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  • I am running for Down's Heart Group


    My daughter Hannah ( hence my user name ) is my inspiration having being born with Down's syndrome and a large hole in her heart underwent open heart surgery at 8 weeks and this group was such a support to us in our darkest days.

    Please help them raise vital funds so they can support other families like us.

    When we thought that our world had ended, we found that through the Down's heart group support, the door had just opened on an another exciting new world.

    My daughter Hannah is now 9 years old, is in mainstream education and loved dancing, swimming and has even appeared in Eastenders, we would never have dreamed she could have had such a quality of life

    Thank you Down's Heart Group for giving us hope in those early days and I hope I do you proud running this VLM to raise vital funds for you
  • CHALLENGE 1000

    I am running 1000km this year to raise money for Child Bereavement Charity and Cancer Research UK. I am aiming to get 1000 people to donate just £2 each. That's less than a pint of beer!

    I will be doing some very interesting runs - including many famous racing circuits like Thruxton, Goodwood, Spa Francorchamps and the Nurburgring 'green hell'.

    From my fundraising page you will find links to my dedicated website and blog keeping those who have sponsored me and potential sponsors up to date image


    Please think about sponsoring me just £2. I am ensuring I go through the utmost pain possible to prove to people how much I want to raise money for these two charities. I am willing to run over fire!!! image

  • I am running my first ever marathon ( London 2012) for PHABKIDS , although it has been established for over 50 years it is a charity not many people have heard of http://www.phabkids.co.uk/ . It offers help to children and their families ( prodominantly dissabled children ) rest bite care and organised holidays are just one one of the things it does . My cousin has downs syndrome and has been been able to do some great activities through Phabkids, My mum also works with autistic children and offers respite care to children . So it means alot to me , please please help by visiting my justgiving page

    http://www.justgiving.com/Rachel-Watkins0 and give whatever you can .


  •  <a href="http://www.justgiving.com/Michelle-Saunders2" title="http://www.justgiving.com/Michelle-Saunders2" target="_blank">

    imagehttp://www.justgiving.com/Utils/imaging.ashx?width=160&amp;height=160&amp;square=160&amp;imageType=frpphoto&amp;img=22012/10a48120-1c0e-4db9-b1d6-cd0cd305c84d.jpg' alt='http://www.justgiving.com/Utils/imaging.ashx?width=160&amp;height=160&amp;square=160&amp;imageType=frpphoto&amp;img=22012/10a48120-1c0e-4db9-b1d6-cd0cd305c84d.jpg' onLoad='resizeImage(this);' width='350' onClick='ShowFullSize(this);'>

    </a>In May 2012, I am running the BUPA 10000 in honor of Private Thomas Lake of the 1st  Battalion Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, who died in Afghanistan on 20 November 2011. I am also raising funds for the ABF- the Soldiers' Charity and to those soldiers and families who have suffered the most due to the sustained hardships of war.



  • In under two weeks I will be running the edinburgh marathon, my first EVER marathon! EEK.

     I am absolutely terrified but I am running in aide of Macmillian cancer support. Macmillian is a fantastic cause and i know the great work that they do for people in some of the most difficult times of their lives! We are all at risk from cancer, but we can all do something to help.

    Please help me reach my fundraising target!
    <a href="http://www.justgiving.com/TaraLawrence" rel="nofollow nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.justgiving.com/TaraLawrence</a>
    All donations from 50p to £50 are gratefully recieved!

    Thank you


  • Rather than just wave sponsorship forms under people's noses, I have created a training video for people to watch.

    I am competing in several races this year in an attempt to raise money for Diabetes UK.

    It's a really uplifting video in which I think my enthusiasm for running shines, and it has encouraged lots of non-runners to don their trainers and give it a go.

    Please take a few moments to watch......I'm pretty sure it will make you smile image


  • 35 MARATHONS IN 40 DAYS!   Setting off on the 30th Sept 2013 I am running 900 miles from John O Groats to Land's End. Raising money for Hope and Homes for Children, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Marie Curie Cancer Care.  


    I am going to be running largely self supported, camping from place to place and pushing or pulling my equipment with me! My support team (girlfriend) will be cycling alongside for most of the trip (no mean feat in itself) and will help to carry some of the heavier items if needed (and keep me sane!).

    If you can't donate to the above links then why not check out my social media pages, youll be able to find out more information about the run and keep up to date with my progress. Please like, follow and spread the word, I would be very grateful.

    https://twitter.com/chrisJOGLErun http://instagram.com/chrisjogleru

    If anyone wants to donate any equipment that is collecting dust in the loft or knows of someone who doesn't mind me borrowing it for just over a month I am in the process of sourcing a 3 man tent, 2x thermarests, and a running pushchair to put my kit in. If you think you could help in anyway please send an email to chrismountjoglerun@gmail.com

    Here is a link to the route, it didnt export completely correctly, so there are a few mistakes and double lines but is mostly correct. Please email me if you'd like to join me for sections of the run or want to help by donating a bed for the night or by cooking me a meal - I would be incredibly grateful.    https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zQTpCUcdpVgo.ksh1P1wz515Q 

    More information will be on the website which is coming soon.

    Thank you very much.


  • I will be running the London Marathon 2014 - for Macmillan Cancer Support. To save me repeating my story, please visit my blog at bit.ly/jensmarathon to find out why I'm running for Macmillan

  • I'm unsure if this thread is still active but if it is I am running a Spartan Race for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.

    Two of my friends and I are training for a Spartan Race for GOSH in September in Cambridge.

    We have supported GOSH in the past and decided to do something big together before going off to Uni.

    Our just giving page is: www.justgiving.com/SpartanGirls2014





  • Hi Folks,

    I'm a newbie runner who has done a few parkruns and will be entering my first race on Sunday May 11th, the Bristol 10k.

    I am aiming to raise £250 for CLIC Sargent, the charity for children and young people with cancer. Please help contribute to this good cause by visiting my just giving donation page at: http://www.justgiving.com/alex-purchase/

    Many thanks in advance,


  • Hello all.


    Last month I completed Brighton Marathon on 6th April, the following Sunday - I completed Virgin London Marathon - 2 Marathons in a week.

    Both were run in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care - a brilliant charity that uses the much needed funds to support patients in their own homes at the end of their lives.  Just £20 allows them to put a nurse in a patients home for one hour.

    I've gone over the halfway point of my target.  So any further sponsors would be massively appreciated.  Even just a quid!

    You can add your sponsorship by using either:



    OR text CSMC78 £1 to 70070

    (using the text donation will deduct the amount from your next phone bill... you can also change the £1 to £2, £3, £5 or £10)

    Thank you once again in advance!


  • Hi all,

    In September I'll be running the Thames Path 100k for Evelina Children's Heart Organisation (ECHO). This is a charity that supports familes who have children with congenital heart disease.

    My son suffered heart failure 12 days after being born and was later diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. With no current cure to this heart disease, only 50% of children survive 2 years with their own heart.

    ECHO have been brilliant to us over the past 8 months with us and my son who has spent many weeks in and out of hospital and suffered further heart failures. They have helped give us hope, support and kept us the right side of insanity.

    I use to be a regular on the forums, but sadly this has had to take more of a back seat with my first foray in to parenthood.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about the charity or donating, I have set up a justgiving page at:


    Thanks for reading,



  • Hello

    Having experienced how devastating dementia can be to someone you love and respect and the effect it has on the rest of the family has motivated me to raise some funds for this debilitating condition.My Nan was diagnosed with dementia 7 years ago and sadly passed away last year aged 98 years old. She in my hero.

    I am running the Wolverhampton Half Marathon in memory of her!


    OR text RKBS85 £1 to 70070

    (using the text donation will deduct the amount from your next phone bill... you can also change the £1 to £2, £3, £5 or £10)

    Cheers Richard


  • Hi all

    I'm running for 24 hrs non-stop on Newcastle Quayside on 30-31 October.

    I've had a little piece written about my because of my weight loss and who I'm raising money for: 


    Just giving is https://www.justgiving.com/24hoursonthetyne/

    Text TYNE62 £10 to 70070

     Anything you could afford would be hugely appreciated. I'm also raffling off a self bought ipad - email 24hoursonthetyne@gmail.com for details.

    muchos gracias!

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