Alcohol capacity down!



  • I find that drinking any later than 11pm leaves me totally shattered next day so best avoided, and can't mix drinks anymore, Ok if i've eaten well and stick to one drink
  • Definitely support the running thing. I can feel the effects of one glass now whereas I used to be fine on two. Would also love to know the medical reason for it...
  • lower body weight could also be the cause too so peops who have lost weight too may find that their alcohol tolerance is decreased

    and the more you drink the more your tolerance increases and vice versa
  • One of the reasons that women have a lower tolerance is because we have a higher fat percentage than men. Now then why isn't our tolerance higher as we get more muscles?
  • dont think most women do get significantly more muscle mass tbh - just reduced body fat in proportion

    unless you are thinking of women who do put on a lot of muscle for power sports
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