Hi all newbie here.

Hi all I've just started up regular running again after a 10 year gap, I have done a few odd ones in between but now I've started back up a bit more seriously. I find it helps with the siactica I've had for years. I started back about 2 weeks ago only just over 1 mile but I want to get back into it steadily, but I'm achieving 8:45 minute miles so I'm quite please with that. Tonight I've just started adding more distant just under, 1.5 mile tonight. 


  • Good luck. I expected to find a question here though?

  • Hello, welcome and good luck with your running.
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    Hi Newbie ;) keep running!
  • Hello fellow newbie!
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    Run slower before adding distance.   Better to build up to running continuously for 30 minutes than try to go too fast
  • I am also a newbie. But I mean I am not started yet. I am 58 and I must weight alot about 18 stone. 5 foot 6. I am going to start on the slider I have here 20 mins a day. I am looking for a bit of encouragement and support. I live in Brighton UK. I stopped smoking for 9 months but have noticed I am smoking since a holiday. I need to commit to stop again and a date perhaps. Well the packet runs out soon....I am a long way off running. I did it once and used to get exhausted to run for a minute even..so it put me off. I struggled to breath actually...but I want to get there..does not have to break records just want to be able to run for 10 or 20 mins would be great. What hope is there for me. Good luck to Skywalker 2 it seems his body remembers he was a runner once.
  • I also have a stent fitted to my heart they encourage exercise for this..but can get alittle angina sometimes through stress or exercise so guess its best to start off in slow motion a question of less is more! I really like people to encourage me. and help me to going motivation is an issue.
  • Fosyrosie- Not sure how active you currently are but maybe just try getting out for a 20-30 minute walk a few times a week for a few weeks before you try running. Then when you attempt running if running for 1 minute is to much try running for 30 seconds at a time during the walk a few times and build up from there. Look on the internet or an apps for a couch to 5k plan, you don't have to do the 5k but the plans start of with a run walk approach. And don't worry about pace either, if you think its running its running!
  • I'm new to running.... well new to walking actually... but i got a samsung gear fit 2 watch off gumtree for £50. What a great motivational tool it is, best tech i've ever bought. It encourages me to do 6000 steps and an hours activity a day, you can change the targets to suit, but it does change your outlook. I went from being unable to walk to the end of the road, to now walking for an hour which it says at my pace is 4.2 miles, twice daily! I've gone slow, started 5 months ago but have lost 3 stone with it. Best thing is i don't see it as a chore that perhaps i did when starting, i really enjoy my walks. Good luck to you Fosyrosie22
  • I'm new to running too, I've been building up with walking and want to start C25K. I've joined the forums for advice, to meet people in similar circumstances to me and to learn. :smile:
  • Greetings, 1st post on this forum!
    After 2 years of not running after knee op I recently started participating in ParkRun which I thoroughly enjoy. 
    I have a few varicose veins in one leg which give me no trouble and was wondering if it possible to run comfortably with a compression stocking. 
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