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  • Ay up peeps
  • As the only female Y6 in her house Mini was told she was captain of the house netball team for yesterday's sports day - her first task was to find a team!

    I'm rather impressed to say she got together 2 Y6 boys, 3 Yr 4 girls & 2 Yr3 girls (inc Micro) - lost 2-0 with a team that was shortest out some of whom had never played the game before.
  • hi Will - you finished begging for funding?
  • My final (full) application is now in to both single pot and ERDF - i now wait for 4 weeks but its looking hopeful
  • found out on Friday that the project I've just started hasn't got (internal) funding coz 2 groups didn't talk to each other!

    Nick goes to bookshelf for "How to Write a Business Case in 20 Minutes"
  • a regional Knowledge dissemination programme, to SME’s, in an emerging IT field and to fund someone to sit on / influence the international standards committees
  • no, the somone will com from a regional company that are at the forefront of the said field
  • ooooo!

    I was doing a thingy on SMEs yesterday! I like the term 'micro-business' best. It's kinda cute.


    Nick - netball is the source of Will's greatest pride, and her greatest humility. Her school team always wins, the local team she plays for (and is captain of) always loses!!
  • For the purposes of that last post, Will = Willow.


  • Jj - did read it twice to twig that :)

    Apparently "because I want to" is not sufficent for the business case :)
  • my concern with the concept of Micro-Business is that when she understands about profit & loss she'll flog anything she can - granny watch out!

    Think Micro will be good salesman - she can swear black is white and then apply full range of emotional pressures if you dare to say no :)
  • My favourite bit is when: -

    They ask “What did you base your estimates on?”

    I reply “Heuristics!”

    In other words I guessed using my best judgement

  • Pixie - makes me laugh!

    There was one remarkable occasion at the local match - I caught the final quarter and she mouthed at me: '"We're winning!!"

    Then got the giggles and fluffed a pass.

  • heuristic - allowing students to learn by discovering things themselves and learning from their own experiences rather than by telling them things

    nice one Will, think I might well find myself using that one :)

  • lol!

    Right - Will-O will be getting no tea tonight. She only came third in discus. Tsk.


    </maternal boast>
  • Off to more meetings

  • t'ra willum
  • >>jump<<

    me? I'm busy w*rking
  • Help!
    I am in piggy mode despite vegetable quiche, salad and a huge huge slice of homemade banana cake.

    Mum has brought my sis and i a gingerbread man like the one from Shrek but haven't got the heart to eat him yet!!!

    Jj well done to Willow!

    Nick well done to Mini/Micro for sterling efforts!
  • Don't worry princess I am sure you are just replacing the energy used on your run earlier.
  • Bos-the run I did was last night!

    Pixie-hand cream?????

    >>>well puzzled look<<<
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