The Runner's Arms. (Forum pub.)



  • I,ll have the Pork please, do I get stuffing :-)
  • Stuffing is always on offer at the Runner's Arms..

    Want any veg with that, Nicko?
  • Roasties, and carrots, oooh and some of those. And one of them as well, any peas ?
    Oh and Spotted Dick with Custard please :)
  • I'm sure I can do you some peas, Nicko. Petits pois all right?

    Now, are you sure you want Spotted Dick, cos I have made a yummy jam Roly Poly.

    Thinking of renaming the pub "Skool Dinners" cemetery and pink custard, anyone?

    Have you changed that barrel yet, Nicko?
  • Pint of my usual, please. Oh, could I have a packet of pork scratchings as well?
  • Sorry, had to go and change my top, spilled gravy down it.

    Here's your pint and scratchings. Sunday lunch as well?
  • I don't know, I slave away in the kitchen putting together these Sunday lunches and only one person wants it....pork scratchings indeed!

    <<ST flounces into kitchen and begins scraping the roast beef, pork and lamb into the bin, muttering under her breath>>

    I suppose all you lot want is crisps and nuts.
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Is there still some lasagne going?

    I'm one hungry veggie!
  • Lucky I haven't thrown the lasagne away yet!!

    One veggie lasagne and beyooootiful salad for you dan dan.

    Any pudding?

    Oh, and what did you want to drink with that?
  • Is there any roast lamb left barmaid?

    Will happily hoist barrels for a pint. Need the exercise.
  • Course there is, MB.

    <<ST retrieves lamb from bin, blows off teabag debris and rinses meat under tap>>
  • Enjoying your lamb, MB?
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Phew! That was a hearty meal, Sweetie!

    Its taken hours to plough my way through that little lot!

    And pudding? Mint choc chip ice cream please, then a strong Costa Rican coffee after that please.Black,mind, no sugar either.

    I'll have a glas of rosée later.Keep it chilling for now.
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Maybe you could join me for a glass, later on too,if its not too busy in here?

    <flirts wildly with buxom barmaid>
  • Well, that would be nice. But I feel I should warn you that we have imposed a flirting tax in this establishment and it has bankrupted quite a few customers in the past ;-)

    <<giggles flirtatiously whilst batting her eyelashes at DD>>
  • Mmmmm, this lamb's lovely. What did you season it with? Weirdly it kind of looks like floor sweepings. << laughs in naive innocence >>

    Could I have a pint of best to wash it down please? <<cough, cough>>
  • I pride myself on the unusual seasonings on my cooking, let me tell you. They don't call me Fag Ash Lil for nothing you know! So glad you enjoyed it, MB....come back tomorrow for some more culinary delights. I can always magic something up when needed.

    Here's your beer. I should see about that cough if I were you.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    A pint of stella please.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Oh and some of the veg lasagne if there's any left. Ta!
  • Evening Womble. Nice to see the regulars coming in tonight.

    Plenty lasagne left, no problem there. Enjoy. Do you want some salad with that?

    <<ST settles down for a good chinwag with Womble>>
  • <<sits quietly in corner reading latest edition of RW>>
  • MB, you can join in the chinwag. Did you see the article about Voodoo in RW? Fantastic story.

    <<ST picks up MB's mag, turns to page about Voodoo and returns to bar to deal with influx of customers who have heard there's some rather tasty roast lamb going at the Runner's World pub>>
  • I was going to call in for a roast, but saw where you got the lamb from earlier!!!!
  • Hasn't done MB any harm. Just ask him.

    MB? MBeeee? Oh, he's just popped to the gents, clutching his stomach. Must be something he ate last night.
  • Nothing wrong with the lamb Woj <<coughs and finds piece of tea bag mysteriously at back of throat>>

    ST: saw the article. Absolutely outstanding.
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    <tax dodges better than Ken Dodd>

    You look lovely, barmaid!
  • We like to give value for money here at the Runner's Arms. Buy a meal and get the makings of a drink with it.....

    It was an inspiring article, wasn't it? I love his photo on the forum, where it changes from fat to thin.
  • DD, you say the nicest things.

    <<ST simpers girlishly and blushes>>
  • Pops into the bar for the first time!!

    Can I have a large glass of white wine please?? Any food left?
  • Ailsa, welcome to the Runner's Arms. Dry or medium for the wine?

    As for food, there's some roast lamb or veggie lasagne. Which would you like?
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