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  • Excellent factoid, Flyaway - and yes, very rude indeed. It rained on us as we swam. I got wet. Pah.

    31mph in the New Forest today...

    I did say no. And she was quite stunned. I have compromised slightly and said I am willing to give up a lunch hour to help her cut out but beyond that she is on her own.

  • Min - sounds like she needed a good stunning. She'll now either think you're cold and heartless, or she'll see that she was asking too much and you were going as far as is reasonable. Either way, she doesn't try and take advantage in the future. Result!

    Flyers - interesting. But how many Skittles does that equate to? I find I think in Skittles (or possibly M&Ms, but prefer Skittles) rather than Hula Hoops. I'd accept jelly beans as an alternative.

  • Ah yes, but I think Hula Hoops would make a more solid structure than Jelly Beans or Skittle.
  • Hula Hoops are better for building with, granted, but I find their low density gives a big number too easily when used as a measurement of weight. I find Skittles to be a more honest measure.

    (Wonder if I can adjust my scales to give body weight in Hula Hoops or Skittles?)

  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Morning SVT, MOrning Min... surely Maltesers would be a better measure?
  • Morning Barkles - worst of both worlds, IMHO. Very light so give an exaggerated weight, and useless for building scale models of the Angel of the North.


  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Hmmmm.. very useful for making buoyancy aids tho.
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    And of course there is the good old Curly Wurly.

    Useful for its plank-like shape, light in weight..
  • Now you're talking. Malteser life jackets.

    I think Dairy Milk or other slab chocolate would be good for the original Angel of the North project.

  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    not sure of the tensile strength of Galaxy mate....

    Aero, yes I'd concur..
  • Aero would be good for construction but still has the low density issue making it an exaggerated unit for measuring weight.

    Maybe we need to separate the issues of weighing the Angel of the North in confectionery, and building it out of confectionery.

  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    indeed.. I think that would be a sensible development.
  • My proposal is that we weigh the Angel of the North in Skittles. We then build a life-size replica using Curly Wurlys (chosen for flat shape and flexibility). Then we weight the Curly Wurly replica in Skittles as well.

    Who's with me?

    (NB when all's finished, I get the Skittles. Curly Wurlys are up for grabs, but I might have one or two.)

  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Lets not forget Toblerone.. triangular chocolate... strong for its weight.
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    And an easer egg for the head.
  • I'll have the Tolberone when finished........image. But what about Jelly Babies....miniature Angels.

    Morning All.....

    Will have leave this interesting Construction meeting soon.image Just make sure you have applied for planning permission......!!

  • Probably easier to get planning permission for a jelly baby than the life-size replica I was thinking of. Something to bear in mind at the design stage.
  • Oh yeh planning will need footings and hardcore.....Cinder Toffee with melted Galaxy poured over maybe.

    Gotta Go......!!

  • You know how you can be simultaneously fuming and relieved at the same time, like when a child goes missing then reappears?

    I'm feeling like that with my broadband company. Having endured a year of ridiculously slow internet ('up to 20MB' equals 0.5 at best) I decided enough was enough. Things were so bad I decided to switch to BT (who I previously left with great delight) at a few quid more per month as they were promising an average of 3MB. Six times better? Where do I sign? Their systems were on the blink and I couldn't finalise my order straight away, so I phoned my current supplier to cancel and get the MAC number I needed. When they asked why, I mentioned the speed issue (I'd told them before and nothing happened). Miraculously, when I mentioned BT and 3MB the guy checked and found that the line had been upgraded, and did I want switching to the new improved line at no cost and no extra contract?

    So now I'm happy that my cheap broadband becomes fast broadband, and I'm annoyed that they never thought to mention this until I tried to leave. A letter of complaint is due...

  • Think that goes under the 'don't get me started...' bracket, SVT. Good that you are now sorted though.
  • I hope you are pleased with yourselves.  I just had to go and buy an aero.  It is yummy, but as they only came in large bars, I shall blame you all if I make myself sick.

    I feel aeros have too low a compressive strength for building.

    My broadband is in excess of 30MB  Does that help?

  • You cant blame me, I would in no way, shape or form encourage anyone to buy chocolate.

    But I reckon KitKats, Yorkies and Rolos would make good construction materials. As for units of measurement, I have no preference, beyond that the system must be base 10.

    I ran today. I suddenly realised it had been a week since I last did. I now have absolutely enormous calves and thighs. They even feel tight, like there is too much muscle inside my skin. Its very strange. And probably not all that attractive. Why is it that male cyclists have totally gorgeous legs, and mine just look enormous?!

  • Today's Google Doodle is awesome!!
  • Morning all

    (heads of to Google) Oooh, that is awesome. And I'm guessing it makes sounds, but I'll need to check that later.

    Wotsit - in answer to your question, no. image

    My nerdish side is being kept busy at the moment.  A new laptop is turning up today, with Windows 7 on it - I've not played with that before. And I've installed Linux on our desktop PC (albeit running through Windows at the moment for evaluation purposes). It's going to be a busy weekend of staring at screens. Woohoo!

  • Windows 7 is fab........problem is, when i use the college computers, i want to hover at the bottom to check which files are doesn't work like it does on windows 7.image

    Morning Everyone.

    I am tired but for good reason. Did a quite undulating run last night...few good inclines en route. just over 8 mile in 53 minutes. Last time i did that course, with a faster runner to pull me along, we did it in 59 minutes. Sumats working in my regime.!! image

  • The Google Doodle is cool, isn't it?

    I wonder that too, Flyaway. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

  • Lexi - you are a machine! I did half that distance, on the flat, in 37 minutes this morning.
  • Gentlemen - you are missing your cue here in a big way!
  • What, to comment on our gorgeous legs?
  • All the girls on RW have very sexy legs, everyone knows that.

    Hi all. My big project that we were all working on has been canned image Hopefully this will mean I have a little more time to tune in.

    Agree with the Google Doodle - v cool.

    Wotsit - am pleased to see you've been buying aero bars.

    Did everyone notice Bradley's in yellow after a storming TT yesterday?

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