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  • Stuart - about 3 months after I started running I was probably around that pace and a sub 60 minute 10K seemed impossible. Natural ability does play a big part as I still find it hard to take that some people can just average 9 minute miles or even quicker with limited or no training. However, if you work hard at it, you pace will improve. 

    If you are following a half marathon program, you should be getting in the mileage and the interval training will definitely help. I think it's just a matter of time and keep going at it. I did get under 60 minutes in my first 10K which was about 5 months into my running. A year later I was down to sub 55. Another year later down to sub 50 and another year later now down to a 10K PB of 44:17. A lot would probably consider that slow progress as well!

  • Started running this time last year, I have my time down to just under 55minutes (although officially it is 56:30 but the course was 400 metres too long!!!).

    I am 44.

  • Legend777 - Thanks for the reply. It gives me heart that it will improve and a 44 10k PB I would def be happy with! Thanks again for the input. Everyone always says don't worry about the speed... but I do! I will get there eventually. I think Im doing the right things so hopefully will just take patience and time. image

  • Stuart Cotterill - I've learned the hard way that to get your speed up you need to run faster!

    For a couple of years I plodded along focussing on distance rather than pace and assumed I would just natuarally get faster eventually. I didn't!

    For the last couple of months I've been focussing on hill training and fartlek sessions at a 5km distance, and my 10km distance PB has finally dropped to under the magic hour - to 57.19 in the last month or so - shaved over 6.5 minutes off in 5 weeks.

    Think quality not quantity and you'll get there.

  • Hollym100 - thanks for advice. I have been doing just that aswell as distance runs since that post. I'm now doing 9 min miles for 10k and progressing in leaps and bounds! Need to stop smoking and i will be even better! image
  • After 7 months of consistent and increasing training I'm hoping to get my 10k pb down to 53:00 this week. I will be elated with that- seven months ago I couldn't have.done it in less than 1hr 10. I'm 38 and have gone from 105ish kilos to 90ish over that time. I'm rubbish at following a training plan though doing Jantastic with a virtual team helped me to focus. I usually just do what o feel like, or what time allows, or what my running partner wants to do. A couple of observations I've made in this period: rest is important- the other week I managed to run at record speeds on two.consecutive.days after a three day break; sometimes it feels crap, and I can't believe I'm actually getting slower, omg I'm never going to improve- then I do, and it was just a bad day after all.
  • I'm 73 and my PB for the 10K is 53: 43 . I'm finding it hard to beat my PB's as I get older!  There is a great deal of psychology in running and determination and grit for me are an essential part of a race.

  • I thought I may as well join in!  Ive been running for about 4 years now and my best is 47:47 (a month ago).  Not sure I'll get down to a 45 min 10k, maybe on a flat course or a treadmill).  A 10k is a great distance, not too far and not too short!  But just go out and enjoy it!

  • I want to know how Gavin White got on.

  • Haha , indeed!

  • I don't train consistently through the year and go through long lazy periods. After a week or so of cardio and distance, I expect sub-50min for 10k. For some reason, getting that closer to 45min seems to be exponential in difficulty but it's my mission! I agree with a comment above; just aiming for a set distance doesn't really work for me. Using split times against landmarks at regular intervals and checking your pace constantly is helpful; just my opinion and what works for me.

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