rather wet and windy 6.5 mile hilly run yesterday. I wanted to see how my right hip flexor was (if you remember I was having problems with it starting to ache at around the 5 mile mark) and sure enough just as I got past 5 miles it started to ache again. My shoulder had started to ache after a mile so all in all I wasn't best pleased. When I saw the physio she explained that the shoulder problem was due to my right shoulder joint being slightly elevated and too far forward, this is causing the scapula to be over-extended and the pectoral muscle to be tight and under-extended, with the result that pain is being caused down the tendons in the right arm (I think that was more or less the explanation, there was a lot of "physio speak" to get to grips with :) ) All of this is having a subtle knock on effect on the ribcage and pelvis - hence the groin/hip flexor issue on the same sde. So the bottom line is - when lying on my left side in bed get out of the habit of lying with my right arm up in front of me (my usual sleeping position for years) and remember to do the exercises she recommended - pec stretches and arm openers. 
  • Aquarius, yes, the weather has been crap, which is putting it politely. Today has been bright and sunny, typical on a non running day.

    Yes, it's odd isn't it that you, Mel and I all have Specsavers close to  existing opticians. You are probably correct in that they are hoping to poach their customers. Odd also that you have experienced zigzag lines in your vision.

    Well done for Wednesdays wet and windy 6.5 miles hilly run. The physio's explanation for your aches and pains does sound very technical. I hope that all the exercises she recommended do prove to be effective. 

    This morning was the usual Friday Farmers Walk which was a bit heavier than usual. I'm not sure which parkrun we will be doing tomorrow. It depends really on the weather, and selecting the one which we think will be the less muddy.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    HS - well done re your wet and windy 6k recovery run. And for today's Farmer's Walk - which was heavier than usual I see. Were you going for a new PB ;):)

    Aquarius - sorry to hear you've been getting zig-zag lines in your vision too. My Mum was okay in herself - she'd had a visit from an NHS physio who gave her some exercises to help her regain the strength in her legs and arms. Well done re the 6.5ml run  but sorry to hear about the right hip flexor and shoulder problems. I wonder if your right shoulder joint elevated and too far forward may be from using a mouse (I'm assuming here you are right-handed) .. something I can see in my own shoulders. Anyway, as you say, a very 'technical' explanation from your physio. I 'usually' lay on my right-side to sleep and have my left arm in front of me rather than on the pillow by my head. I don't know where else I would have it that would be comfortable? I occasionally lay on my left-side and the right arm ends up in a similar position. Good luck with the exercises you've been given.

    I was away but Margaret went shopping today - she organised a taxi to get her back to the house. She then went to the greengrocers afterwards and used the small shopping trolley, which she finds hard work these days. Needless to say, she is now completely knackered.

    I walked in the new Saucony Guide shoes yesterday evening. They immediately felt much more cushioned than the old ones. Unfortunately, it started raining really hard soon after I set off. I found my feet got wet immediately. I don't know if they have changed the design in some way to allow them to be more breathable - and presumably, then less able to keep water out? Anyway, I ended up doing a 4ml walk with soggy feet, even though it dried up after a bit. I did experiment at the end with a bit of jogging over the double roundabout/slip roads I've mentioned before and it felt comfortable at the time and my knees seem okay today. I shall carry on experimenting!
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, no, I wasn't going for a Farmers Walk PB.

    Good to hear that the new Saucony Guide shoes were more cushioned than the old pair, but a shame that it was raining hard and your feet got wet. 4 miles walking with soggy feet was a good test, and the experimental jogging feeling comfortable was a good sign. I'm glad to hear that your knees seemed ok too.

    Conditions were dreadful for yesterdays parkrun. It was sub zero temperature, and pelting down with rain during the drive to the venue. Thankfully, it stopped just before the start of the run. The trails were a mudfest, so I was glad that I had decided to wear my trail shoes. Our times were slower than usual due to the conditions, but I was pleased to have been 1st AG out of two.

    There was no rain this morning, but it was still very cold. I ran/walked 3.63 miles on roads, taking it easy after yesterdays tough run.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    edited February 25
    Glad at least that you have a diagnosis Aquarius. It sounds painful. And sorry we missed again at the relays. It was a fun day I thought and the Poly did well. 
    Wtnmel hope your trip to mum went well and good that your new trainers are comfy.
    Which parkrun was it in the end Hillstrider? Keswick was cancelled due to ice so we did Whinlatter which was very challenging. We had a nice few days in Keswick but home now. It's a splendid day and I managed a long run, the last very long one before Poland in 3 weeks which is the Masters European Champs. 
    My specs are from Specsavers also. Although the service and price was good I don't find the lenses such good quality. But the difference in price between the high Street big boys and the independents seems huge.
    Next weekend I'm doing a 10k in Leicester and we are going down on Friday to find a parkrun near to the race. Hopefully the weather will stay good for both and it will be nice to go somewhere new, even if Leicester is not the most exciting place to go.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
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    Afternoon all,

    HS - I was trying to recall if my old shoes let in the rain as much as these new ones. When I looked at the old ones the uppers seemed thicker. So I suspect they've updated the Guide shoes and given them a thinner upper. Sorry to hear the conditions were horrible for the parkrun - I'm not surprised your time was a bit slower as a result.

    OO54 - the trip to my Mum was better in the sense the roads weren't as busy and the weather was a bit better. My Mum still seems quite 'perky' considering how little mobility she has. The only reference to Whinlatter I've ever heard is Whinlatter Pass - so I wasn't surprised to read the parkrun was challenging! God luck with the Masters in a few weeks time and I guess after today's long run, you'll be tapering off a bit? Another (qualified) thumbs-up re Specsavers - I must get on and book an appointment. I've not been to Leicester either so can't comment on how exciting (or otherwise) it is.

    I was hoping to get out for a walk this morning but didn't bother. I was out in the garden pruning our apple tree yesterday and my arms and shoulders still ache a but after wielding the long pole cutter. Hopefully I'll have time in the morning but a decorator is arriving to do our hall, stairs and landing so I may have to give it a miss.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    I did a 3ml fast walk this morning and managed to shower, change and have breakfast before the decorator arrived. Shoulders and arms don't ache today which is good. 

    The decorator decided to start on the landing so I quickly moved my laptop from the study, downstairs into the dining room, so I can 'potter' on the computer. By which I mean, continue looking for unwanted/duplicate files and photos. The search is ongoing and the results are very satisfying as the more I do this, the quicker the laptop runs.

    Having already got in the decorator's way a couple of times, too late I've realised I've left my sweaty walking gear in a pile in the bedroom. I don't want to disturb him again so it will have to just sit there until later on when he's finished for the day .. 
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    00, We did the Brockenhurst parkrun in Wilverley Inclosure. The terrain was very wet and muddy, so I was glad that I had worn my trail shoes. I see that you did the Whinlatter which was very challenging. 

    Good luck with the Masters European Championships in Poland in 3 weeks times. Good luck also with the Leicester 10k and parkrun.

    I'm not tempted to switch from my present optician to Specsavers, as I've been with them for many years, and the optician is also a member of my running club. He doesn't attend club sessions though. 

    WtnMel, Well done for this mornings 3 miles fast walk before the arrival of the decorator. It's good to hear that you were pain free. 

    I note that you are still searching for and deleting duplicate and unwanted files and photos.

    I hope that your sweaty kit doesn't "put off" the decorator.🤣

    It was rain free this morning, but there was a very cold wind. I ran a magical mystery tour 10k on roads with Sarah F and Mike. Sarah H is in Birmingham.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    HS When you do your magical mystery tours I’m assuming it’s not just a random run for 10 kilometres? Presumably one of you has worked out the route, but not told the others, that being the “mystery” element? The weather at your parkrun must have made running hard work on Saturday, so well done for winning your age category. 

    WtnMel I don’t use a mouse as my laptop has a trackpad. I’ve been very good in doing my pec stretches regularly, I’ve also been doing shoulder CARS (which apparently are Controlled Articular Rotations) and there’s definitely some improvement. I see you have the decorator in, it’s hard not to get in their way isn’t it? No sooner do you get settled in one room than you remember something you need to do in a different room, which means squeezing past the decorator on the way to and from the second room. Glad to hear your mum is quite perky in the circumstances. 

    0054 When on a trip to the South we often break the journey with an overnight stop at Leicester. Before carrying on with our trip the following day we like to visit the Richard 111 exhibition in the city centre, and the nearby Cathedral, but that’s the extent of our knowledge of Leicester. I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you find a decent parkrun let me know. We might try to fit that in too on our next visit. Well done for Whinlatter parkrun, I’ve never done it but have heard how tough it is. 

    Sunday’s 5 mile trail run was as muddy and wet as I expected, but unlike Monday there was no wind this time. I was pleased that Steve only finished a few seconds behind me, particularly as it was a very undulating course, he’s obviously getting fitter. Our son ran it too, but somewhat faster than us.
    I was back at the chiropractor today, and was happy to be told that all his tests today had “neutral" results for both my sacroiliac and shoulder, I’ll be doing a long run tomorrow so will see if any aches appear anywhere on my right side. 
  • Aquarius, that's correct, it's not a random run as one of us has the route in mind. It can vary slightly though if an unexpected hazard is encountered.

    It's good that you have been doing all your stretches etc and that the chiropractor's tests had neutral results. I saw on strava that you ran 6.61 miles this morning on a hilly course, so hopefully it was ache free?

    Well done to you, Steve and your son for Sunday's 5 mile trail run. It's good that Steve is getting fitter. 

    This morning was the usual Tuesday Farmers Walk.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    HS - given your optician is a member of your running club, I can understand why you stick with him. The sweaty walking gear was in a bedroom, behind a closed door, so it wouldn't have put off the decorator. I see you did a 'magical mystery tour' 10k run. I used to have those when with my running club, and being led around parts of Cheltenham I wasn't familiar with.

    Aquarius - my laptop has a trackpad but I prefer to use the mouse where possible. Glad to hear your stretches are helping. Pleased to hear your 5ml trail run went well and Steve wasn't far behind. Sounds like good news from your chiropractor.

    I got out for another fast walk this morning. Then it was another quick turnaround as the decorator said we would need to get another 5L tin of paint. As we suspected might be the case, it's not covering as well as we'd hoped. So a quick nip into town to get the paint and back home again. The decorator had a hospital appointment this morning so was later arriving than yesterday - I just wanted to make sure I got back with the paint so he wasn't kicking his heels!
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  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Recreational runners- charming 😆
    Thanks for the tips Aquarius I forgot about Richard 111 connection to Leicester. And neutral test sounds good but hope it feels better too. My back is still playing up but only when I lie down. 
    HS I was talking to a chap at Whinlatter parkrun who turns out to be the only independent optician in Keswick. Him and his wife both keen parkrun tourists.
    Hope the decorating goes well WtnMel. I'm busy painting the spare bedroom before new carpets arrive Thursday. I work much faster with a deadline. 

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    OO64 - the decorator said he should be finished tomorrow. We're covering a green colour with a peach colour so it has needed three coats. Lucky I got another 5L of paint and didn't think we'd get away with just 2.5L. Margaret has decided she wants to decorate the living room next. And then wants to get a new carpet. I'd be quite capable of doing that room - but she may decide to get this decorator back to do it to save me the trouble .. and to let me get on with other things that need doing! :) 
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Leicester! Just popping in with a few ideas about the city of my birth, although it is over 50 years since I have lived there. Have been in Didsbury for over 40 years, OO!

    The Richard lll Museum is located in my old school; opposite, almost, is the cathedral and behind the cathedral is the Guildhall.

    Not far away is the Jewry Wall and Roman Baths Museum. And in the opposite direction Leicester Market is worth a visit. I used to shop at Linekers’ greengrocery stall, as in the parents of Gary.

    The Newarke Houses and Gardens are also not far away and well worth a visit.

    New Walk is worth a stroll and goes past the Museum and Art Gallery that David Attenborough used to frequent as a youngster. New Walk is a km Georgian pedestrian walkway and is a fast downhill km towards the end of the race! Obviously what goes down must go up and there is a long drag from kms one to two, looking at the course route.

    Abbey Park is not far from race hq and is worth a visit for a jog at 9 on a Saturday morning! It is also where Cardinal Wolsey died on his way to meet a worse death at the hands of Henry Vlll. The walls of the ruined abbey are still present.

    The National Space Museum may be worth a visit, as would the Great Central Railway, a heritage railway that runs from Leicester North to Loughborough. The Abbey Pumping Station is not far from both of these. You will find early industry artefacts and quite a large collection of early motorised transport.

    I’m sure that I have missed a few things! 

    Enjoy Leicester!



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