Ironman Lanzarote

Hi anyone here done Lanzarote Ironman,i am hoping to do it next May,any experinces to share and also any reccomended online coaches out there,have tried Joe Beer but never here back from him cheers


  • [pads off to find a rhino]
  • try RichardM - the forum resident lunatic - he is doing Lanagrotty this May after doing FLM in a rhino outfit......Jj will dig him up for ya....
  • thanks for that
  • LOL

    can't vouch for the lucidity of his reply - he's just having his birthday lunch!
  • OK will wait for him to sober up lol
  • Sober up? I wish. Just a couple of celebratory pints of Guinness (carbo loading obviously).

    IM Lanzarote. Not sure quite how much advice I can give as I haven't done it yet. One thing I would say though is try and get a week down at Club La Santa in early spring next year if you decide to do the race.

    As well as being the perfect warm weather venue for tri training it was brilliant to cycle the different parts of the course several times culminating in doing the full course on the penultimate day. Hills that were fearsome on the first day become old friends by the end of the week and whilst I shall be respecting the course next month I am certainly not afraid of it in spite of its legendary toughness.

    Its also good to get an idea of just how strong the wind can blow and how much it effects certain sections on the bike. Some days it was a struggle getting any speed at all on the flat into the wind, but then its the same for everybody isn't it?

    If anything I expect the tendency is to underestimate how hard an unsheltered and very hot run will be to finish. Everyone just dismisses it as being flat.

    All in all I can't wait. Doing it with six mates from my club, ranging from a couple of guys going for Hawaii qualification to others hoping just to finish.
  • I lived & trained at La Santa for 5 months and have done the IM there.

    Hot, hilly and very windy...
  • Thanks for that have been to La santa 5 times so have ridden most of the island and know how tough it can be,did you follow a particualr training plan good luck
  • Pants - didn't realise you did Tri as just go up and up in my hero list!
  • Um - you wait til you hear how GOOD he was, Count!
  • I USED to do tri as a youngster... PAST tense...

    IM Lanzarote was 1992, I believe. Smashed my collar bone up beforehand (complications = 3 months out!) and did it on 3 weeks training - NOT recommended!
  • If anyone's thinking of Lanzarotte 2005, let me know as I may be tempted if my first Ironman in July goes well (though I doubt it), still if it doesnt I have 9 months to put that right. Also considering IM Florida 2005 to...

    Im a just hoping to finish type by the way.
  • If only they had a pool swim for Lanzarote !
  • Carl i am deffo gonna do it in 2005,its got to be done having seen Matt Belfield win a few years ago i vowed to do it one day...
  • I thought hard about it but have decided it might be unwise as first ironman (and, on current event schedule, it would be only my 4th triathlon!).
    Austria 05 instead. Don't want to go to all that trouble and then bust out cos I'm not experienced enough to handle the wind.
    Also May ironman means hard winter training, which in UK = frostbite and drowning.
  • I did Lanzarote in 2000 and it was bloody hot and windy. 200 failed to finish.

    I did manage to finish though ended up having to walk 18miles of the marathon which was the worst experiance of my life.
    It got to the point where i was walking 20 steps then resting and so on until i crossed that finish line.

    The main problem for me was arriving only 2 days before the event which didnt get me used to the conditions.
    So i would advise at least a weeks preperation.
    When i say conditions, it was the heat realy. I live in cornwall so the wind was not a problem.

    I dont think you need to do a trainning camp there as this may put you off competing. The ironman is very do-able, just make sure you consentrate on the bike as this is the hardest part. The run is flat, just hot!!

    Im going back for more one day as 10hrs there is a possibility.
  • Boing.... lol Kind of Obvious it was this thread gtir.

    Somweone from the thread or somewhere else emailed me about meeting up to train for Lanzarotte 05 as I said id consider it. I will decide after Longest Day but I may not be able to afford it next year and given the choise would prefer Florida IM and Lanzarotte in 06 when im fitter - I'll see.
  • That was me who mailed you LOL
  • lol, I did reply, will consider it after ive done my first Ironman in July and let you know. Jury is still out and there is the cost issue.
  • Yes we have just booked to go and see this years one,it is costing a lot,will let you know what i decide if it isnt that one then maybe Austria 2005
  • austria 2004 is probably still open - we are having a little forum trip out there... me, jeffrey, monique, chris cooper - come along if you like
  • Bit too late ,need to get more training in ,looka a good event though,not as hot as Lanzarote as well,good luck
  • Hmmm,

    I might give Austria 05 some consideration. I'm thinking about doing the Vitruvian this year in a get round in one piece kind of way - so I'll see how I feel after that.
  • you agreed to do 04 t'other week Mr Dave...
  • I did not!

    You were too pissed to remember!!!

  • *you* said I was gonna Austria 04............

    ........that don't count
  • well if i said it, you've gotta do it

    didn't you read the small print?
  • Just checked the website and the entry is closed.......

  • I'm soooo disappointed
  • is it???

    wow it was open for ages yet last year, if you see what i mean
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