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  • lol, i get that too. last time i was in a shop i ended up buying a footpod. lol
  • I plan to run the tough ten and the half-marathon at around Marathon pace. Its just a chance to do a long training run with others really, help keep up the motivation.

    No, you're right, I'm crackers.


    Shuffles away to a quiet corner to have a long serious chat with myself
  • I think once you get onto the race track and see how many people are actually running with you, then the crowd will take you round. I find that on my long races and even just 10k races. The atmosphere is incredable.
  • im yet to experience that... but i will on the weston 10 mile run. lol. i think rich will have to carry me round.
  • I agree about the atmosphere thing. The only other race I have done was the 5k hydroactive in Birmingham, with over 5000 runners and lots watching, so that was great. I chose Stafford half, not just because it was quite local and flat, but also because it had the larger number of participants than the others, this has two advantages one to add to the atmosphere on the day to help me round, and two to minimise the chances of me embarrasing myself - the more people the better. I am not doing anything where there is only 100 runners and the slowest time last year is twice as fast as what I can do! I want to be motivated.

    That is what I think about the FLM, with a huge cheering crowd and 40000 other runners I hope pure adrenaline will get me round, and if not nobody will notice me lying in the gutter at tea-time!.....only joking.

    Seriously, I admire all of you for entering these tougher races.
  • Couldn't agree more Jenny. I just keep thinking that if Jimmy Saville can go round at 70 with a cigar in his mouth, then I sure as hell can get round! :-)
  • lo, dont talk to me about smiking a cigar, ive recently given up and im now on to smoking my pen while working.. lol. im doing it as I write this!
  • The guy that I have run with on a couple of occaisions at the club is in his seventies and I hold him back! I seriously hope that I am like him when I get to that age, come to think about it I'd like to be like that at my current age hehehe
  • yeah last week an old lady in one of those electrick buggy things flew past me and left me for dust.... lol. i just stood there is shock and laughed. lol. i mean these wise old pensioners fly around the place rather than hobble! i find it hillarious.

    * Lazer wonders if rich has finished talking to himself yet and put the men in white cotes on speed dial*
  • me again!!! jeez... lol

    i just been really stoopid and bought a Garmin Forerunner 201. only £50 pn ebay. but i though it was worth it. its a GPS system and measures my Speed, distance and time. also it tells me where i am and also directions on a specific route i program in to it via the PC if im running a new route. take a look http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/Results.cfm?sport=1&category=5&secondary=52
  • Sounds like a good deal compared to the price on sweatshop!! I just bought a water pack for £20 from the marathon shop and wasn't conned into buying anything else!
  • ah so you did go down o your lunch break. yeah it was a bloody good deal. lol. i just got to but the Mapping CD now. lol. god im such a tech freak. you think ?
  • Yeah - only down the road. You sound like a tech freak - I am plain and simple really..... Bought a watch yesterday - that was about my limit in technology!
  • lol. i cant go anywhere on my lunch, i work for Vodafone and im stuck in my ikle office. :( i was in london on friday tho. had important meetings with the big bosses. think i may go down the gym tonight. what about you guys?
  • either running or swimming - can't decide which one yet. Prob swim actually, was running last noght so may have a change
  • yeah its best to do that. although i cant swim, and thats being honest.
  • Hay Lazer
    Me too i can not swim,wish to learn one day.
  • morning peeps. hope all you training was okay last night. i saw some fitties in the gym last night :)
  • Arghh - I didn't make training, i've hurt my ankle (don't know how) so I gave it a rest last night, still sore to walk on today though!
  • thats a good thing to do. i got a funny twinge in my hip still so im watching it. aw he was really cute... lol. he exven asked me out!! lol.
  • Who was fit? Have I missed something?
  • I ran 4.5 miles yesterday lunchtime at around 8:30/9 min/miles. The 3 guys I was with run half-marathons at 7:30's, so they kept running on and then doubling back to collect me. When they were running beside me it was like they weren't even trying. Gits.

    I am going swimming today, give my legs a break.
  • Yeah think I will swim tonight, leave my ankle another day!
  • lol fi. im on about someone at the gym last night. nah i cant be bothered to swim as I cans swim lol. too much work.
  • Beacause I am running my first marathon I think I should invest in some high mileage trainers, anyone know of any good running shops in the Aldershot/ Guildford area where i can get some advice (and hopefully save some pennies!)
  • um, idealistically you should change your trainers every 800k. this saved on dammage because the shoes lose their shape and support giving way to oportunities where damage can occour.
  • i need a partner to help me through the long runs at the weekend being a running newbie and an FLM first timer....anyone around the Croydon area? am not that quick but would welcome the company...
  • Hey all, can i join in....also doing my first Marathon and my first race ever! i'm really slo and longest run is 11 miles so far. am really scared about the day. any of you running for the stroke association?
  • sure thins sara, you can join. Im running for SHELTER and really scared too. they still havent sent through my fundraising pack so i havent even really been able to begin fundraising yet and i need £1500. lol. so how is your training going? how you coping?
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