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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I've been out for 10 miles today - second half at MP. Went pretty well. I can feel my niggly bits but they weren't horrible.

    Regarding flights and stuff, do we need to attend an expo on the Saturday to get our numbers? Just wondering when to book the outbound flight for.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    How's everyone doing? I got a good 18 miler in on Sunday and a 10 and a 7 since then. Achilles is still grumpy - I don't think that's going to change any time soon, but I can deal with it for now. Very hot here in London so I'm getting out before 6am most mornings.
  • Big BertieBig Bertie ✭✭✭
    Good going Cal. I’ve had a very quiet (running wise) June and July. Mainly due to a mixture of work, trips to Russia and just a bit of mental fatigue with running! Sometimes it’s good to take a break!

    That said, I’m back in the saddle this week. Currently on holiday (an hour’s drive from Valencia coincidently) and been out for a easy 5/6 miles every morning so far. Will keep this up for the rest of the holiday, ready to start with my plan on 31st July! 18 week countdown starts then!
  • Hi Cal,

    Sounds like you’re getting some reasonable training in despite the ongoing achilles thing.

    I’m ticking over. Right gluteal isn’t 100% but seems to me more of an issue when I wake up or stand up after being sat down for some time. Same for the back of the right thigh. Guess the two are connected.

    To answer your earlier question, you definitely need to arrive on the Saturday (or Friday) in order to pick up your number. No same day collections I believe.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well, they literally are connected. Sounds like it could be high hamstring tendinopathy (basically inflammation of the tendon at the top of the hamstring). I have that, although it's no longer acute. If that's the case, the one thing not to do is stretch it - it really doesn't like that. I had to back off yoga a lot because the stretching was making it worse. The prescription is a lot of glute exercises and hamstring strengthening.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    How is everyone? I've had a busy couple of weeks, being on holiday then starting a new job, and among all that, the dratted Achilles problems. Both feet were really playing up after a week's walking (even though I did no running), so I saw the physio. It turns out that the issues aren't the Achilles themselves, but the bursa next to them, which has got inflamed – it may all be the fault of my Innovate Roclite boots, which I've been wearing for a few long walks because (ironically) they're so comfy, but they supposedly don't have a stiff enough heel. The good news is that running is allowed, and the pain isn't enough to stop me if I know I'm not doing serious damage. So I'm getting into training again after having backed off for the best part of 3 weeks; not a minute too soon, as it's not long till my official 16-week training plan starts!

    Cal, hope your foam rolling, etc. is helping your Achilles. These niggles are really so frustrating, although it's good if it's not stopping you too much. I've been prescribed the foam rolling (which I'm not good at doing), along with icing/stretching/not wearing my Roclites. It sounds anyway as if you're getting some really decent running in. I fear it'll be a while till I'm up to 18 miles again, but it's a great position to be in at this stage!

    BB, hope the first week of your plan is going well!

    LT, hope your niggles are also not too problematic. Back on the subject of mountain walking, we did indeed do that exact walk near Zell and I agree, it was really scenic - I have a lot of great photos from that day! Switzerland was stunning and I'd definitely recommend it - we were staying in Wengen in the Jungfrau region and the views from everywhere around there are amazing (the shape of the valley seems to allow for a lot of panoramic views from all directions, and you're also pretty close to a lot of the huge mountains, e.g. we did a walk along the 'Eiger North Face Trail', which literally skirts the North Face. But there's really a huge amount of good walking there). It's not the cheapest place I've ever been, but isn't as hideously expensive as I was expecting either. The towns/villages themselves can get quite crowded with visitors, but like anywhere, as soon as you get out on a quieter trail, you find yourself more or less on your own.

    Has everyone seen this year's T-shirt design, which I think was just announced yesterday? I'm keen on the black colour and the overall design looks nice (although the writing is a bit big/childish, if I'm being very picky!). My vest from last year has ended up becoming one of my favourites to wear for running and the gym, so I'm looking forward to another one!
  • Oh that's nice - I've never had a souvenir vest before and I prefer to wear vests in summer (for obvious reasons!)
    Gipfel, I also saw my physio yesterday. He didn't seem to think I should stop running - just stuck his elbow into various parts of me and suggested I do more calf raises, not just the heel drops. Root of the cause is my SI joint, which is a bit sticky and has caused problems in the past.
    Anyway, whatever he did to me helped this morning and I got a 13 miler done with only mild grumbling (I actually noticed the left achilles more - it's not as bad as the right but it slightly tender and was probably compaining because I rolled my ankle for the third time in as many weeks).
  • Three sessions in and my running mojo is slowly returning! Still got some way to go before I’m banging out 18 milers but I’ll be there soon! 90 min LSR on Sunday will be a good test. 

    Not seen the t-shirt or vest but definitely agree it would be good to have the latter as a change to the hundreds of t-shirts I have stuffed in the draw!

    Good to hear people’s injuries are behaving (most of the time). I’ve never suffered with achilies pain (my injury of choice is a long standing pelvic tendinopathy) but imagine it’s a difficult one to shift. Hard to completely rest that part of your body. Really hope you all manage these pesky injuries and they don’t interfere too much with your training!

    Just as an aside, entered London and Tokyo today. Fingers crossed that the ballot fairies are smiling on me!
  • I got a 21 miler done today. I should note that I am running Chester 8 weeks prior to Valencia so if I seem like I'm further ahead, that's why.
    Should add I did this off hardly any sleep due to a mixture of heat and two lots of neighbours being noisy into the small hours. Can't wait for colder weather.
  • Hello all,

    I have entered the Valencia marathon for 2018, but not sure if I will make it to collect the bibs and bag on the Saturday, my flight arrives 7.30pm not sure if I will make it before 9pm. I am aware that you can collect your bib numbers on the Sunday, day of the event but then cannot leave your bags. does anyone know if there is any other way of collecting these or any organisations that can do this for a fee?

    Apologies for the random question, just concerned all this training will go down the drain.

  • I would drop them an email.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Juan, I agree with Cal - drop the organisers an email. In my experience, they are really helpful and respond to queries very quickly. If all else fails, post on here again. Perhaps one of us could collect your bib for you!

    How is everyone's running? Cal, sounds as if things are still going well for you (21 miles in the bag seems great at this stage, even for the earlier date of Chester - I look forward to hearing what you think of that one - it seems a very well-liked event). I have finally shaken off the worst of my Achilles bursitis, and ran 14 miles on Sunday, which went relatively well considering I hadn't done that distance for a while - so I felt relieved to have got it under my belt, as I was starting to feel a bit under prepared (I know it's ages to go, but last year I was routinely doing weekly long runs before my official training kicked in!). My 16-week training plan officially started today with an evil 1600m interval session, and I was really happy to complete the intervals at the prescribed pace for the first time (have tried the session before and couldn't manage either the complete set of intervals or the pace). Maybe wearing last year's Valencia vest helped...
  • Good stuff Gipfel! Always good to get off to a good start...

    I’m on an 18 week plan which was tough at first (given the best part of two months inactivity preceding that) but by the end of last week I was starting to feel good and running at the sort of pace I’d expect to be.... then... picking up my little girl on Saturday I pulled a muscle in my lower back! That put paid to my LSR on Sunday. I tried a gentle ‘recovery’ run yesterday but only a few steps in I had to stop (the jarring/impact was just too painful) so now it’s just rest until it’s better. Hopefully it will be no more than a week or so and as we’re still 15/16 weeks out it shouldn’t be a problem; just very frustrating!
  • Thanks all for your comments and Gipfel for your offer. I did email them, they requested for me to go in the morning before the race. Ive just changed my flight to go out on the Friday and just have an extra day out there.

    Again thank you all, shall be sticking around on this forum.

  • Gipfel, good that you're on top of your achilles problems finally! Mine was really gnarly on Monday but that's not surprising - I did a weekend double (10K Saturday and 5K Sunday, and the latter had a freaking great hill in the middle which I didn't realise when I entered the damned thing). I did 10 miles today and it was less tetchy. I'll just have to be smart about it and make sure I do my strength exercises.
    Bertie, ooh no, that's not good! I've tweaked muscles in my back a few times and they are usually quick to recover, but very painful for a few days. Take it easy eh?
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Bertie, oh no, that is indeed not good! Let's hope as Cal says that it's quick to recover. These things are definitely so frustrating, and always seem to happen when your running is going well. At least it's happened now rather than in a few weeks' time...and if you were feeling good before, should be a quick return to that state...

    Cal, that sounds promising then if you did 10 miles and the Achilles wasn't too grouchy. Sad though it sounds, I'm so forgetful about strength exercises that I ended up putting calendar entries in my phone in an attempt to make myself do them regularly! Don't know why I can't just get in a proper habit of doing them. Double race sounds quite gruelling and I'm guessing would be excellent training, although too tiring if done too often...

    Juan, that's good news and glad you managed to change your flight - I arrived on Friday last year (am doing so again) and it was nice to have a spare day there.

    Am now debating whether to run tonight or tomorrow - weather outside is grey and unappealing - days like this make me look forward to the blue skies of Valencia even more!
  • Not too painful but definitely frustrating! About an hour before I tweaked I was saying how this morning’s run was the first run since I returned that I felt good! Like you say, better now than nearer the time. 

    Cal - sounds like you’re getting stuck in well. Have you got any ‘target’ races before Valencia?

    One of my big dilemas when marathon training is how many races to enter. Some still race most weeks during training, others leave races well alone. I guess a happy medium is the answer. Recently I’ve tended to leave them but I’ve got five planned between now and Valencia which is a couple more than normal.

  • Hi Guys,

    Gipfel - your holiday in Switzerland sounds really good. Interesting to read your comments on the price of things there. I’ve always been put off by the idea of going somewhere and not being able to go out and have a few beers and something to eat in the evening due to prohibitive costs. Good to read you did the Zell Saalbach walk. I still enjoy looking at the photos of our hike there.

    I quite like the Valencia T-shirt design for this year. One minor peeve though is that the women get the vest but the men always get a T-shirt. It’d be good to have the choice or get a vest one year but there you go.

    Sounds like both you and Cal are getting some good mileage in now and that the injuries seem to be manageable. 21 miles was a good effort Cal.1600m intervals is a real ‘welcome to the training plan’ session. I always dread the first interval or LT sessions on the plan.

     I’ve done 45 and 49 miles the past two weeks and have two or three more weeks of base building to go before I start my training plan for Valencia. Still getting a bit of gyp from the right glute but not as bad as it was. Back of the thighs are getting quite tight at times though.

    BB - glad the back seems to have recovered quickly. I like to get a prep race in before a marathon around five weeks out. I find it can be a good confidence booster or reality check and really good for refining goal times. Sounds like you do a lot of races. I typically do 10 between October and the end of June.

    For those not flying directly to Valencia, I think there’s info on the website now about train discounts.
  • Big BertieBig Bertie ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    I used to do a lot more races than I do now. I doubt I’ll do more than 10 races in 2018.

    Certainly agree I like to have a race a few weeks out (a half about six weeks before) and a 10k about 3 weeks out. I’ve got a couple more this time as it helps with the monotony of training!

    It will also help me with goal setting as I’ve been relatively light on training this year to date so a bit unsure where I’ll be fitness wise. 

    Sounds like you’re getting a good solid base prior to starting your plan. Easy to underestimate the need for that but looks like you’re nailing it. 
  • Are you getting any massage, Little T? Sounds like you need one.

    Bertie...just a bit. Maidenhead half in two weeks, Richmond half (with a low key 5K fun run the day before) on September 16th, then Chester Marathon on October 7th (which is, rather scarily, only 7 weeks away now). I haven't scheduled anything between Chester and Valencia but it might happen if I feel good.

    11 miles today. Felt tired. Didn't have a great night's sleep.
  • Marathon as a warm up for a marathon! I like it!

    Is either Chester or Valencia your main target or are they far enough apart that you can give them both your best shot?
  • Chester was my main target - I entered Valencia later on a whim. But unless I get sick or injured in between, no reason I can't push myself in both.
  • Good for you. Sounds like you’re on course for a good run at Chester. 

    Might test the back out today...
  • Thanks all, this is my first Marathon so at the beginning of my training. Have completed a few half marathons this year and have another 2 booked in before Valencia. Hoping to increase my mileage to 21 miles before the big day and hoping to find the rest, on the day. Currently running 4 runs a week and that includes track day with interval training etc. Any tips or advice will be taken onboard. :-)

    Silly question- does anyone here use hydration packs for marathon runs? I am thinking this will slow me down.

  • Juan, I use a belt with two small bottles on it for my long training runs. I must admit it's a bit lacking during the warmer months - I could definitely do with more water than they hold. For racing, though, no - I just drink the water that's handed out on course.

    Another 21 miler logged today - 5 minutes quicker than the last one, although it was a different route. I've crossed the 50 mile threshhold for the first time, with 54 miles done this week. Feeling rather tired now!
  • Juan, I only use a gel belt (no fluids) so don’t use a hydration pack.
    The less you can get away with carrying the better as even losing just a small amount of weight makes a big difference when you’re doing 26+ miles!
    My advice would be to experiment in training and see what’s the least you can get away with. Check beforehand what drinks/gels are being handed out on the course and try these during training so you know your body agrees with them in race day!

    Cal, another strong run today. I managed 40 mins yesterday and 1h45m today with only minimal back pain, so looks like I’m back in track. Tuesday’s hill session will be a good test. 
  • Bertie - I sometimes think about doing a 10k a few weeks out from a marathon but worry about getting injured and don’t like to shorten my Sunday long run. Did a half marathon three weeks before a marathon four or five years ago and got crocked so that plays on my mind too. Have you got any specific races in mind before Valencia?

    Juan, I’m with Bertie on this and like to run as minimally as possible. In a marathon I take two gels with me and the water available on course. I try to keep these things to a minimum in training too in an effort to get the body to use its natural reserves more efficiently. My worst marathon experiences have coincided with when I took more gels and energy drinks although my demise was because my early pacing wasn’t conservative enough. All the extra gels and energy drinks did was to give me an uncomfortably bloated stomach but I guess different things work for different people.

    Cal - take your point about getting a massage but I’m living and working away from home right now so not so easy to sort especially as I’m really busy right now. Some good mileage last week and a very decent sounding long run. You seem to be building up nicely for Chester. Hope you’ve had another good week’s training.
  • Thanks Theo. I logged 56 this week - my highest ever, and a 20 mile run. I would have run further but my colon had other ideas. :s
    But it's probably just as well I didn't - I have Maidenhead half next weekend and I'm hoping for a PB.
    On the plus side, 20 seems quite easy now.
  • That’s excellent Cal, both the weekly mileage and the fact that 20 seems to be straightforward for you now. Are you doing a mini taper for Maidenhead or training right through?

    52 miles for me this week just gone. Hope to back it up with something similar this week.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Good going, everyone. For 20 to feel quite easy must mean you're in brilliant shape, Cal. Bet the half will seem nice after that - I hope you can manage your PB, or at least somewhere close to it!

    I have a 20-mile race coming up on Sunday - don't quite feel ready for that distance, having only done 15 miles last Sunday, and nowhere near 20 for ages! It seemed too good an opportunity to miss, though, as there aren't many flat events of that distance around - it just required swapping one week in my training plan and doing 20 followed by 17 rather than the other way round. Needless to say, I won't be 'racing', but will be running at the plan's prescribed pace of 60 secs slower than marathon pace! I have three halves booked in before Valencia. However, like Sunday's 20-miler, I won't be properly racing any of them. One is an excuse to visit family, while the other two are in nice places and I will just be enjoying the scenery!

    I'm midway through the third week of my training plan, and so far have followed it to the letter, although yesterday's interval run (1200m, 1000m, 800m, 600m and 400m, with 200m recoveries) was extremely tough. I've never done a session quite like that (I mainly do equal length intervals) and somehow on paper it didn't sound that bad, but I couldn't believe how hard it was! Still, must be good training, and my legs weren't completely shot afterwards, even if my breathing was.

    It's interesting to hear everyone's thoughts on hydration. I have contemplated getting a hydration pack, just because in my two marathons so far (where I've just taken a gel belt with 2 gels, and relied on the stations for fluids) I have struggled to drink water at the stations without stopping/wasting loads of time/getting out of my rhythm and legs not wanting to start running again. I really like wearing a hydration pack while out for long walks, but of course a walk is not the same, and it's a fair point about not wanting to be weighed down! I have also struggled with 'too many gels/energy drinks' syndrome, after running out of steam and having more than I should in an attempt to get some energy back - so am inclined to agree with the approach of having as little as possible. Will be experimenting with nutrition/hydration over the next few weeks, as it's something that I've definitely not got right yet...

    Bertie, good news on the back front - really glad to hear you're on the mend. Hope the hill session went ok!
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