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  • It's a curse sometimes...
  • "I got some suzue hubs on open pro for my fixed, clinchers rather than sew ups, tubs are just too expensive, it does for the club 10 but really need a carbon low pro for opens."

    excuse me for asking but WTF does this mean?
  • what happened to our friend Nick? I understood nick...
  • . i am a bit disturbed about clinchers!

    especially fixed ones!!!
  •'ve erred too far into bike ponce land :-)

    and you spent more on your runaround bike than I have on my race bike ;-)

    but you clearly know your stuff.
  • I got some suzue hubs (DALE WINTON IS LOVELY) on open pro (I WISH HE'D GIVE ME A MASSAGE) for my fixed, clinchers (ESPECIALLY IN MY GUSSET AREA) rather than sew ups, (NAKED) tubs are just too expensive, (DUNCAN NORVELLE IS PAST IT) it does for the club 10 (ORGY!!!) but really need a carbon low pro (A RUBBER TOY SHAPED LIKE A THERMOS FLASK) for opens. (OUCH!)
  • at least i think that's right. i dropped cyclist language at o-level and took french instead. le singe est dans l'arbre.
  • Le singe est dans l'arbre makes a lot more sense than all that poncese, Candy.
  • oui oui, ma cherie
  • Pebble 2Pebble 2 ✭✭✭
    "I got some suzue hubs on open pro for my fixed, clinchers rather than sew ups, tubs are just too expensive, it does for the club 10 but really need a carbon low pro for opens."
    Whats real scarey, is I know, exactly what this means!! I need to get out more!! I'm turning into a ponce!!
  • CO

    Are you a secret bike ponce in denile?
  • de Nile? Is that where you practice your swim?
  • LOL Candy, Ou est le singe?

    one of my favourite stand up routines....

    I have no idea what the rest of the bike ponce stuff was about though..
  • Calling numpties.

    My back wheel wobbles. Not bent, and the scewers aren't loose, it just seems to be rattling when I shake it.

    From my in-depth description - this is fixable, right? (by which I mean with spanners and things, not by throwing money at it!) Much as I intend to get fancy wheels for the IM, I was hoping to put this off till next year!
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    loose hub or cassette by the sound of fixable but you need to find out the cause in the first place - it could be wear.............I'd take it to a bike shop and get them to check it for you if you don't know what you are doing (getting a cassette off ain't that easy and needs special tools)
  • Could be out of true as well (the spokes are slightly loose and the rim buckled slightly) - take it to your LBS and get them to check it. Shouldn't be more than an hour or so to get it back in true.
  • Not really an IM question but it's about bikes.........

    Just bought a new MTB which has an HG40-7 "mega-range" cassette. This goes from 11-24 but they've then stuck a 34 on the back. The 34 makes light work of the steepest hills but the jump back to 24 is ridculous. So, does anyone know if I can replace the cassette with something more sensible?
  • yes
  • Pebble 2Pebble 2 ✭✭✭
    7? What bike is this?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    I think it's worth getting the tools to replace a cassette - it's useful to swop cassettes for different events and also just to clean the cassette every now and again - cassettes split down into individual sprockets so you can really get them looking as new if you do this.

    All you need is an adjustable spanner and the little tool to fit the cassette lock ring (this is just a socket really) - and ideally a chain whip (a bit of chain attached to a handle) to stop the cassette turning while you undo the lock ring though you could bodge it or use an old chain. It's only a 10 minute job. A good tip is to put the quick release swewer through the lock ring tool to keep it tight to the lock ring and stop it slipping.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    This is assuming you haven't got an old style screw on block with the freewheel mechanism in the block rather than the hub - removing them is slightly different and taking them to bits is generally more difficult too.
  • I noticed there was an earlier question about pumps. I've just bought one of the following from wiggle having seen a friends one do the job extremely well over the last year. It's a cross between a track pump and a mini-pump that is well made and works, not just a crap compromise.

    Wiggle link to Topeak Morph pump

    The main benefit to me is that it has the flexible hose bit. Since I've broken a few valve stems and had those annoying slow punctures around the stem that are impossible to repair due to pumping with a standard mini-pump that stresses the valve, it seems ideal. Haven't tested the accuracy of the guage but it seems ok.
  • _crap_ = carp, of course.
  • i know we've talked about shoes a lot, but can i just confirm that with clipless it's the cleats that matter in terms of pedal compatability, not the shoes themselves?
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    yes....most shoes are set up to take cleats from all main suppliers .......with either a 3 point or 4 point fixing
  • what if they say 2 point??
  • Right

    what exzactly are the requirements needed for the bike to comply with in order to be acceptable to ride in an ironman.
  • oh and what is a hybrid

    I thought it was summat i planted in the garden!
  • Plum.

    2 wheels, frame and handlebars. Set a budget and get the one which fits the best. How much do you have (not want) to spend?
  • Oh you can't ride an MTB in an Ironman. Prob cos they reckon you'll take too long getting round.

    And a hybrid is a bike that's between a MTB and a road bike. No good for road racing, and no good for MTBing. Good for pootling though.
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