P&D Autumn Marathon 2017



  • Outstanding stuff OO & Joe, that's another place slipped down in the thread rankings, all good motivation for London.

    Nice racing John and Jools. 

    Tom - Fantastic 10k race. What's the marathon motivation situation? Is it unfinished business or will you be focusing on shorter distances?

    HA - Nice Wombeling free of work, it's madness that you have to be there and can just head out for 20 mile runs!

    Good speed on the bike Scott.

    I was busy on the drink and at Twickers watching the Rugby on Saturday but got a couple of sessions in yesterday. Tempo type 90 minutes on the bike and then 7 mile run with 3 x 1 mile efforts inserted. Miles came out 5:33 average, I was reasonably pleased to get those very close to 5k race pace on muddy roads with just a float recovery. My mileage is slowly building each week and got 40 miles in last week. Plan is to get up to the 55-70 plan level and then loosely follow that.

    I think I'll be following the volume level, both in weekly total and quality but I'll be doing my own quality sessions or more precisely sessions stolen from other plans. I'll also replace the MLRs with a weekly commute double and probably lose a recovery for a bike ride.

    Whose turn is it to set up the new thread, maybe we'll get some new blood, old faces and delurkers?
  • Great result John.
    Indeed that 5M translates to an 18:37 5K which is close to my SB of 18:28 in April
  • Jools - Top racing!
    Tom - Impressive 10k!
    OO - Brilliant PB, congrats!!
    Joe - Awesome running, congrats on the PB!
    John - Nice AG win!

    Managed a 10k this weekend (easy running), still trying to shake this cough though!! After reading this thread though, I'm well up for starting my P&L plan in a few weeks!!

    In other news, sorted my autumn marathon......I'll be in New York!! Buzzing for this can't wait!
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    New thread is up. Forgot to tell everyone.
  • Congratulations on the massive pbs Joe and Ouch Ouch, quite amazing really.

    Jooligan - well done on the 5 mile pb. Well done too JohnOz on the age category win. And finally good to see Tom cracking out a great 10k time.

    I managed a 17.09 course pb without especially being front of grid or going to the well at parkrun on Saturday morning. So I'm happy with how fitness is trending.

    New York eh Steve ! Nice.
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