Tuesday 15th November



  • Morning

    Welcome Cartman.

    Hilly- I couldn't brave wearing a crop top in summer, let alone now! not because of the weather though;)

    RHGDU- hectic day! it's hard to take things easy when you suddenly have more time on your hands.

    what: rest day
    why: only had 1 rest day last week, have ran 3 days since and planning on 5k time trial friday so 'trying' not to get too carried away before then!

    I seem to have progressed into not needing 2 rest days a week and quite comfortable to run much more than usual at the moment:) however, don't want to fall into overdoing it trap and end up injured!
  • Morning All,

    What: am -10 miles with 6 at 7:35 pace
    Why: LT
    Last hard: sunday
    Last rest: 15 May

    Today's six miles tempo were barely slower than Sunday's 10km. This is familar - I'm able to run quite fast quite often - recovering well but have trouble pushing myself really hard. I think it's partly mental and partly because I lack basic speed. Be interesting to see what happens next year when I do fewer miles but faster and with more races.

    Lots of photos at Rich K's.

    Mava - I do know how you feel ( training more but not seeing much improvement). But don't give up - just take it easy and learn to enjoy it again without pressure. I really think Stickless was right - it's easy to fall in to the trap of working too hard after a disappointing race to try to redeem yourself when really you need to back off as you would if you'd had a great race. Minks had some good ideas - leave the watch at home for a while. The runnning free cycling holiday might refresh you quite a bit.

    Tia - good run, well done.

    FL - I didn't register until after I had passed you. The hat had me fooled but you spoke to us ('Well done' type thing) and a few seconds later I registered your voice.

    Hilly - thanks. Luton is less than three weeks away.

    Scooby - I wouldn't expect to feel sick all the way! Just over the last half a mile of so. And cycling/tri shorts really are essential!

    Lizzy - really so sorry to hear about your ankle - it must be so frustrating. I hope it isn't as bad as it was before and you recover quickly because I just can't see you as a knitter.

    JM - I'd missed that you were doing Luton too - hope to see you there. David F and Hippo will be there too.

    WP - good pics - I do like your vest. Did I spot Tom too in a Nene Valley Harrier vest?

    Pammie - get well soon!

    Sportaloo - if the 20 miler is really just training run done at long run pace (perhaps a little faster at the end but no more) for a marathon then 16 miles this saturday is fine. But if you want to see how you can do then I'd suggest doing a bit less than 16 - perhaps 12?

    SCS - sounds horrid! Enjoy your evening.

    Debbo - glad he's OK

    Cartmen - welcome in!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Haven't been around for a few days. Suffering from cold, swollen throat, etc, etc

    WP, great result.

    Tom, brilliant that you're getting back an almost acceptable level of fitness.

    Over the past week I've not done much and anything I have done has been at a very easy pace. 7 or 8 miles easy planned for today.
  • Morning all,

    Welcome Cartman.

    Quick post from work - should really be something else (i.e. what I am paid for!)

    What: 4 miles this morning
    Why: Out this evening
    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: Yesterday

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Paul, many thanks for trying.

    Another option is mail me possibly,

    Cheers mate

    Welcome Cartman

  • Mel - an hour on the turbo first time - as others have said keep a towel handy for the sweat. I wrap a tea towel around the top tube and drape a bath towel over the bars - I'd keep a couple of litres of water within reach and the TV remote too if I were you - and use a HRM because it's that boring you need something to motivate you.

    What - went out at 6am for 24 mile bike ride over the hills - dark, damp and very windy up on the top though it's now a lovely sunny day. Going out for a steady 25 mile ride this evening probably with club mates.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Popsider, have you read Graeme Obree's book, Flying Scotsman?

    A bike ride at 6am shows extreme motivation! Bet you can't wait until next year.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭

    Debbo - Hope hubby continues to recover well

    ICRAM - Congrats

    Hilly - Gillet and a crop top! - I'm in my thermals already, I feel the cold so badly!

    What: 30 mins on the turbno trainer a.m. - first time this year. Cycle to and from work (10 miles), and climbing wall tonight

    Popsider - 6.00 a.m., I find that vry motivational, no reason why I can't do that (although I'd have to leave the house at 5.30 to get in 24 miles and get into work on time. But 15-20 miles could be a goer, Up to Il'son and back, hmm ...

    All is not good on the ankle front - still have full mobility and very little pain, but bad swelling.

    Think I may have to take the decision to ditch running for a couple of months, I've had nearly a year of ankle trouble now and it's just not getting better. An easier decision to make now the winter bike is made up (which means I can use the turbo trainer again, and go out in carp weather). But I'll make up my mind in a day or two.

    HAve a good day everyone!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Morning all!

    WP, excellent race - congratulations! And another first for you - being pleased with your result! Now treat yourself kindly for a couple of days and don't beat yourself up when you don't run as hard on your next training run as you think you should! There's an element of Stickless's words to Mava yesterday in there for you too - the need to almost 'punish' yourself for a race performance that you don't find acceptable by getting in some even more punishing training ... which just has the effect of wearing you down further. I hope you'll be happier to let your body have the recovery it needs after such a stellar run on Sunday.

    Mava, your splits looked pretty encouraging, especially from a base training point of view (which I think you've been doing?) They seem quite even and there's no real increase in HR as you go through the race - so something positive for you to take away.

    Mellifera, I think I suffer too from failure to push myself really hard. I don't think I have great top-end speed either but my tendency is always to race 'within myself' rather than taking a risk and going all-out, with the result that once the post-race euphoria has worn off, I start to wonder how much faster I could have gone ...

    LizzyB, hope you ankle gets better. If you take up knitting, I shall have to take up needlework in sympathy and based on past performance that would not be good! There is a reason why I could never have been a surgeon ...

    What: 8 miles, perhaps with 5 at tempo pace.
    Why: Legs feel OK after 15-mile LSD but not sure I want to push them too hard so soon. Did a hard tempo run on Thursday knowing that Friday would be a rest day, and I needed it.
    Last hard: Long run on Sunday.
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    Thinking that I need to get on to Map24 and seek some new running routes. It's not easy finding routes of the right length but this means I end up running the same routes week in, week out. I do have more than one route at most distances but having been running for 3 years now and run two marathons, the same old scenery is starting to look a bit dull ...

    Happy (and hopefully not too soggy!) running all.
  • Morning all :) Not posted for a while, no reason - just busy. I try and skim read the threads - some really good work going on out there :)

    nrg-b, I missed what your worry is for your sister. Spend what time you can together, my best wishes to you both.

    ICRAM, congratulations - you'll be needing some tiny running shoes now!

    What: Maybe a recovery run - thighs permitting.

    Why: 5 miles on Sunday being chased by Poppy in a Dragon vest!

    Last hard: no prizes for guessing when!

    Last rest: Yesterday
  • Morning all,
    7-mile run and 2hr gym session for me last night, both went very well. Focusing more on core stability work at the gym and endurance reps for the legs, seems to be working so far!

    am: 6-mile at 7:20mm pace, nice and steady, legs a little tired from yesterday but not to bad.

    pm: Track session with IEK Group + Circuits
    I think its the following tonight:-
    500m, 1-min recovery, 1000m 4min recovery x3.

    Speed endurance and faster running today.

    I currently only have one coach, but I take advice off MG on his thread as well and do some of my own program now.

    I was wearing 12mm spikes, thing was, the course was a lot firmer than I thought, plus they put in some trails/tracks, and my 12mm were just too long for the conditions. I have raced in 15mm before, especially at parliment Hills ;p

  • Afternoon All (its past 1200 here)

    What: 7 miles recovery
    Why: Pushed it last night, got under 50 mins for 10K for the first time since injury .. Yarhoo.... Only another 7 mins to knock off to get back to where I was.

    Last Hard: Last night

    Whats all this talk of gillets and thermals, its a beautiful 32C here today with a cool breeze of the sea.
    I can no longer imagine what its like to have to swim indoors in a pool stinking of chlorine or run in the wind and rain, give me the warmth anyday. I don't actually possess any running tights or long sleeve tops!
  • Morning all,

    What: 8.5 miles in my new 2100's
    Why: Mileage building
    Last Hard: 9 days
    Lyrics: Yes, great song

    Welcome Cartman

    Sportaloo - can't post a picture, they don't do the photos on the web out here. We only just got chip timing for the first time last week! Anyway, I would break the impression that "everyone looks young!"
  • At 44 (almost 45), I'm quite pleased if someone thinks I look young!!!
  • DD - Same here, don't know what the fuss is about <stands by for barracking>
  • What? Club run tonight
    Why? Easy

    Sqeezed in another 5m in the gym yesterday, but could feel the knee afterwards. Knee has not cleared up yet, needs more Ibuprofen. The intercostal muscle strain has quite improved a bit, though likely another week required before back to normal.
  • Afternoon,
    What: 2km swim am
    Why: Xtraining and legs are in bits
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: 6 days
  • Afternoon,

    I've finally come down with the bug that's been doing the rounds at work. Lots of sneezing and a bit of easy running for me today.

    What: 8m am/something easy pm if I feel up to it
    Why: ill
    Last hard: trying to stop my nose running for long enough to get to sleep last night :o(
    Last rest: 27 days

    Have a good one.
  • Sportaloo - found a non-running picture of me on the web for the Mrs.


    How do I do that link stuff??
  • Afternoon all.

    what: 7.6m supposed to be sub 135 but ended up more like sub 125...following Sunday's long run my legs are knackered...is it possible to limp on two legs???this was possibly my worst run ever..very, very, very slow...not good...not sure why my legs are so painful, they felt fine after last week's 22m run...the only difference was that I finished Sunday's run with a fast (for me) 1.7 miles...perhaps this is what's done the damage (sore right foot, ankle, knee, hip...you name it..)...hopefully I will feel better for tomorrow's run
    why: need to keep mileage up
    last hard: Sunday
    last rest: Monday

    feeling a bit down after this run.....still, will see what tomorrow brings

  • Okay, links ....

    You have to express the (hyper)link in HTML (the lingo of the web).


    Hope it displays okay. Use without the {}. The A, means anchor and HREF is the target of the anchor. Everything is (or should be) "tagged/marked", hence a closing /A tag.
  • {<}{A} {HREF="http://...."}{>}Text{<}/A{>}
  • Ok try this

    My Link

    Thanks URR
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Just realised I forgot to say a huge well done to WP on yet another PB. So - WELL DONE!!

    Cartman - welcome - the IMers are taking over...

    I went out this morning aiming to do 4 miles and did a bit over 5 - it's such a lovely day. HR behaving a bit better today, but I'm getting drift after about 4 miles. Not like on the bike where I can go for a good few hours with no drift.
  • The darkness is a bit dismal but the temperatures are great for running. I love running on cold days. 32C is way too warm for me - even ambling about.

    Melissa: re: turbo and sweating - have you seen those thongs for catching the sweat? Great marketing!

    Aardvark -take it easy and get well soon.

    David - sometimes is the cummulative effect of two long runs a week apart. If it's very sore take a day off - you're only 19 days out from a maratho
  • Thanks for the pic Trini,great article too. (Okay so it's a slow day at the office here)

    Thank you for the advice,NZC you are correct in saying that it is indeed part of the bigger picture. I will do an easy 16 mile run and then have a very easy week next week. Thanks again for the advice.

  • Hi all, now back into my flat, back into running and getting rid of some excess weight due to constant eating out for 2 months.

    Easing back in with a short outing over lunch, hope to do the same tonight...
    What: 2.5 miles d&d / 2.5m pm?
    Why: easing back in

    Belated congratulations to the ICRAMs for new baby Henry.

    Positive vibes to nrg-b's family...
  • Morning all,

    debbo - here's wishing your Mr. a smooth uncomplicated recovery. Get the core stability lessons booked! (Those muscles usually need a refresher course after back troubles.)

    Me? Yippppeeeeee! got out, ran 2 miles, which sounds pathetic, but given the degree of lameness on Sunday, I am delighted.

    Still icing the thing, and shall invite massage artiste to attack it tomorrow (that will take some courage!), but next Sunday begins to look a distinct possibility again.

    I'm pretty sure it was a nerve crying wolf rather than a real injury, given other bizarre sensations and the come and go nature of the problem.

  • Afternoon All,

    LizzyB: If you're taking up knitting, I could do with some new shorts.

    JM: I'd love to know what HM shape I'm in. But I'm not going to find out unless I do one between now and the start of FLM training! I'm considering having a serious crack at one after FLM. Although, I've just noticed it's the Gosport Half on Sunday - Hmmmmmmm!

    Welcome Cartman.

    What: 9m steady. Wound it up for last 2.
    Why: Think I've recovered
    Last Hard: Dublin Marthathon
    Last Rest: 11 days

    Have a good one.
  • Afternoon

    Decided not to run, haven't got the energy even if i wanted to.
    Look enviously at this male runner on my way home, wishing i was doing it (i know its only a day)

    Dosing myself up with vitamin c as we speak

    Once upon a time in 1988, i joined a local club it was a new club being fored doesn't exist anymore sadly. So i started running again.
    After about 9-10 weeks i took part in a local 5 mile race. finished in 38:34.
    My running was never the same since.

    I know why back then i wasn't the consistant runner i am now. I hope next year to get back down there. I'm a great deal older now so things are harder.
    But we all live in hope don't we.
    (dodges as can of worms are being opened)
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