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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't worry, North - my mileage has been all over the place! I only did 17 last week myself, but then I did have 3 days where I felt poorly and didn't go out.

    I'm off to Dubai this afternoon but I managed to squeeze in a 4 miler this morning. Legs felt terrible - not sore, but just nothing in the tank. Let the taper commence!
  • Thanks everyone - I'm trying not to worry about the endurance. Having run 4 marathons and 2 ultra distances last year and then having already done a marathon (slowly) in training for Manchester I feel I have a strong enough endurance base. My endurance is MUCH better than it was when I ran Brighton this time last year. I'm hoping to do a bit of work on my VO2 max, with some short sharp stuff this weekend and next week. But, only if my leg allows. I know the residual aching in it is just tightness now because it gets better as the day goes on and it feels better after a run compared to before - Me and my roller and yoga mat are best friends right now!

    I'm a bit less bothered about my time in Manchester now because I've realised that Boston 2018 isn't in the school Easter holidays so there's no point me really pushing to try and qualify. I'd hope to aim for 3:42 so that I could run Boston for my 40th next year, but looks like its a no go. So, now its just a case of trying to get London qualifying instead. 3:44:59 will do for that! Need to redo some pace calculations...

    Snail - I've known people do well from a 2 week taper. I read some literature that suggests 2.5 weeks is probably about right for most people. Injury for the final two weeks of proper training means I'm having a split taper! I've had 2 weeks off, now I'm doing a relatively high mileage week before dropping it back down for the final two weeks.

    The number coming through the post is a new one for me. I've had expo or race day pick ups for my other marathons. I'm not sure how I feel about the number being sat in my house for 2 weeks. Makes it all a bit real!
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    RacheyD1978 - 2016 was sure a busy year for you. I did 4 last year but targeting 6 this.

    I am on the speedier stuff now 5K in 18.49 this morning, would have been a bit quicker if didn't keep having to turn around every time I saw cyclists approaching wearing green fluro jackets (just green) on the trail I was using as sends my running coach (Bramble the dog) mad.

    MartinU - Also felt very odd yesterday - noticed my morning weight was 10'9 - and think its dehydration as after an eating and drinking frenzy last night, notice back up to 10'11 this morning - can only been a lack of hydration!

    Cal - Envious, but are you sure you won't be using the treadie in the a/c gym area. 30 minutes = at least 1 extra pudding!
  • The number has arrived  :s
  • Si CSi C ✭✭
    Recieved my number today, does anyone know the timing breakdown for each starting pen?
    I am in G blue and i think i may have been too conservative in my initial time estimate. New to marathons and not completed any training prior to booking up. However my training has gone well and i aim to run with the 4.15 pacer. Will pen G be too far back as this is the last pen for me to tag on with that pacer?
  • I was wondering the same <b>Si. </b><b></b>I've seen a post from someone in G who estimated 4:30 on the form so I'm assuming G is anyone who put 4:30 or slower. I'm in D and I 'think' I put 3:45. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rachey-Similar position here,seem to have developed either shin splints or something that's really aching there so not sure how much more i can do before the race.I've done a 16 mile since my marathon 3 weeks ago so hoping the endurance is still there for the day.
  • Lots of action on here since I last posted!

    Rachey and Ian - sorry to hear about your leg issues... hopefully you'll both be fully OK in two week's time!

    Have a lovely time in Dubai, Cal - you never know, it could be the perfect taper approach for you :smiley:

    Aber - I'm also doing a two week taper as I have Wilmslow HM on Sunday. I have 18 schedule in the great god "The Plan" and I was unsure about how to run Wilmslow but I've decided to run the HM at close to HM pace (so a bit harder than I was originally intending) but only do about 15 miles altogether - helped by a work colleague suggesting we go out for a drink after the race... hahaha... I'm tired now - but the regular sports massages are really helping - so I'm looking forward to the taper.

    Well done to everyone who's still racking up the miles - it's becoming very really now!

    Did 4.76 miles of track intervals on Tuesday and 7.05 miles on Thursday that were meant to be at goal mara. pace but all ended up about 15 seconds per mile too fast throughout... still struggling to nail 8:45/mi. pace! Will do slow 6 miles tomorrow, which is a bit longer than I normally do the day before a race (usually do ~4 miles before a HM or 10K) but I'll take it very easy.

    Yikes - so, people have their numbers already!? I live virtually down the road and I haven't received mine yet! Hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow... I have absolutely no recollection at all what time I put down  :/

  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Nell have you had the email saying your number's been posted?
  • Nick - yeah... got that on Tuesday 13th March - but still no number today. Shot out of bed this morning when I heard the letter box go... but it was just a bloomin' JW leaflet :angry:
  • Last longer run this morning, 17.5 miles at 6:35 mile pace, well under what I'm aiming for in Manchester so happy with that.

    In a new pair of shoes too - having a few issues so last minute switch to a pair of Nike Zoom Streak Lt3. Felt comfortable, a bit of knee pain now but that's usual for me at the moment. Fingers crossed they'll get me through a marathon!

    Two week taper starts here I guess!
  • NorthEnderNorthEnder ✭✭✭
    edited March 2017
    Hi all,  Regarding starting pens, for the last 2 years there was no problem moving about. If you genuinely are going to set off at a faster pace than your original estimate, then just move up - there were no physical barriers stopping you and I guess it will be the same this year.   I find it really annoying when people start too far forward make faster runners have to weave round them, but if you're not going to hold people up, then it makes sense to do it. 

    Took 18 seconds of my Park Run PB this morning just sneaking under the 21 minute mark - not quite in OO's class but happy with the pace. No idea what my endurance is going to be like though! Still some thinking to do about what pace to head out at.

    Enjoy those tapers!
  • Nice parkrun PB there NE congrats on the 20:xx... another PB chalked up on our Manchester marathon journeys! :smiley:

    A fasted 6.02 miles for me today - was meant to be 3 miles slow but I intended to go longer than 3 miles. I noticed that I was bowling along at 8:xx/mi. so I changed to another try at goal mara pace. Still ended up a bit too fast: 8:40/mi. rather than 8:45/mi. - but this is the closest I've come to sustaining the correct pace (albeit only for 6 miles!).

    If my flippin' number doesn't turn up on Monday I'm going to seriously start stressing... I don't want to have to pick up a replacement on the day - had to do that for GNR once and it was unbelievably stressful!!!
  • My number arrived Friday (sorry to mention it Nell  :) )

    Something odd though.  Many times, I've had the number printed in normal big numbers, and look closer and it's repeated underneath in smaller font (like 16 or 24 font or something) - like for some sort of admin purposes. I think that's normal.

    But with this number, I'm 917, the repeated small font number underneath clearly says 817.  Is this a similar pattern for you lot?
  • Si CSi C ✭✭
    So this is taper? supposed to be a steady 13 miles. Running in 25 mph gusts, really struggled and found it harder than last weeks 22, i was tired after 3 miles and never shook it off. Oh well at least that one is now out of the way.
  • Last long run of this cycle (can't call next week's 8 miler a long run anymore :smiley: ). LSR of 12 miles turned into a 20k run at MP. And it felt like an easy recovery run for the first 13k, and not too bad after that as well, quite easy still. Seems I'm ready, just need to make sure to keep onto that peak form for the next 2 weeks.
    Got my number as well, aiming for 3:45 and starting in area D.

    My actual number is also +100 to the small font number in the corner. I guess the other number might be the serial number for printing. It might be that the first 100 numbers might have special printing with names, and as such, the serial number for runner number 101 is 1. Just a guess though.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    The numbers start from 101 so guess less than that is for the elites.
  • thanks martin...  once taper begins, like a lot of people, I like to find something to worry about... so good to know it's not just me with that number difference!
  • Weather forecast: Well, the 14 day forecast on now stretches as far as Sunday 2nd April. Predicting a bit windy (17km/h), Showers with 40% chance of rain...  and temp High 13, Low 6.  

    This will probably completely change... but it's an interesting taper game to watch the forecast changing!
  • Daz BromsDaz Broms ✭✭✭
    12 miles at 15 secs a mile faster than Mp. Anyone else feel every niggle ?   seem to have noticed lots of small niggly pains throughout my body , guess I'm just getting paranoid. No number for me yet, hopefully Monday. Hoping the weather changes, don't want any wind, don't mind rain but please, no wind.
  • Si - from what I can tell from Harmander on another thread - lots of folks had tough runs today!

    Daz - you're post is very reassuring for me (a) you've not got your number yet either, and (b) I felt all sorts of new, weird aches during the HM today - including my right big toe joint that suddenly started hurting at about 8 miles then felt fine again after a bit... what's that about!? :/

    Thanks for the weather update NE - sounds a bit like today... windy and a bit rainy... but probably a bit warmer.

    Did Wilmslow HM today - went with no real idea of pace or time... just started running... and accidentally did a very narrow (by 5 seconds) PB... 1:43:48! That was completely unintended and I can't help wondering if it was a bit silly just two weeks before my first marathon, but I feel fine. Well - it's done now and can't be undone... we shall see!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Nell-That should just be OK, just take the next 2 weeks very easy.
    I'm still on the injured bench so I'm thinking it's a DNS at the minute,really annoying as I've been training since November for this.
  • Some good running over the weekend everyone.

    Si - Sometimes the taper runs just feel that way. Lethargic and tough. I tell myself its all the hard miles leaving the body as it starts to get ready for the race.

    As for taper niggles - Expect them in abundance over the coming weeks! Mine are even worse as I'm coming back from an injury so i can't work out what's a maranoia niggle or what might be real.

    Great PB Nell - sounds like you're in good form. A gentle couple of weeks now for you and you should be ready. Glad to hear its not just me that struggles to run at their MP. I'm either too fast or too slow!

    Ian - Sorry to hear its looking like a DNS. That's a real shame :-(

    My running weekend was better than expected. I had managed to get some miles in last week, but many of them felt tight and sluggish, after my two weeks out injured. I had a 10 mile race booked in yesterday that my physio gave me permission to run 'sensibly' so I taped up my adductors and gave it a go if only to get the confidence of a double digit run before the day. I thought I'd do 5 miles at LSR pace and then take it up to 5 miles close to MP if I could. One I got moving it all felt pretty good and I struggled to keep the pace slow during the first 5 miles, so I settled on trying to keep it at MP all the way (8:20-8:30). Average pace was 8:22 in the end, although the last couple of miles felt tougher than I would have liked. I hadn't taken any fuel on board though and it had been very windy, so I'm hoping that its. Together with a mile warm up and a 3 mile recovery when I got home, I'm pretty pleased with 14 miles yesterday and 35 in total for the week. Injured leg is a bit achey today, but nothing too major.
  • The taper niggles will start to come on fairly soon!! Delighted to have reached the point where its kind of pointless doing too much more! Going to embrace the taper and hope for the best now!
    I received the number in the post on Saturday! Exciting! 

    Done a reasonably tough 14 miles on Saturday, with a few hill reps in there to squeeze the last bit of life out of my legs and lungs! Will do plenty of short and easy runs this week.

    Hopefully this day 2 weeks we are all here, happy and safe! 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Number arrived today,start area E.
    Can't remember what time I put down though,still no idea if I'll be using it or binning it.
  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭
    sorry to read of your injury ian.
  • Daz BromsDaz Broms ✭✭✭
    Ian5- sorry to hear about the injury, if you didn't run at all from now till the race, do you think the injury will have eased enough ? The fitness will still be there I'm sure. 
    Race number finally arrived, start area F , think I put down 4 hrs expected finish time down but expect to finish a little sooner. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Daz-That's what I'm hoping for,its eased a little today,got 2 compression socks on to keep it tight and been icing it and taking ibuprofen.Can only hope it keeps easing.Feel a little more positive than yesterday.
    If I get to the start line then I hope the endurance is there,I done 3x20 milers plus a marathon 3 weeks ago and a 16 last weekend so may just be OK. 
  • Daz BromsDaz Broms ✭✭✭
    Ian5- seems lots of training in the tank, feet up for 2 weeks and I'm sure you be nice and fresh on the day. 
    On a side note, does anybody ever take any pain killers either before or during the race or is this a no no ? 
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Nell/Daz - hope you get your numbers today. Nell, great HM from you, another PB when you weren't even trying! Hopefully bodes well for the big day. Maybe have a week off racing next weekend? ;)

    Tucky - great last long run, as long as you recover from it ok. Sounds like you are peaking at the perfect time.

    NorthEnder - thanks for the info on starting pens. I don't suppose you know which pacers start in which pens? I had originally put down 3:30 as a target but my current thinking is that I'll go out at 3:15 pace. I'm in pen C so doubt it will be a big problem either way but would be nice if I can start with the 3:15 pacer. Congrats on the parkrun PB! My small number is 100 less as well. I will drive myself mad if I look at the weather forecast too much. It's not even right for today - I checked when I woke up and it said 0% chance of rain until midday, but I got rained on for the last 15 mins of my 20 min cycle to the train station! Thankfully not too hard but still wasn't pleasant./

    Si - I recall last year one of my worst runs was my last taper run, did something like 2-3 miles at MP + 1 min, and felt more like 10k effort. But obviously worked as I was fine come race day. Just think of it as getting the bad run out of your system.

    Martin - great last long run from you. Happy tapering!

    Ian - really sorry to hear about your injury, have you been to see a physio yet? Sometimes they can work wonders (though sometimes not). It probably won't really hurt your fitness to not run at all in the next 2 weeks, so there's always hope...

    Rachey - glad you are feeling better. Careful you don't do too much!

    I did a solo half marathon yesterday, ran 10 miles at target MP and then the rest easy. Felt pretty good even though it was quite windy so am just about decided on going out at 3:15 pace even though that sounds scarily fast to me. I do like a challenge though and would rather do that and find out it was too fast than run 3:25 and get to the end feeling I had more in the tank (hypothetically). Only 4 or 5 more runs (for me) until the big day...
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