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  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Any thoughts on the distance and the 5k splits? My Garmin gave 26.48' on the line. And although it was good to have the 5k times, mine were misleading (wrong?) for 20k and 30k. The 20k tallied with my Half time but can't explain the 30k except that it almost tallies with my time at 31k?!  I do like the km markers, but still use miles on the Garmin.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    My Garmin always over measures marathons MrM2, usually to do with tall buildings, the racing line etc.  I had mine set to kilometers and it was beeping approx 150m before the k markers towards the end.

    Some fine results on show, well done all and I'm glad you enjoyed it.  My right leg was affected by an old nerve problem from 16-18m so I couldn't push off from it properly.  From comfortably following the sub 3:30 pacers I had to slow significantly and finished in 3:43.  Not my best day then but what a cracking event - I would certainly do this one again.  The Amstell Radler beer at the finish had remarkable revitalising properties :p  
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    I too am glad to hear others enjoyed it, and well done regardless of times. I'm pretty much certain now that I'm going to enter next year's - still thinking about how much I enjoyed the day nearly a week later, and also still feeling disappointed it's over, so it seems the only thing to do is go back!! Pleased to see too that because it's later next year, there's a 2-week gap after the Conwy Half Marathon (which I fancied this year, but the two events clashed), so I can do both.

    My Garmin also measured 26.5 miles! Am starting to think it's fairly inevitable over that distance - measured very similar on my previous marathon...

    Was anyone in Valencia long enough to do any other running? I was lucky to be there for a few days afterwards, and went out in the Jardins del Turia (the park in place of the old river bed running through the middle of the city - marathon route went alongside it a couple of times). There's a 5k running route through it (with distance markers every 100m and supposedly a special surface designed to be softer for running), as well as many other paths. Was extremely pleasant and I've never seen so many other runners when not doing an event - almost felt like doing a very small Parkrun!
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Hi Gipfel...Yes, my wife and I stayed at the Expo Hotel, near Turia Metro stn. (The marathon route passed our hotel just after km 31). It is exactly three miles, through the gardens, to the bridge where the marathon started. So, on the Thurs. and Fri. (pre-mara.) I enjoyed a 6' pre-breakfast run. We flew back on Tues. but not before I'd fitted in another 6' run! Glad to say my legs enjoyed it as well. Obviously didn't work them hard enough on Sun.. Happy days.
    Could be tempted back. It was mara.#34 for me, but I can still feel the Valencia 'buzz'. 
  • Had a few ‘this time last week thoughts’ when doing a very gentle 6k this morning. Thinking about next year as I’ve had two very good marathons and weekends in Valencia now but also keen to do San Sebastián as I’ve heard very good reports about it. 

    On the subject of distance ran, according to my Garmin I ran about 180 metres long which might well be the shortest I’ve ran in a marathon. I was already well over 100 metres long at halfway and made a conscious decision to stick to the ‘golden’ racing line for the rest of the race and was really pleased I did as I didn’t pick up so much extra distance in the second part of the race. As Wardi seems to suggest, I think it’s almost inevitable to run these races long but I’d be much more p*ss*d if my Garmin measured short, especially on a pb day!

    Mr M 2: I think the 5k splits are possibly based on gun time rather than chip time and that might explain the differential. Fortunately for me my Garmin is on the km setting so I was able to take my 5k splits from that.

    Good to read that everybody seemed to have a good weekend and enjoy the race.
  • I’ve dipped back in after refusing to acknowledge this thread as I was sulking due to not making the start! :-)

    Great to heat so many positive stories; definitely considering giving it a go next year after my ‘disastrous’ (in running terms anyway) autumn marathons! Just get VLM ‘18 out of the way first...

    LT - I did San Sebastián in 2012 (as a last minute entry following cancellation of NYC 2012). Can definitely recommend, just shout if you want any specific advice/feedback...

  • BB - think I would’ve been averse to looking at the thread too if I’d been in a similar situation to you. Anyway, San Sebastián, which was yesterday, seems to have the reputation of being fast and flat. Would you go along with that? Looking at the results page, there were around 2700 finishers plus another 2100 or so who ran the half, so a smaller event than Valencia but that’s not an issue. How did you find the race in terms of organization and crowd support? Anything else about the race which comes to mind? Thanks
  • BB - sorry, one question I forgot to ask, when you ran did the marathon, half marathon and 10k all start from the same place or from different areas? What was the organization of the starting pens like? Thanks
  • Organisation was ok. The start and finish was at Real Sociedad’s stadium (finishes with a lap around the running track) so there were plenty of facilities available. In terms of luggage it did just feel like a normal Sunday morning race at the local club with bags just left around the concourse at the stadium. No problem with this and I’m sure if you wanted somewhere more secure it was available. 

    The course itself is three laps and is definitely fast and flat. November in Pais Basques is never warm so the only weather variation is the rain and wind. I was fortunate and had steady rain but no wind, however parts of the course are near the coast and a strong wind would definitely be felt.

    in terms of support is was pretty good. The start and end of each lap is in he city so this helps with the crowds. The furthest part of the course was less supported (from memory this was an out and back loop so although the crowds were sparse you had company of other runners passing in the opposite direction)

    I don't ever recall feeling overcrowded. Perhaps the start was a little congested but nothing to really worry about. I don’t recall starting pens but I’m not 100% sure that was the case. 

    When I ran it I don’t recall other races at the same time, which either means there is no problem with the additional runners or when I did it in 2012 it was only a marathon event!

    Overall I’d definitely recommmend. It’s fast and flat and if you avoid a very windy day a fast time is definitely achievable. Organisation wasn’t too bad and certainly not a factor to prevent me from recommending.let me know if there’s anything else...
  • That’s great BB, really appreciate all the info. The cool temperature is definitely a point in its favour but, like you say, you could be unlucky with the wind although not too much of the route appears to go directly along the coast. They must have changed the course since you did it as it’s actually a two lap race now:

    Will have to do some thinking over the next few months as to whether I do San Sebastián next autumn or go back to Valencia for a third time.

    Thanks again.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Hmm, I'm pretty much definite about Valencia next year, but San Sebastián looks rather stunning! I'm tempted myself now for a future year.

    Went for my first UK post-marathon run yesterday and really wasn't feeling the wind/rain/hailstones, or the ridiculous amounts of mud and flooding even on the better paths. It's all par for the course really, and I know I'll be used to it again soon, but it felt quite an unfavourable contrast to my last jaunt in a sunny/dry Spanish park. Was reading about a marathon in Jamaica in this month's RW magazine, which seems appealing at the moment...can see marathon tourism becoming a regular occurrence, funds/time/injuries permitting!
  • KennyMKennyM ✭✭✭
    I'm in for Valencia 2018... it'll be either my 7th or 8th marathon: Edinburgh (2013 and 2014), Rotterdam (2015), Berlin (2015, PB), Paris (2016) and Hamburg (2017).    I'm also entered for Hamburg in 5 weeks time.  Unfortunately circumstances conspired against me so I'm not trained to race but as travel is booked and paid for I will still go and may participate as a very-slow practice/training run.    I have now refocused on Valencia with a goal of London GFA.

    I would love to chat to anybody who's planning to run in Valencia in December... and also to hear any tips from those that have done it in the past.  Also, if anybody can give a good comparison between the Valencia course/difficulty and the ones I've previously run I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Hi KennyM, good to see this thread come back to life! I have entered Valencia 2018 because I enjoyed the race so much last year :)

    I haven't had much marathon experience (Valencia 2017 was my second), but my first happened to be Edinburgh in 2016! I really liked Edinburgh, but I personally both enjoyed the Valencia course more and found it easier. Don't think there can be much difference in the overall profiles - although I think Valencia does have a touch less ascent overall and I don't remember noticing any climbs at all - also no particular slow bits/pinch points (I can't imagine any courses being much faster). But Valencia definitely won psychologically! There was more support throughout the whole course - I don't think the organisers are exaggerating when they advertise '200 animation points' on the course with music and so on, and I loved the fact that there were so many people cheering me on and shouting my name. Also, I found the long out and back section of Edinburgh a bit mentally challenging - Valencia doesn't have anything like that.

    I found the Valencia course in general to be pretty nice. You run past some great landmarks, and through a lot of attractive streets. I think duller bits must have been few and far between because I really don't have much recollection of them, maybe because of all the support, but my general memories are of looking around and really enjoying everything throughout. Also, the finish along the platform over the water is amazing - one of my favourite race finishes ever!

    One thing I learned from last year: sounds obvious, but don't get to the start too late. My hotel was really close and I didn't need to use the bag drop, so I was quite laid-back about getting there and consequently left it more last-minute than I usually would, but found that the starting enclosures were packed full already and it was pretty difficult to squeeze in! In fact, that was probably the only part of the whole thing I didn't enjoy - I know these things are always a bit of a scrum, but the enclosures there felt particularly squashed and quite claustrophobic. However, we all magically became nicely spaced out as soon as we crossed the start line and (despite starting in an enclosure further back from the one I should have been in) there was no need at all to fight to get past people, etc.

    Also, if you use Facebook, I would recommend following Maratón Valencia. They post a lot in the weeks/months leading up to the event, and really help get the enthusiasm going! They also publish little articles weekly on their website about people who have entered, explaining their running history, reasons for entering, etc., which is a nice touch.

    Overall, as you can probably tell, I had a brilliant time. Thought everything was really well organised - whole thing felt like excellent value for money too. I was on a high for ages afterwards. I think it'll be a very suitable event at which to aim for your GFA time. I'd be delighted to chat about it further (I'll doubtless start to obsess over it more and more as the time approaches) and answer any questions. Hope you enjoy Hamburg and have a relaxing run without time pressures!
  • KennyMKennyM ✭✭✭
    Gipfel - thanks for responding and sorry for the delay in replying.  I am glad you had such a good experience in Valencia.  Thanks for all the information!  

    Firstly, to help myself and others, I have created a fly-through of the route using Google Street View - it's not perfect but it gives a good idea of the route, landmarks and profile!

    Obviously the 200,000 supporters and atmosphere is missing!

    As you can see, it seems to be:
    - very flat (a few very minor inclines but nothing worrying)
    - good surface (limited obstacles - speed bumps, tram tracks, cobbles etc)
    - some scenic sections, especially the middle section through the old town
    - lots of long straight sections without many twists and turns
    - palm tress!  This will be a first for me!

    Thanks for the advice re the start.  I tend to create a very detailed checklist... so will definitely plan to be in ahead of my usual entry time.  That said, I have provided the organisers with a proof of a previous marathon time and based on this they've confirmed entry to the sub 3 hour pen so hopefully no problems with congestion.  Here's what they say about pens...
    • Running Bib – Yellow: under 2 hours 25 (elite Men) and under 2 hours 48 (elite Women)
    • Running Bib – Green: under 2 hours 38
    • Running Bib – Blue: under 2 hours 50
    • Running Bib – Orange: under 3 hours
    • Running Bib – Violet: under 3 hours 15
    • Running Bib – Pink: under 3 hours 31
    • Running Bib – Brown: under 3 hours 46
    • Running Bib – Grey: under 4 hours 01
    • Running Bib – White: 4 hours 01 +

    I've already booked my hotel - Hotel Valencia Center which is only a few minutes walk to the start.  

    My only slight worry is the travel - I am due to arrive Saturday early afternoon.  I don't normally leave it so late but this was the best I could do with flight timings and work arrangements.  Fingers crossed.  I think the logistics are o.k. for getting a taxi to the hotel from the airport and picking up my bib at the expo in plenty of time.  

    Probably time to start obsessing about the weather and niggles.... after all less than 8 months to go.  
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Kenny.. your hotel isn't very far at all from the Expo in the Sciences area so it shouldn't be a problem.  Tip.. the Expo is 'upside down' - in that number collection is on the first floor of the building, the stalls & stuff are on the ground floor.  If you go into the ground floor first by mistake (I did!) they won't let you out the way you came in.  You end up having to walk a long way round to get back to the entrance to the first floor :/

    BTW I don't remember any inclines at all - flattest marathon I've ever done.
  • KennyMKennyM ✭✭✭
    Thanks Wardi.  I chose this hotel as it seemed to be very close and had reasonable reviews... out of peak tourist season the advance price was rather good too.  

    Thanks for the tip re the Expo - I had spotted the layout on a video tour on their website.  Hope the detour didn't hit your legs too much before the run!

    I'm looking forward to the flatness... just need to train first!
  • KennyMKennyM ✭✭✭
    Some further information that might help those considering this event and wondering about weather conditions in December. 

    Historically for the last 10 years the 2nd Dec has seen the following conditions:

    2008    8C to 12C with wind of 11mph gusting to 12 mph
    2009    13C to 17C with wind of 11mph gusting to 16 mph
    2010    9C to 13C with wind of 14mph gusting to 17 mph
    2011    12C to 16C with wind of 13mph gusting to 17 mph
    2012    5C to 11C with wind of 9mph gusting to 13 mph
    2013    8C to 14C with wind of 6mph gusting to 9 mph
    2014    12C to 17C with wind of 11mph gusting to 13 mph
    2015    14C to 21C with wind of 8mph gusting to 14 mph
    2016    13C to 18C with wind of 5mph gusting to 7 mph
    2017    8C to 12C with wind of 25mph gusting to 29 mph

    Note that lower temperatures are from 9am (race is due to start at 08:30) and rising to the higher temperature at midday.
    Averaging this out (and assuming no extreme weather events) the chances are it will be about 10C as the race starts rising to 15C for ~3 hour runners as you near the finish and probably with a slight breeze.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    I stayed at the Valencia Center last year, KennyM! Enjoyed it, and they do a special early breakfast on marathon day too – was nice to start the day with Spanish tortilla. Pretty much as convenient as it gets for the race, so a good, hassle-free choice. Agree with Wardi that you should be absolutely fine for getting to the expo – taxi journey is only about half an hour, and it's quick to get out of the airport. Need to book flights and hotel soon myself - have only looked at flights so far, but they are still very cheap at the moment.

    Thanks for the fly-through – that's brilliant. Brought back some good memories, although not as many as I was expecting – it's amazing how different the roads look without the runners/supporters and with traffic! I think you'll find that the course is more attractive in real life than it looks there.

    Weather should be good, by the sound of it. The nice thing about the course, for slower runners like me (4+ hours in 2017, on a quest to be <4 hours in 2018) who will still be running at midday, is that there are lots of shaded streets to keep us cool when it does heat up. Definitely noticed that last year: pretty cool first thing in the morning, and again in the evening, but did get quite warm in the middle of the day. Nice for enjoying a beer after the race!

    It's definitely time to start obsessing. Was watching a bit of Boston today (inspirational wins!) to whet the marathon appetite. I'm trying something new for training this year: FIRST programme – running only three times a week (plus cross-training on two or three other days), but each run is fairly tough. No junk miles! I'm hoping it will suit me, as although I upped my mileage during last year's training, too many of my runs were mediocre (started to neglect the speedwork) so I'm not sure they did me much good in the end. My pace was certainly no better, and my endurance didn't feel as if it improved either, despite starting from what I thought was a solid base of weekly long runs. Have been trying some of the track interval and tempo sessions over the last few weeks and they're definitely challenging – I feel as if they may have helped my speed slightly already, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the 16-week programme in a few months! (Have just re-read this long paragraph. Am definitely obsessing.)

    I see that London GFA times have just changed. Hope they don't affect your plans/targets too much!
  • KennyMKennyM ✭✭✭
    Arrghhh... thanks for the London GFA heads-up.  I wasn't expecting that as they cut the times a few years ago.  At the time it was cut from 3:10 to 3:05 for under 40s... needless to say I ran a 3:07 just afterwards.

    I'm still aiming for as close to 3 hours as I can get... but as I'm turning 40 this year I only expected to need a sub 3:15 (which I've done a few times) to qualify for 2020.  Now it looks like even a sub 3:05 might not be enough! 

    They've also changed the qualifying period so you don't get to use your time for two years like previously... and the whole 'guaranteed' attraction and something to aim at has simply gone.  

    Oh well...

    Good luck with FIRST.  I've looked at it, but I tend to fade badly so long runs and practice at marathon pace is probably best for me.  I'm swaying between Pfitzinger and Hanson's (with a few adjustments).

    I won't be having any Spanish tortilla before the race... I'll stick to my tried and tested porridge - but I'll definitely be partaking on the Monday morning!


  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Very frustrating for you, being so close to the ever-moving goal posts. Changes seem overly harsh to me - times for men are so fast now, plus the changes to the qualifying period and lack of guarantee even if you do get the time are dispiriting, as you say. Ugh!

    Small breakfast-related tip: you probably plan to do this anyway, but it'll be worth bringing your own porridge. I forgot to pack my instant pot and couldn't find any in the supermarkets over there!
  • Hi guys,

    In for my third consecutive Valencia and would echo all the positive things that Gipfel said. However, would also agree about not getting to the start too late. For porridge, you can buy oat flakes or “copos de avena” as they are called in Spanish in any supermarket.

    Good luck with the FIRST program Gipfel.  I used it for my first marathon and found the paces for the two midweek speed sessions very aggressive and hard to achieve. I also got injured about three weeks out and missed a fortnight’s running but that might just have been coincidence. I ran 3:27:xx. Anyway, that was my experience but that doesn’t mean to say it’ll be the same for you and it might give you the new training stimulus you seem to be seeking.

    Kenny, do you have a preference for P&D or Hansons? I’ve used P&D three times and ran 3:13, 3:28 & 3:12. The 3:28 was down to warm weather and stupid pacing by me, not the fault of the plan, which is I think is very good. I did the < 55 miles plan but extended some of the long and medium runs and probably peaked at about 63 miles. However, for Valencia 2017 I felt I needed a new training stimulus so did the Hansons 12 week 70 mile plan and ran 3:06. I repeated that for the undulating Madrid Marathon last weekend and had a 3:04. I feel that both Hansons and P&D prepare you very well and, like you seem to, think the MP miles are really important.

    Thanks for the weather analysis. The last two Valencias weren’t too bad at all, especially 2016. 2017 got slightly warm at the end but there was a lot of shade from the buildings.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    LT, excellent to hear you're in again! I remember you saying after 2017 that it was the kind of race that keeps bringing people back – definitely seems to be the case. (Good point about the porridge too; I must admit I was only looking for the instant pots and never thought to look for normal oat flakes!) Congratulations on your excellent Madrid time – you must be happy with that. How did you find the Madrid event generally, compared with Valencia? Am actually considering spending a day or two there after Valencia – there is apparently a fast train there, and our friends who live in Valencia say it's a great city.

    Thanks also for the insights about the FIRST training – I've struggled to find much online about people's experiences with it (have seen a fair few posts from those who were thinking of starting it, but not much follow-up), so it's really interesting to hear from someone who did actually use it for a marathon. I completely agree that the paces for the first two sessions are punishing – next race I'm doing/taking seriously is a 5k, in June, and they seem appropriate enough for that! Although I am managing the paces so far, I'm not following the program properly yet – have been doing the 2x speed sessions, but my weekly 'long' runs are relatively short at the moment. Will see if I carry on coping when I start building them up and eventually start the 16-week plan in August...another issue for me is that I've used my recent best 5k time to work out the various paces required, and although the predicted equivalent 10k and HM times given are reasonable, the equivalent marathon time is a good 22 minutes quicker than I've actually managed in real life, which would be lovely, but feels overly ambitious! I feel the caveat 'this assumes that you are properly trained for that distance' applies, which means I also feel rather sceptical about the relative lack of mileage/MP training, and how that's going to work out (or not). At least it's making me do some regular speedwork, if nothing else! Will follow other people's training methods with interest.

    Kenny, how was Hamburg? I know you didn't feel in shape for it, but hope you had an enjoyable experience nonetheless.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    Kenny - I suspect Valencia is the fastest marathon in Spain.  I ran it in 2017, and got a PB, and what struck me was the relative number of faster runners, that kinda take you away with them in their slipstream.  For example, 3 times as many Valencia marathoners go sub 3 versus those than run Barcelona, though similar numbers run both.  As others have said, its fast, flat, well-organised, noisy with lots of music, and relatively straight roads to run upon.  Plenty of shade in the second half of the race and a jaw-dropping finish.  I won't be running this year as doing Malaga the week after.
  • Gipfel - thanks! The biggest difference between Madrid & Valencia is the profile of the course. Whilst Valencia is dead flat, Madrid is very undulating. Nothing too steep but you nearly always seem to be going uphill or downhill to varying degrees. The last five or six kms from the river to the finish line at the Prado Museum is on the rise virtually all the way. It actually used to be closer to 10km uphill when it finished in the Retiro Park but the City Council made them change the route this year. Crowd support is pretty good and seems to have grown since I first did it in 2014. You don’t get the peñas, organized groups in dancing in fancy dress or playing instruments, in Madrid but being a Rock n Roll event you do get bands at various points although I was a lot less aware of them compared to the roadside animation in Valencia. No complaints about the organization and a nice Adidas technical shirt too.

    Madrid would be well worth a visit after Valencia. The AVE (high speed train) is a very comfortable way to travel and whizzes you up to Madrid in no time. I’d definitely go for that option over a domestic flight or coach.

    RE FIRST, my feeling is that it might be better for shorter distances and it’ll be interesting to see how you get on with it. I just feel that for marathons their plan doesn’t really prepare you but that’s only my opinion and I’m sure there maybe plenty who disagree. Rather than do the cross - training, I prefer to do easy recovery runs rather than bike or swims as I feel that this is more specific training. I’m aware that the cross - training gives your body a rest from the pounding but, as I said in my previous post, I think their speed work paces are too aggressive which negatively offsets the recovery from the cross - training, at least that was my experience. Anyway, good luck with it and for your race in June. I guess you can experiment with it over the spring and summer and then decide.

    OO - that’s a very interesting stat comparison between Barcelona and Valencia. Valencia seems to attract a lot of fast runners from all over Europe and, in the last few years at least, has attracted the strongest elite fields for marathons held in Spain. Sammy Kitwara won last year’s race in 2:05:15, a Spanish all comers record, and the guy in second place ran 2:05:30. It’s definitely a growing event in more ways than one.

    214 days to go!

  • Hi guys,

    Just booked my accommodation and if you haven’t done it yet, I’d get on it very quickly as there’s not masses left which is conveniently situated for the start / finish. I’m further away than I’d like to be but it’s manageable and I know the area. It’s also seems to already be a lot more expensive than what I recall from previous years.
  • KennyMKennyM ✭✭✭
    Prices seem to have gone up a bit since I booked a few weeks ago. I'd suggest booking somewhere on a rate which can be cancelled and then if you see something better later on you can commit and cancel your original booking but you'll always have a backup. still seem to have availability for Sat/Sun at most places near start from what I can tell. The 4* TRYP seems to be the best value at the moment within a few minutes walk.

    Where have you booked Little Theodor? 

    Ouch Ouch - thanks. I'm looking forward to this.

    Gipfel - I ran about 20k in Hamburg and then had a nice visit to the city. I dropped out at a point that let me get back to the start to see the elites come home. Thanks for remembering!  I would highly recommend the event if anybody is considering a Spring marathon next year. 

    I've increased my mileage in the last few weeks and I'm trying to build a bit of a base before the real training starts! I don't want to visit another European city and not be able to race!
  • Big BertieBig Bertie ✭✭✭
    Hello all! Back again...

    So after missing out on last year’s event due to illness (that also scuppered Chicago!) and being hampered by the heat at this year’s VLM, I’m hoping it’s fourth time lucky for me!

    Flights and hotel booked (Style Apartments Puerto Valencia), just need to book my race entry now!

    Sounds like if the weather Gods are smiling on us it’s a definite PB course, so let’s hope for an injury free training plan for all and lots of pre-Christmas PBs!
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    All this talk about Valencia is bringing back happy memories from last year. I could easily be persuaded to enter again this year. Great event and interesting city. Yes, it does attract a good field of runners. (There were 30 in my 70+ age group.) Not sure how the new date will affect the event?
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Hi all, I do love to see this thread filling up again – glad to see people returning, or at least thinking of it. LT, thanks for the warning about hotel prices – they do definitely seem more expensive than last year! After some indecision about dates/plans, went on a booking frenzy yesterday and am staying at the Holiday Inn, which strangely appeared at a much cheaper rate yesterday than the previous day (I confess I was also swayed by the inclusion of the buffet breakfast, which I'll enjoy on the other days even if not race day). Flights are sorted (seem very cheap still), and have organised a couple of days in Madrid afterwards, so all is good. Just the small matter of the training now...

    Thanks, LT and Kenny, for the info about Madrid and Hamburg, respectively. Both sound well worth doing!

    Looks like a warm weekend for running coming up...I'll be thinking of Valencia when I go for my long run! Talking of which, most of my long runs have not in fact been overly long of late, so I'm aiming to do a little more this weekend. Thinking of heading to the nearest seafront for a flat out and back, finishing at a café with a coffee at least, assuming of course that a Radler is not available!
  • Kenny - made a booking that can be cancelled more in case of injury but I think I’ll see if I can get something better in terms of location / price. Hamburg sounds good. A friend of mine who’s done it also rated it.

    BB - better luck this year.

    MrM2 - I think the change in date will make very little difference in that it’s only a week later.

    Gipfel - glad you got your accommodation all sorted. That sounds like a very nice running plan for this weekend.

    210 days to go! 

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