Card fraud

Anybody had their c/card fraudulently used lately? Myself & 3 other running pals all just have & the thing in common is that all 4 of us entered races who's entry payment system is the same company (I won't name them yet but they are a company that process payments for a LOT of races).

I'm fairly certain this company has had their customer database compromised as at least 2 of my pals rarely use their card for anything.

Check your cards for suspicious activity.


  • Reports of about a dozen people affected now.
    Adrian - I think you should advise us which company it was, or allegedly which company you think it might be and do us all a favour.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    It is active I believe,heard quite a few people who have had cards misused now and most are through that site.
  • Yes it is & I've now heard of over a dozen people who've advised that they've had fraudulent activity on their card, most of them in the last two weeks, all of them who signed up for races via

    This company process entries for a LOT of races, almost all runners will have signed up for a race through them.  I've contacted their security yesterday asking for a statement & they've ignored me so far.

    Six people from my own running club  have already reported that they were affected, and 4 of our friends.  Lots of others from other clubs are reporting the same thing.

    Adrian - thanks for that.  I too have entered a few races recently using active.   I hate their website and find it so annoying after you've entered a race that they try and entice you to take out their so called insurance by agreeing to a free trial, I wonder if that insurance covers you for card fraud!! :D

    I checked my card transactions at the weekend but I'll do it again in a couple of days.

    I just googled card fraud and this isn't the first time this has happened with this company.  

    Most of the other complaints are from those that find they've been charged for their 'Advantage' scheme after the free trial.  But they are sneaky, it's at the foot after you've done a race entry and I can see how easy it would be to tick the box without realised what it was.   I thought these type of charges being made after a free trial were going to become illegal in this country.
  • This is very much still an issue, still getting reports of new card fraud as recently as today from users.

    I've tried to get a response from Active 5 times now & been ignored every time.  Scandalously poor by them
    Adrian - is this card fraud or have Active charged them for their Advantage scheme?
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    Shades-The ones I've heard about are card fraud.a couple in my club have had their card details used elsewhere after using active,definitely nothing to do with the advantage scheme.
  • Someone tried to take hundreds off Mrs Worry's card, luckily bank spotted it and refused transaction and cancelled her card. Not sure if its related to Active or not (she is also a runner). 
  • All card fraud (I do agree their Advantage Scheme is barely more than a scam as it's designed to get people to signup without realising IMO). But this is card fraud i.e. people's cards being used on sites like, justeat, roomba etc after they's used them to pay via I know of over 20 examples now.

    Adrian - the card issuer is the one you should contact and tell them the connection between and the card fraud.   Could also put the word around to race organisers whose events you've entered via website so they might consider using another race entry system in the future.

    Bloody crooks :#

  • Yep, I informed the card issuer a week ago & told them of the many other people who're experiencing it.  They showed little sign of understanding or caring.
    I had my card scammed earlier this year, they try it out on something small, on mine it was £6 for parking in London and then go for something bigger, in my case it was £3,300 but my card issuer sent me a text asking if it was a valid purchase and it didn't go through.  They refunded me the £6 too straight away.   

    I did a race entry 2 weeks ago on and I'm keeping an eye on my transactions.

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    In my case it was £3500 which the card issuer didn't notice or block! (amazing since they never allow me to buy anything for that much without blocking it).  As an aside, this was 10 days ago & they assured me my account would be credited back.  It still hasn't been so I just rang them again & was told eventually "yes, that should have been processed but there was a technical hitch, we'll do it in the next 48 hours".  So presumably had I not rang again I'd have been £3500 out of pocket as I pay via DD.  Pretty poor......

    Back on the subject of they continue to ignore me.  I've been told by other guys at my running club that if people post on their social media they are deleting it.

    I'm wondering if a next sensible step is to point out what's going on to publications like Runners World & see if they're interested in running a story on it.
    Adrian - that's poor service from your card provider especially as you pay by DD, and if you'd had insufficient funds in that account they probably would have marked your card as a poor payer. 

    I doubt RW would be the slightest bit interested.  We need a financial body/ombudsman to deal with for us.

    The last race entry I did on I know the race organiser so I will email him and tell him what's going on.

    I've just received a text from my credit card provider saying that due to fraud prevention measures I cannot use my card and I will receive a new one in 7 to 10 days.   I've just checked my account and at the moment there are no fraudulent transactions there (yet)!   This is not the card that I used most recently on so now I have to check both accounts every couple of days. :#

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    I had my card cancelled yesterday for the same reason Shades - and I did use in on last month.  No suspicious activity, but at least the CC company were on the ball.  I have other cards I can use, but it must be a nightmare for some people having their card cancelled in the run up to Christmas.
    Nessie - I don't know how folk manage if they only have one credit card, I try and avoid using my debit card online as don't want my bank account compromised too.  

    Last time my card issuer replaced my card, just a few months ago, I did receive it much quicker than the 7-10 days

    So which marathon have you just entered then? ;)

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Inverness half :)

    I have several credit cards, opened to take advantage of certain promotions, but tend to use the same one most of the time.  Like you, I don't use my debit card online, so at least have some protection that way.  I very rarely use cash at all these days - mostly for the kids school trips and sports clubs. 
    Nessie - good for you, that's a popular race.   I'm not sure if I'll be up for Loch Ness next year as I think an event in Ireland that I've chosen may be the same weekend.

    I'm off to the supermarket now and I'm going to pay cash!!

  • That's interesting info guys.  I wonder if the c/card issuers are now cancelling any card that's been used by Either that or do know which cards are compromised & have quietly provided that info to the credit card companies & it's just those being cancelled?

    I only use one c/card & it took 9 days to get a replacement, which hindered my Christmas shopping rather......!
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    I've just checked my credit cards and the card that is being replaced was used to enter Newport marathon on 5th Oct via

    My other credit card I've used twice in November for race entries on, I will check that account again tomorrow.

    Just found this

    Adrian - there's new group on FB set up if you're interested called Boycott, collating any evidence and trying to spot any trends
  • was just reading this thread out of interest, but I also got a text a few days ago telling me my credit was being cancelled due to fraud prevention measures, and yes, I have used that card to pay for race entries via active - not sure if that is the connection but it seems too much of a coincidence!  I might have a look at fb group...
    mathschick - I can't specifically link my card cancellation or last year's card scam to but I have seen enough evidence from others to convince me that there is a link and that I'd be a fool to use their website again. don't seem to be replying to emails or issuing a statement which I see as somewhat damning evidence that there is a problem.
    I sent an email to on Friday saying that I had heard that runners were having their credit cards cloned and that I considered their website unsafe and wouldn't be using it again.   I have received a reply this morning....

    Thank you for contacting Customer Support.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We take concerns like this very seriously and will work with the relevant parties regarding the issue.


    We value your business and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 


    You should contact your card issuing bank or institution to find out information related to a specific account. This number can be found on the back of the credit or debit card. Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. 


    Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions or take a peek at our Help Center to find answers to some common questions.

    Thank you,

    Alicia Liu, Support
    ACTIVE Network

    So a fairly standard reply, but no denial that there is a problem and no assurances that their website is safe.

  • strange email, they are not likely to admit anything though, realistically

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    strange email, they are not likely to admit anything though, realistically

    It's strange that they don't say that they operate a safe and secure system on their website either. 
  • That Facebook group is gathering pace quickly. 21 members yesterday now up to 57.

    I suspect won't be able to hush this up much longer.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    SHADES said:
    strange email, they are not likely to admit anything though, realistically

    It's strange that they don't say that they operate a safe and secure system on their website either. 
    I wonder if it's because they are a US based company?  I know they are way behind on things like chip-and-pin for credit cards, so perhaps their regulations aren't as stringent as the UK either.
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