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  • I am still looking for someone to join Superman and myself to trot round in fancy dress carrying a bucket to raise money for my charity. A great fun day is guaranteed so please contact me if you are interested. Buckets will be emptied every 4 or 5 miles.

    Charity website is www.advanceinternational.org

    Building an orphanage and boarding school in Uganda.

  • Hi all ,

    tought running this week  due to the cold but touch wood its on it's way out just in  time for the last "proper" hard week of training with a 20 miler a week Friday. just gotta decide on where to run, the last 20 miler was fab seeing all the sites - the oval, buckingham palace , the Mall, hyde park , big ben , the london eye etc but BLOODY TOURISTS LOL!!! and darn busy roads to cross lol , I legged it across 4 lanes goin one way near Vauxhall bridge lol.............

  • DW - you need to find somewhere a bit safer to run, don't want to get run over at this late stage.

    Gatton - did as you suggested. The early start was helped with the changing of the clocks lol.  Quite a comfortable run, only 2 climbs of note where I struggled and actually walked a bit, between 8-9 and about 13.2-14.6.  Result almost perfect for where I need to be. 

    Race profile courtesy of Garmin here: SanDom20

    Slightly slower than MP, it was hard work in the heat too, but am quite satisfied and now sat in garden with yet another beer lol.

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    Great running Daz!

    London DW - don't you just love it!  Take care though x

    My running stalled a bit this week - too much other "stuff" going on and I just couldn't be arsed!

    Looks like the week's off to a great start weatherwise - not quite warm enough for my summer wardrobe yet though image

  • Well done Daz ..it looks like you are well on track for VLM...now is the time ot make sure you stay healthy..no heroics now please... see you in London for your registration. ...

    Trigg good weather today for us but cold adn cloudy yesturday for the Sport Relief run fro us but we had some good fun. Reading Half next weekend and a trip to the New Forrest to help daughter to move in to her new house. What with her moving to Ringwood and my lovely son moveing to Vienna it is all go at the moment.

  • JimineyJiminey ✭✭✭

    Well done Daz, what's your plan for the run-in?

    I am prepared to get told off by Gatton but I promise this is me done now until London........Made an appearence at the Fleet Half Sunday, got a bit competitive and did it a little faster than i intended but after 8 miles my legs were still fresh and did 1:47 with a quick finish.

  • Haha - I've got my summer wardrobe open Trigg.

    Indeed Gatton, I intend to wind down soon. Plans now finalised for journey, we're travelling on the Les Croupiers coach so will be at Expo on Sat afternoon early'ish.

    Jiminey - sounds like you had a good run at Fleet, a nice confidence builder. My run-in: perhaps another 20 this weekend then I shall start to taper off soon. Long runs in following weeks will then be 12 and 8. Will still be running some 5 to 8-milers around base if you fancy it? Could also just meet you and BF for a chat if you just want some tips? I'd suggest getting a few runs out in this nice weather to acclimatise just in case it's hot on the day. What Mara time are you hoping for?

    Legs a bit stiff this morning, and a stiff neck/shoulder, took it easy at Boxercise earlier.
  • i wish i was as good as you lot
  • Are but Mick you have so much experience...... how are things for you and Phil.. will I see you at Reading on Sunday.
  • Gatton my man

    we should be there yes

    our 237th HM ?? i think

  • Ladies and gentlemen

    posters and lurkers

    if ever there was a perfect gentleman - its Gatton

  •      image    hides in the corner.image       Will give you a shout in the morning Mick and will def come and say hello it has been too long..
  • Gatton dear friend

    it'll be an honour and a pleasure to see you again

    yes it has been too long, but through (  benign prostate ) sickness, i've not done much in 12 months

    i am trying to get my fitness back,

    ok, HM's pushing Phillip dont pose any problems , but i have to use a little experince to find the marathon again

  • Mick ... sometimes a marathon can be just that bit too far when reality strikes..Hope the health problem gets sorted soon.
  • Gatton

    yes exactly, and i'm using extreme caution and expereince on this

    just to go sweat out another marathon to say i've done another one and ( hell to the consecinces ) just is not a good enough reason

  • JimineyJiminey ✭✭✭

    Hey Daz I'm not too sure on my time now, i've been training to get me around in under four hours and I am confident of that now (she says with careless abandon ignoring her  legs who are not looking forward to the last six one bit) but I'm not sure how much less than that i'll be able to squeak. I'm about at Boscombe all week Bldg 838 ext 3145 if you want to say hello. I am kinda tied to the section as i'm the only leccy this week (and the only girl so you'll know its me).

  • JimineyJiminey ✭✭✭
    P.S Ask for Gem.
  • he is a sweetie Jiminey.......image
  • Ooooh Gatton, I love you too lol image

    Managed to nip out and meet Jiminey for about 10 mins or so on base. Must say, meant in the nicest possible way, she looked exactly like a runner. First impressions, I have no doubt that she'd complete a sub-4 marathon.

    Have decided to skip today's run, my neck/shoulder is quite sore still so will rest up and slap some deep heat on tonight. Maybe some liquid anaesthetic may be in order too. image
  • JimineyJiminey ✭✭✭
    Thanks Daz, you can make final judgement when you see me run. Check out this video at 1:57 and 2:22 and that is my general running style (I hope i'm joking!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyGGvpUoF6k
  • Jiminey don't know if you've considered following the pacemakers at all, but in my first London I aimed for sub 4, and followed the 9 min mile pacers for the first half. It was quite hard to keep up with them due to the crowds-1 minute I was right next to them the next they were 20 people in front of me. But I kept going, I would overtake them, then they would overtake me etc, until just after half way I over took them and then never saw them again. I figured if they were behind me then I must be ok, and I came in at 3.58. It did make it easier I think, as I was v inexperienced back then.
  • JimineyJiminey ✭✭✭
    Hi Caro. I was considering the pacemakers. I did a similar thing at Dorney with them and ended up just ahead of them. I guess they give you a point to focus on. Thanks for the advice.
  • I can confirm that Jiminey does not run like Kermit the Frog.

    Tough run for me today, made so many schoolboy errors. Not enough fluids yesterday, didn't take a drink with me and only 1 gel carried for a 20-miler. It was quite warm and I was running on empty at the end. I was cautious and even took a few stops/breaks, was running for 2:37, but was actually out for 2:53, time on my feet heh!

    Done 4 x 20 milers now - Taper time starts here image
  • May I ask what time you're aiming for Daz?
  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    Wow Daz 4 x 20 milers that's fantastic!  Well done image
  • I agree with Daz , friday was chuffin warm, I had a 500ml lucoz and 500ml water and one gel used ( had 3 more! unused...) and it wasn't enough. Well annoyed too as found a fab route along the Thames 5 miles in which meant no cars, no roads to cross/wait at and peace , only saw around 5 people for 10 miles of my jog!

     Taper is going to be hard as seems alien to ease off so much 3 weeks before , esp the last 2 weeks!

    Hope everyone else is ok.

  • streuth first run of taper done in hot weather!

     5 miles - faster than marathon pace - 9.07,9.13,9.12,912,and 08:41 . Loved it but no way could I do that for 26/27 miles!! I chuffin wish!!

  • JimineyJiminey ✭✭✭

    So pleased I wasn't the only one with a bad "last long run" I went out Saturday instead of the usual Sunday, my legs felt like they had put on about a stone each and I came back feeling like I had just run the marathon but I agree with Daz a few late nights and not drinking enough in this weather was probably my downfall.

    Really looking forward to the taper, sports massage Thursday and then a nice relaxing 15 on Sunday. Think the weather is going to cool down a bit too so that'll be a bit more pleasant for running.

  • No you may not ask Caro!!! image Just kidding, would love 3:10'ish, but anything under current PB of 3:15:07 would be great, ideally to get my GFA.

    Fantastic is not a word I'd choose Trigg, a more suitable word is "necessity", to hopefully reach the target I've set myself (see above).

    Don't worry about the bad runs now DW and Jiminey, better now than on the day. Treat these bad runs as a learning experience, there will always be a positive.

    I had a better "recovery" run on Sat, a hilly 5.1 miles at a much more aggressive 7:25 pace, not too many aches and pains.

    Then today, after a "rest" day yesterday which included digging, heavy lifting, gardening etc I was knackered, so a leisurely 5 at 7:45 pace this morning.
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