FFF Club Christmas Eve 2002



  • So Ill be in hozzie, which is fine
    home from home
  • babies - ? noooo - its afeeling of being disconected and not really belonging anywhere for me - no meaningful attachment I think - apart from my 2 kits - so its not babies for me!
  • wheres Mr's family - is it far away?
  • are any of your pts seriously ill btw?
  • Not belonging anywhere
    can really relate to that
    On call, im on charge, so i sort of belong , but not really
    Not real life
    theres loads of people like us
  • breakdown of extended nuclear family ! - have you read oliver James - Britain on the couch - he reckons weve become a low serotonin society bcause of social change
  • yes, Bune
    renal failure is bad news, usually means all else has gone to pot
    They are ALL sick, Im an acute specialist
    intimate acquaintance with intensive care, not that they arre helpful:(
  • NO I havent read mr James, Should i
  • mm that makes your job stressful at the best of times - hope you dont have any difficulties tomorrow
  • Swindon
    Im glad hes going tho
  • Wot you doing on the DAY
  • Dont mind if it IS bad
    thats me job
  • dunno - if you are interested in that sort of thing - hes recently brought out a newbie - called something like parents - they f**k you up - havent read it yet! :-[]
  • Oooh well mine did, and they were actually reasonable
    But, im STILL hurt by their comments
    my problem, of course, im old enuff
  • bune: when i see you in manc i'll give you the big hug i want to give you now but can't.

    benz: same for you whenever i see you :)

  • Eating turkey, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, eating some more turkey, watching telly and I might even eat some more turkey.
  • probably bu&&er all! I can drop in on freinds but Im not invited anywhere specific so I usually end up just pottering about and then not bothering to go out!

    Going to Folks on boxing day - its aweird tradition
  • Turkey
  • hello other peeps!

    hey psi - big hug to you too!
  • No, tomorrow.
  • next year, Bune, you should come to mine if im not working
    Well go for a run, and then scoff dins
  • Ive got a nice mushroom veggie roast thingy to have and then ill take the rest with me on Bxg Day as my mm doesnt do veggie!
  • So wot you eating NOW ricky????????
    IOm having omelete and chips later
  • And beans
    If i cant have sprouts------------
    (BTW, meal vouchers for all except DRs, mad)
    I have a nice M+S steam cuisine
  • sounds good benz - a nice run in the woods and then really nice fooood!

    might run tomorrow if the weather isnt too foul - but i am quite shattered - didnt go to bed till 3ish again and then couldnt sleep - so got up at 5 then bacyk to bed at 6 - sleep patterns gone to pot
  • you mean Drs cant eat then - or they dont get freebies?
  • think I preferred chicken to turkey when i used to eat it - turkey always tooo dry - and too much for days after!
  • Erm, we dont seem to be included
    Now most of the juniors do 12-16 hour shifts
    But we still do the full monty
    Still, ill probably feel sick wiv pringles , or be too busy to eat
  • Psi you still around?
  • Hello all!

    I see the conversation has turned to the only appropriate topic - food!!
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