Knee Pain with new shoes

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Okay, so after a little time off I decided to get back into this drug we call running. I'd been smashing it out at the gym every couple of months but thought I better hit the road after a two year break. So I went to get some new shoes. The shoe shop said I needed some support. Which was strange as up to that point I had been a neutral runner. But I listened to their advice and found a shoe that they said was 'Supporting me' So goodbye my love affair with Ghosts and hello to Asics. 

A week in to my new shoes and a little knee pain started. Felt like it was twisted but it subsided after a mile or two. thought nothing off it. Until walking also became a little painful and now any attempt at a run is a NO NO. 

My question, is the knee pain from the wrong shoes? Should I actually be in a support. As my right leg is fine and feel no pain. What do I do to get the knee back to normal. But also can you actually change your gait over time? Or was the shoe shop wrong to say I needed support and in fact - I was never pronating. (their treadmill was a bit jerky and bumpy and we used my old Ghost 7's that were worn down)

Any advice or help would be most welcome. 



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    You are supposed to wear them on your feet. 
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    Sorry, feeble joke. 

    As you have only recently returned could it be a case of too much too soon? 
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    Go back to running in your old shoes. If that helps your knee pain, then it might be the shoes that are the problem and you can get another pair of the same. If it doesn't help, it's probably not the shoes.
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    Totally agree with other people, go back to your old shoes and see what happens. However your gait can change over time so it might be something else.
  • Which model of Ascis shoes do you have.. I have two pairs of Ascis GT2000, as I pronate a bit, but not a massive amount. I also have a pair of Brooks GTS shoes for pronators.

    I have found over the years, doing deadlifts, squats, core work and strengthening up the glute's (abductor machines) helps stabilise the body to be able to run without injury.

    If it was the new shoes I'd expect you to have discomfort in both knees.  So you may just have picked up an injury, perhaps from too much too soon.   

    I agree with the others, go back to your old shoes when your injury heals and see how you get on then.
  • definitely go back to your old shoes. If the knee pain disappears then you know you're in the wrong shoes. If it knee pain can come from a host of different things.
  • Any kind of knee pain should not be taken lightly.. Must consult a good orthopaedic doctor.
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