Manchester Marathon 2017



  • hi Daz, yes there will be loads of people there.


  • Hehe, Ian - yeah... seemed like a good idea at the time - and it would have been if I could have got my shit together and got out of the house earlier!

    Nice report OuchOuch - very steady pacing, shame your thighs had other ideas.

    Well done on the 20-miler Rachey - great to get that distance under your belt at this stage.

    Nick - I tried to message you re: your hotel dilemmas but it got bounced back. If you don't get anything sorted turn your messaging on and I'll send it again.

    Speed session for me today at lunchtime. Was supposed to be 10 x 400 m with 200 m recoveries, but the cinder track I go to is ~595 m so I did 8 x 595 with ~295 m recoveries. Total, including w/u and c/d, was 6.01 miles.

  • Hi newbe here, new to marathons, new to this site and new to manchester.

    Signed up for the Manchester Marathon and just booked my hotel.  Staying in Rusholme, does anyone know if roads will be open in the morning as i plan to book a taxi to take me to the start?  Don't dancy the stress of getting lost in Manchester just before the bigfest run of my life.



  • are we sure Ian 5 started the original manchester marathon thread as they seem to be strugglong to find it.they usually find it in a hour when they know the original poster


  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    I definitely remember starting it,in fact if you look at the manchester 2016 thread you will see that I posted on there about the new one and that will also show the time and date I set it up if that helps.

    Just checked back, it was 14th December around 18.45
  • thanks Ian... it sees like the disappearance of the manchester one is different to the normal disappeared usually its you that would disappear

  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭

    Pete - Hadn't read your post but have indeed booked that hotel last night! So should be sorted now. Only thing is I apparently booked a twin room instead of a double (my wife is staying too) so will ring them at lunch today to try and sort that out. Not the end of the world if I can't change it.

    Nell - I got your first message and replied, did you get it? I don't think I have messages turned off, though RW does funny things sometimes! (for example often removes threads from my "followed" list after I reply)

    Ok so no more stressing about where to stay image Haven't run for a few days, did 17 miles on Sunday with half at MP and legs felt pretty good afterwards. Plan is 8 mile tempo tonight with my club, it's bloody cold though! It's a tough session but looking forward to the run more than the 4 mile cycle home after!

  • MsE - sorry to hear about the ankle. I'm a serial ankle sprainer myself. I think the ligaments in my right ankle are so stretched now that there's no danger of them tearing any more, so there's a silver lining of sorts! I hope you manage to get back. I did Manchester last year after a very debilitating and painful groin strain in December '15 that put me out for a month. I recovered by doing Bikram yoga every day in January (bar the 1st, since the studio was closed) and managed to recover my mobility. After the injury, I couldn't cross my legs or even stand with my feet together, let alone run, so I count this as a minor miracle. I definitely recommend Bikram since there are a lot of one-legged balancing postures that are great for strengthening the muscles around the ankles.

    Nell, well done on the 15 and intervals.

    Rachey - great to have a 20 under your belt already. Good time, too.

    Nick, well done on the 17. Looks like we all have our long runs in order.

    I rested on Monday after mine and was intending to run yesterday but there were high pollution warnings (I'm in London) so I decided against it. I figured an extra rest day wouldn't be a bad idea after doing a race and an 18 miler on consecutive days, so I just did yoga.

    Unfortunatley, I had to contend with freezing fog today, which, combined with frost, made he pavements treacherous. My first mile was ridiculous (11:33) as I had to slow to a tiptoe at several points, but I managed to get into a better rhythm once I got up onto the common. 6.2 miles done, mostly at an easy pace but with a MP final mile. Legs quite happy despite the weekend.

  • Si, Rusholme is fine just make sure you remind the driver that the marathon is on so he can avoid Manchester Road (A56) as that will be closed off. there are multiple roads to use so no problem for you getting there.  

    Have you thought about returning to your hotel?

    If you are planning on a Taxi the local firm is called New Moon 0161 864 1010. there is a pub called the quadrant from the taxi base they can collect you from there and take you to Rusholme no problem.

    Give me a shout if you need any further help.



  • Nick, glad that you managed to get sorted. image

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Had a couple of very good weeks,since my 20 miler on Saturday I have managed a 5 mile tempo,slightly slower than pre-illness but getting there,then yesterday a 10 mile MP run and an easy 10 miles today,feeling really good at the minute so hope it carries on.
  • 4 hours sleep after nights and up and out for 9 miles at MP, little bit windy but nice run. Need to increase weekly mileage over the next few months.
  • Pete

    Thanks for the info, was getting abit stressed out as not sure the roads between rusholme and the start line would be open.   Can now concentrate on my training. 

  • Hello all!

    No running for me tonight - have added a rest day and moved my LSR to Friday instead... that seemed to work well for me last week.

    Just popped in to ask about a really interesting/useful link that someone posted in the original thread to a more realistic race time converter - i.e. a site where you could input a current race time and it will give a predicted time for a different distance... it also took into account the weather/gradients and used a more realistic formula to make the calculation. Unfortunately, I can't remember who posted it and I forgot to bookmark it - does anyone remember?

    I know loads exist out there but this particular one seemed to take more factors into account than just a previous race time.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭

    Nell-I use a different one and have posted it,not sure if I did on this thread or not,they have updated it so here it is

  • Many thanks Ian - I think that might've been it image It certainly seems a lot more conservative than other time calculators.

    Tempo run for me today: 6.15 miles in total... 1 mile w/u, then 5 miles at HM pace (~8:00/mi. [7:51, 7:54, 7:56, 7:56, 7:56]) and a short trot back to work. I was helped along a lot by my two speedy work colleagues who did an easy run for them and dragged me to a nice pace.

  • Nell, I'm not sure I can even run that fast. The fastest I've run in a race was 8 dead, for the first mile of a 5K track race. And I paid for that later on. :P

    6 easy today. Cold, grey and yuck. Looking forward to hot yoga later to warm myself up.

  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭

    Ian - I hope that site is too conservative for me. Though it's very much "finger in the air" stuff for me as I have no representative race to work off so just guessing what shape I'm in at the moment. Having said that, if I put in my half time that I did 4 weeks before London last year and training mileage, it's pretty much spot on for my marathon time. So, maybe I'm just being too optimistic about what I can do this year off fairly low mileage!

    Nice pacing on that tempo Nell. I did a similar thing on Wednesday night at my club run, 8 miles with a few speedy runners who were doing an easy run, was a tempo for me though! Hit a fast pace (for me) and felt great after, real confidence boosting run after a couple of less good ones recently.

    Cal - think it's about to warm up a bit, though looks like it will be a bit wet too.

  • Just a quick 3.5 for me today which according to my watch was my fastest 5k at 22:28. Must have been in a hurry to get home out of the cold. Finally feel back to full fitness after xmas injury. Long run sunday planned at 15.

  • Thanks Nick - I like running with my colleagues as I'm not a member of a club so I do all my other runs alone... a bit of company is really nice.

    Did a nice and easy 8.41 miles tonight - pace was a bit faster than my intended slow pace... but very enjoyable nevertheless.

  • Slowest every parkrun today (28:19) and not my fault either! image

    I was considering trying a new parkrun today but my local was having its first birthday so it seemed churlish not to attend. Being January, and a birthday with cakes, there was a very big number and a delayed start (due to another event taking place on the common) meant a very slow shuffle for the first part of the course. I decided I'd just make it a good tempo run and enjoy it, which I did.

    Club run tomorrow - hope it goes a bit better than rainy Richmond Park two weeks ago when I got myself lost!

  • Hope there was cake left at the end Cal! I always have a pang of guilt at parkrun when I'm in marathon training - Saturday's usually supposed to be a recovery run of some sort, but I can't resist a bit of a blast at parkrun - 19:02 today image I'm on an easier week this week, so 15 miles slow for me tomorrow - hopefully my legs'll be fine for that.

  • Just a very short and easy 3.42 miles for me this evening.

    Cal - well done on an unintended tempo run... glad you enjoyed it image

    Very nice parkrun for you as well, DPJ77!

    That's a nice 5K pace from you as well, Daz - good luck with the 15 tomorrow... I have a planned 16 miles tomorrow.

  • DPJ, there was plenty of cake left but as I'm gluten intolerant, I left it alone. (I had chocolate later though!)

    I did an 18 miler last weekend after a hard 10K on the Saturday so you should be fine!

    I went out with the club today. It was meant to be a medium-ish run with some MP miles around Hyde Park. We had a bit of a warm up run on the way to Battersea Park for the initial briefing (maybe a mile and a half) but my Garmin got very confused by the railway bridge and decided I'd run further and faster than feasible, so I deleted that bit and started again from Battersea.

    I covered 13.35 miles in just under 2:15 - faster than I should have as there is literally noone who runs at my pace, so I tried staying with a group on the way there (to avoid getting lost) and ran that part faster than MP. Although the group sped ahead in Hyde Park, I still stayed below 10 minute miling until I left the park, and I went a little slower on the way back, mostly because I took a wrong turn and had to figure out how to get back from there. (I am a Londoner, but I wound up in Chelsea which is not a familiar part of the world to me).

    I'm quite happy with how I did but I think I may skip next weekend's 20 miler since, if I'm going to end up on my own again, I'd be better off doing my own run from and to my home so I can get back earlier and avoid paying for a train home (not to mention freezing my ass off on a platform at Clapham Junction). I'll decide later.

  • Just a little short of 15 today. Enjoyed it but last 2 miles slight niggles in hips and felt I couldn't lift legs fully, kept catching shoes on ground. Anybody know what muscles I need to either strengthen or work on to help lift my legs fully when coming to end of long run.
  • Core/hip flexors, I reckon, Daz.


  • Thanks Cal. Just googling hip flexor exercises now.
  • Glute exercises are a good idea too.

  • Some shorter faster running going on, which is good. With the marathon a mere 62 days away and a price rise pending, today was the day to formally enter the race. A recovery slow 8 miles planned which became a slow 4 mile and a fast 4 mile as bumped into on the run a 2.50 ish marathoner and a guy training for a 24 hour run.MAD.
  • Cal - just love running around Hyde Park when in London. Very lucky.

    Daz - I reckon practice will sort the tired legs issue out, or shorten your stride at the end of the run/race.
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