Wednesday session - 30th October



  • Hello all. Another retrospective today (I sometimes think no-one ever sees my post on these threads as I'm always about last).


    What: Nothing
    Why: Long run yesterday (and my running shoes are still drying!).
  • What: Nothing
    Why: Youngest's 6th birthday
    Last rest: Friday (& today!)
    Last hard: Saturday
  • what: spinning session ( 12 miles )
    why: cant run due to flu, thought id stay indoors and keep legs ticking over.
    last rest:last 10 days due to flu
    last hard: 20/10 croydon 10km
  • Laboured thru 5 miles in 34:53. Didn't feel q as stiff at the end as I did when I started....
    Oracle - why do you go by that name? It wouldn't be because you work with the eponymous RDBMS now would it???
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