Blaydon Race 2005?


Does anyone know if there's an online application form for the 2005 Blaydon Race? I can't find anything anywhere. Perhaps it's not available yet?



  • Kaleel

    I hope I'm wrong, but I've heard that the Blaydon Race has been cancelled for 2005.
    This from a colleague at work whose girlfriend is in a local athletics club.
  • Hi XL-man,

    Blimey, I hope not - it'd be my first race! It's literally just down the road from me...

    I couldn't find a web site for the Blaydon Harriers, or whoever organises it. Any idea of any contact details? Thanks by the way for answering.

  • It is Blaydon Harriers who organise it.
    I'm surprised they don't have a website.
    I will try and find the info I was sent for last year's race to see if there is a contact.
    I entered on-line last year, but it wasn't nearly as early as this, so if, fingers crossed, the race does go ahead, I think you have plenty of time.

    I did this race for the first time last year and loved it.
  • Excellent. Thanks for that.
  • my (almost) boss's dad organises it.
    will be able to get no. for you after bank hol if you still need it
  • Morning,
    hope this race is still on for this year as I did it for the first time last year and enjoyed it.

    well organised event with tripe and a bottle of beer served to all finishers
  • Hi both,

    Ta for that Rhino - I want to enter as soon as poss so I force myself to train for it! I'm also going for the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon (runner's class, but me mostly walking!) in July, but want a couple of running races as milestones beforehand.

    They serve tripe, Northern Snail?! Let me at it!

  • Blaydon Harriers had a site containing loads of info about the Blaydon Race last year at:

    The site no longer exists though. I really hope this race is still going ahead. It was my first ever race last year and since then I've been hooked on running.
  • I hope so too. Someone here mentioned that the organiser died shortly after the race last year. I wonder if that's somthing to do with the uncertainty. Be a real shame if they didn't run it in their memory.
  • The race will be going ahead in 2005 and a new website is now up and running. I can't do links but it can be found at:

  • Nice one! Thanks for that.
  • Fantastic news!
  • Great news.
    Thanks GS

    Blaydon 2005

  • Got my entry form today ,posting it in the morning.
  • Missed it last year as it sold out v. quickly in advance and was totally peed off. This is a brill race and don't want to miss out this year - does anyone know when and where general entries will be on offer?
  • Hi,

    I've just checked the web site ( and there's still no form on the site. I can't find it searching on the Journal's site, either. How did you get the form, Big Dicko? Has it been printed in the Journal?

  • Kaleel

    Form was in The Journal last week,
    Entries online 'soon', whatever that means.
  • You can enter online now, from, one of the links on the left hand side of the screen takes you to a site where you can enter online.

    I have just entered and, as it is 11 days after the Raby Castle 10k and 10 days before the Blackpool half marathon, I will use it as a good training run.
  • Aha! Yes, I went there, but didn't scroll down to the bottom of the white box to get to the Blaydon Race. Excellent. Right, here first race... feet first then!
  • Hi everybody,thought it was time this thread was boinged. How is everybodys training going? I have persuaded 3 more people from my club to enter this year,just hope they yhave got in as entrys have already closed.
  • Has anybody got an entry confirmation yet? I was wondering when they go out
  • Hi,

    No not yet, but I think the site said something about mid May.

  • Hi - Has anyone got a spare number for the Blaydon Race

    contact me at
    0191 4188 284

    Many thanks Dave R
  • Thought it was time this was boinged .I hve been injured but after treatment today i hope to make it round. I am really looking forward to this event and looking forward to the real ale in the pub where i am stopping overnight.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Has anyone got a spare number for the Blaydon Race?

  • I just want to say how much I enjoyed last nights race

    Thank you to everybody involved in the organisation
  • Meyinall

    Wey aa sayed aa woz gannin forrit. 3 miles in 22 minutes inna thowt howay gan canny man; yah add, divv't hort yassel so aa follid this bonny lass we ne claes on but shu gorraway.

    Bonny chimmie withe aad Chain Bridge onnit; mind sommerthe bairns winnit knar worrit was.

    Aa thowt th pickle dish woz a bit posh like, slavvers aah think the calls thim in Dare Ass Haal; owa small fa tripe
  • I can honestly say that this is one of the most enjoyable races that I have EVER run in.
    Four of us from Lincoln & District Runners ran in this years event, and it was well worth the 170 mile trip up from Lincolnshire. I will definately be back next year for more Geordie hospitality.
    Also every runner got a good quality t-shirt, and any goody bag that has a bottle of beer in it has got to be well worth turning up for.

    All sing along now; you know you want to...

    ...Ohhh me lads you should o' seen us gannin,
    Passin' the folks upon the road just as they were stannin',
    There wis lots o' lads n' lasses there all wi' smilin' faces,
    Gannin' alang the Scotswood Road, te see the Blaydon Races.
  • Came down from Edinburgh with a few mates. This was my third Blaydon and is a permanent fixture on our list. Next year the race will be on a Friday night!!! Started grovelling to get brownie points already.

    Excellent organisation, T-shirt & goodies, few beers on the train home and a PB of 46:17 to boot!
  • Good race this year, a hot one and a bit disorganised at the end, but them pickled onions were worth waiting for...

    Its a canny race but I wouldnt travel 170 miles for it...

    Getting in seems to be more difficult each year. It'd be good if we could try and keep the Blaydon a local race for local people ;->, but c'est la vie!

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