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  • Hi, new to the site , took up running again this past year and doing my first 10 k on Sunday afternoon. I'm 39, My personal best is 48.40 , I was flying till about 6 wks ago picked up a calf strain and it sidelined me for a couple of weeks so my Garmin training was put on hold and I had to ease back into it , ,but not had any niggles since , and I'm hoping to push myself and shave a minute or two off that on race day , can comfortably run at 8.15 mile to 8 minute miles , ran about 3 mile today under 7.30 but was starting to slow , so don't know whether to go fast starting off and maybe the adrenaline will pull me through?? Or take it easier and build up speed as I go . Also any advice on eating , the race is at 3pm I always run in morning with just a banana beforehand? I'm thinking maybe porridge or weetabix for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch and maybe have banana half an hour before?? Thanks.
  • Just joined i can't post my own threads how do i ?
  • Hello! I'm glad to join your community
  • Hi everyone, I’m new here. Recently started running again (every year I seem to get into running for 3 months, then life gets in the way ☹️). I’m hoping to keep it up this time to counteract the weight that is creeping on.
    Just trying to up my post count so I can ask a question about strength training.
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