FFF Club Christmas Eve 2002



  • tomorrow? i'll probably go for a run before xmas dinner. that way those carbs will be absorbed nice and easy :)

    how about you?
  • Hey come and live in Dorset, forget 24 hour shops we just have very few, and they are scattered far and wide.
  • mmm - well the chest lurgy has finally gone and i think arun would do me good - so as long as its not sheeting down it would be nice to go for it - otherwise trying not to overdose on chocolate and shortbread!
  • How is the lurgy - has it disappeared completely?
  • How DO you manage Fi! }}
  • Would not have it any other way!
  • Just have to be organised - all the off-licenses seem to know me!

    The nearest one is 7 miles away and the next is 10!
  • grow tired of what bune? :)
  • Therefore have to stock up well - internet helps as well.
  • seems to have done Fi - but its nearly 3 weeks since ilast went out for a run so i think it will not be acomfortable experience !
  • Fi - you got an online tescos or similar then ?

    Psi - eating at all hours of the night!
  • bune: it'll never go away. cos i'll spend my entire career doing it ;)
  • Im watching the Mummy at the mo -its a bit ott!
  • Spicy - I have not been to gym/run for approx 3 - 4 weeks. Will not be able to do so for approx 6 weeks. Have got gold bond place for FLM.

    I was so looking forward to this (and still am) but injury - bah!!

    Online Tescos - not sure, have to check this out. I think that there are delivery restrictions?
  • mmm but not when you are out in the field Psi!
  • hey, here for 10 min or so
    oven chips on
    been socialble
  • Am just off to have a look - see you in a bit.
  • so who do stock up from on internet then Fi ?

    I think online supers are quite limited to urban areas - unlike where you really need them!
  • Hi benz - youre eating late tonite!
  • Dont really like running, its SOOOO hard
    (dont tell anyone0
    but essential for marathons
  • Yeah, dont really want to eat at all
    this is NOT normal
  • hahahahaha LOL Benz - i spose if you want to run marathons then it helps to run a bit - but it would be harder trying to swim FLM - so its not that bad!
  • bune: i MEANT when i was out in the field!!

    or do you think we all go to sleep straight after neighbours and then get up at 9am regular as clockwork

  • not eating = stressed or down ?
  • Possible in Wales !!!!!!!!!
    have to go now
    later i hope
  • Drunk, stressed and down
    wiil eat tho
    Im off now
    catch you later if you are stil here
  • mmm - can just see you out in the middle east Psi - 3-am - just popping across the lines for a kebab lads - anyone want anything from the garage!
  • will be around benzy!
  • mm got to start wrapping - will come back about 10.30pm ?
  • well that's why we have 24 hour ration packs, bune


    (one of which, believe it or not, contains a curry and rice main meal!!)
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