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  • Nice thought, this made me smile, was stopped in the corridor by a colleague at work and he said 'congratulations, i hear you're having a baby', just thought to myself yes, i'm having a baby. Just thought it was so much nicer than hearing congrats your pregnant/up the duff etc etc.

  • working from home today. Just put my head down for 40 winks and slept for an 1 hour and half!!!

    Oh well just have to work a bit faster this afternoon!!
  • hi everyone just been running in the rain am now doubly incontinent due to three babies, cant run up hills am very slow but got me time!! thats worth it's weight in gold.
  • Great stuff!!! I love love love running in the rain!!! I am sooo jealous :-)

    The me time is something I miss the most. I am so glad you had a good time

    I did pelvic floors like mad after Sadie, but still had the odd leaks. I am sure it will get worse after this one :-(

  • Thats awful news Caramel. I can't believe it to be honest. My work weren't terribly gracious about my going part-time, but I was adamant it wouldn't change my role, and I seemed to get it all accepted. I had to have 4 meetings though with the CFO and HR and apply in writing with my line manager supporting me all the way. It wasn't easy but I did get there in the end, and am still in my role. I really do think you need to chat to your line manager or boss, in this day and age they should beable to work something out that works for everyone. Surely demoting you will not work well for them either, as they will lose your talent.

    I have no idea what it will be like when I try to go back on 3 days not 4, but maybe I could work at home one day to make up the 4 days or something. I am hoping to take a year off anyway.
  • Anyone out there today? You all doing well?
  • Yes just eaten way too much and feel like a beached whale, but apart from that fine. Went for a swim and was starving afterwards.
  • Yes, I know that feeling. Swimming always does that to me too, but after a run I rarely feel like eating, and have to force myself to eat. (I make up for it the next day though...)

    I wish this weather would cheer up - I got the bus to work this morning instead of walking, as the roaring wind, thunder, lightening and torrential rain made me a bit lazy, funnily enough.....and we've got a drought restriction round here. Must be some kind of miracle.
  • Hi LozF - I've not been on here for a while.
    Doing well thx.
    Had my hospital visit on Sat morn.
    They took 5x viles of blood to test for all sorts of diseases - yikes, fingers-crossed for all clear.
    Next appt not for 12wks when I'm 28wks gone.
    Just gonna get on with life and continue growing in meantime (+ eating too)!
    How U doing?
  • I'm doing fine thanks. Off for my first set of blood tests tomorrow, and just waiting for an appointment for the 12 week scan to come thorugh.
  • Cool - U still in your skinny jeans then Loz?
    I'm bursting outta mine and will have to give them up by end of this week I rekkon!
  • My jeans have never been skinny!

    But yes, I'm still in my normal clothes - just about. I'm just more selective over which ones I wear, as some are more comfortable than others! Got given my first pair of pregnant style combats this weekend....they don't look too bad actually.
  • Yes we're lucky to be preggers over the warmer (supposedly) months - with lots of wrap skirts and cool combats to wear.
    I'm visiting coz this eve who gave birth 6mths ago - she has lots of maternity wear to hand over - cept she's q.short and I'm q.tall - so ok for top stuff.
    Will be venturing to Top Shop in the coming weeks.
  • Am wearing my first maternity clothes today at just 14 weeks. Some really comfy jersey black work trousers from Next, cheap too. They fit really nicely over my bump and aren't itchy.

    Am still being sick in the evenings, really want this phase to pass now. I think I have worked out it occurs after eating cheesey things, so think I will avoid lots of cheese in the evenings now, and eat it at lunch only when it seems to be OK.

    Am finding it hard to work out how much I can do, being such an active person normally, gardening one day followed by swim the next doesn't sound very much but I think thats contributing to my sickness. Must learn to take it easy.
  • I am 20 weeks now. After about 14 /15 weeks the nausea and tiredness went away and i was feeling like i had more energy, however feeling a bit run down again and tired a lot of the time, yesterday i ended up taking the day off as i had a touch of cystitis (gallons of cranberry juice seemed to do the trick and am feeling ok today). Has really been since last weekend (13/14th) when i had some friends to visit and we went hill walking one afternoon, had 2 late nights in a row (midnight which is late for me, usually in bed at 10, or 11 at weekends at the latest just now) and a longish drive up north, must admit i was pretty exhausted by the time i dropped them at the airport on sunday evening, since then have been feeling tired all last week and this weekend just past. Do you think i just did too much and knackered myself, or could it maybe be something else, anaemia etc ?? Have an appointment with midwife on 7th june, is it worth bothering her just now or just wait and ask her then ??
  • Possibly just tired mrs o. I have really suffered since a weekend away last weekend at a wedding with two midnights on the trot as well, I was shattered all last week. Have another wedding this weekend, but we are staying in a cottage so hopefully can recover quietly.

    Are you feeling dizzy at all, did you struggle up the hills on the walk. If not I would suggest you aren't so anaemic its a worry, but I guess speak to midwife if you're worried. Have suffered from anaemia a lot over the last few years, so know the symptoms. I am not anaemic now, which is a miracle, but maybe cos I'm not running.
  • Have you had your 20 week scan mrs o? Was it OK?
    I am 14 weeks tomorrow, time seems to be going quite fast at the minute, and am panicking about all the big building work that needs doing in the house. Must be done by September really!
  • Thanks for that Mitchie Moo, i didn't struggle up the hills and haven't been feeling dizzy, so i guess i just tired myself out a bit and maybe just need a bit longer to recover than normal. To be honest i'm not very good at relaxing and can always find something to do at home like a load of washing needing done, or hoovering etc etc, maybe i should learn to relax more.
    Our miserable nhs trust don't give us a 20 week scan, just one at 12-14 weeks.
  • Thats dreadful. Surely its the important scan? Am sorry about that mrs o. I feel guilty now as have had two already and get them at 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Wow, lots has been happening since my last visit. I'm still not pregnant and had a 38-day cycle this month, my second-longest. I have no idea why some of them are so long. Most are 33-35 days but then I get the odd one every few months which is much longer. Was horribly bloated and uncomfortable so was actually relieved to start my period yesterday.

    We went to a friend's wedding in Belfast at the weekend. I found it really tough as two of our close friends were there, both of whom have recently had babies. I found it hard not to feel envious and wonder whether it will ever be our turn. Hubby felt down as well, but at least we're able to talk about it.

    I've been keeping a BBT chart which I've found really helpful, and it appeals to my geeky side to analyse data! I definitely had a temperature spike so it looks as though I am ovulating, but the follicular phase of my cycle is somewhat long. I also marked on the chart the days we had sex, and we only managed 6 times in the 38-day cycle (5 days were my period). The 6 times were around the "right" time though - but we've agreed we need to make more effort!

    If nothing happens after a few months of charting I'll definitely go back to the GP for some tests. He already suggested a 21-day test but I haven't done this yet - I don't see the point at this stage because according to my chart I didn't ovulate until day 25 so the hormone levels they would be looking for wouldn't be there at day 21.

    We're off for a week in Turkey on 2nd June - have managed to get a 3-bedroom villa with private pool to ourselves, so hopefully will be nice and relaxing.

    Re. maternity leave, my company's policy is that I would be entitled to 18 weeks on full pay, then 8 weeks on Statutory Maternity Pay (£106/week). After that I could have a further 6 months off, but that would be unpaid. I guess it's not too bad in the scheme of things.

    One other thing: I ALWAYS give up my seat if I see a pregnant woman standing on the Tube! I would hope that others would do the same for me but from what you've all said, that isn't the case. Hubby recently offered his seat to a pregnant woman and she nearly bit his head off, and got all arsey with him for thinking that just because she was pregnant she wasn't capable of standing!
  • Minks - having just had 21 day test, they may well tweak it in view of your cycle - one of the questions the GP asked was how long my cycle was. She also said it can take a couple of tries to get the readings they are looking for.

  • Mitchie Moo, i suppose you'll get lots with having twins, do you want to know what sex they are later on, or are you going to wait for a surprise ?
    There is a private place we can pay for a scan (over £100 though i think), but think we are not going to bother (rather expensive) and have a surprise. Initially i was looking forward to hopefully finding out what it was, but now i know we don't get any more scans, i'm looking forward to a surprise. Apparently we won't get any more scans at all unless the midwife is worried about anything or baby isn't growing as fast as it should. Miserable NHS.
  • Yes they are aren't they, although ours is obviously better than most. They have to scan as they can't work out growth in the later stages as quite simply you can't work out which bit of anatomy belongs to what baby by feel! Yes we are going to find out as we don't need anymore surprises. Also we are struggling for two boys names, so if its boys we need that time to think of an extra name. I think its a boy and a girl anyway.

    Good luck Minks, you sound more positive. Lots of baby making in your quiet villa then! We are trying to decide when is the best time to go holiday. I think by 30 weeks I might by slightly incapicitated so not sure a holiday is best then when I go on maternity leave. So may go in early August instead. Just thinking of Cornwall, so nowhere exotic. Although sun and a villa does sound good!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Sian, thanks for that. You would have thought that my GP would take that into account having just had a discussion with me about the length and irregularity of my cycle. He did recommend that I see a different GP in the practice who has more expertise in fertility issues, so if/when I go back I'll try to get an appointment with her.

    It's all a bit frustrating, and I'm really not convinced there's anything physically wrong with either of us. I'm sure if I go back to the GP for more in-depth discussions and he discovers we only had sex 6 times last month, he'll laugh us out of the surgery anyway.
  • Depends when those six times were ;o)

    I think we tried every other day from day 8/9 through to day 21/22, so thats only 5-6 times. I think the day it happened my Mum had been to stay and we had a couple of drinks in the evening after she had gone. It was a very nice romantic evening. Not sure it happened that day but its nice to think it did!
  • Same for me. My specialist advised every other day between day 12 and 21/22 - so that is around 5 or 6 times.

    So your regularity is right. As Mitchie Moo says - you just need to figure out if it is the right 5/6 days :-)
  • oops should say that those target dates are for a 30/31 days cycle. Yours may be slightly different for a 35 day one.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Oh, I'm not doing so badly after all then!

    According to my chart I ovulated around day 25, and we managed days 15, 17, 19, 23, 24 and 26. So hopefully around the right time (as it was my first chart I had no idea when I might ovulate so this was guesswork counting back from a 35-day cycle).

    I think even if all other things are equal there's only about a 15% chance of conceiving each cycle. It's amazing anyone ever gets pregnant when you think how stacked against it the odds are. From what you're told as a teenager you assume you can get pregnant at the drop of a hat and spend half your life on using contraceptives accordingly!
  • Yep keep at it Minks. Took us 4 months second time round. Keep relaxed and try to enjoy it! :)
  • just checking in to say hello to everyone.

    am swelteringly hot in a tiny 'war room' which has been set up for us to work on this bid (which is why i absolutely HAD to be in birmingham for 3 days staying over in a hotel at my own expense etc etc). and where is everyone else? the salesman has taken 2 of the guys out to play golf (they left at 4pm) and everyone else has gone home in protest. and tomorrow they are all heading down to london at 1pm to take the client out on the town.


    so i could EASILY have worked from home today and tomorrow...

    anyway, i had a very very early night last night (lights out at 8pm in my scabby cheap hotel) which i REALLY needed as i felt so tired.

    i think on reflection i am quite glad that next week is my last week. i'm still fine when up and about, but sitting all day is getting very uncomfortable, particularly in these bucket chairs in the meeting rooms we have here!
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