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  • training going ok...i think...but i'm confused about which training plan to follow. Stroke association sending weekly e mails but its a lot of time even for the beginners (all done on time rather than mileage). i need something simple to follow and ideally 4 days per week - any suggestions? did 7m slow yesterday but am v tired all the time! wot are you following and what kindof time are you aiming for?
  • sara...am following hal higdons plan (www.halhigdon.com) ... seems straight forward enough. give me a shout if you need me to email it to you
  • Chris, just had a look and that is SO much more straightforward...thanks! are you doing Novice or intermediate? think i may have his book, hve you read it? do you think it is still possible to do under 5 hrs on the novice plan? maybe i should just worry about finishing!!
  • lol, im just worring about finishing. !! lol. im going to have to have a look at this training plan now...
  • well if there's a few of us following it at least we can compare notes/encourage each other! i need all the help i can get especially as i'm running on my own - anyone else the same? do you know yet where you are starting from or running numba? i'm 50890 (at the back i reckon and that's where i'll be at the finish!lol!!)and going from the startin Greenwich park.
  • dont know where im starting from, how do you know??? my runners number is 45793 and immon my own too. i been and bought an MP3 player thought that might keep me going a bit. have Gloria estifan keep me company, LOL.
  • found on internet somewhere...if you are between 33251 and 59000 then its the red start in greenwich park - nearest stations Greenwich (DLR) or maze hill i think. then they put you in 'pens' (nice!) according to your estimated time for the race...what did you put? i LOVE gloria estifan!:-) how much running r you doing at the mo?
  • i put 4:30 lolal though im following a SUB 3 hour training plan. lol. in training every day and currently the furthest i have run is 11 miles. lol. Im also doing a bit of witght training as im like a stick lol.
  • my max run is 11 miles too and i put 4:30 although i think 5-5:30 more realistic! i'm really slow - the 11 miler took me 2hrs 2mins. wish i was a stick and i can't understand why i haven't lost any weight! my excuse is being 41 and having 3 kids!lol how much do you run each day?
  • aiming on getting round at the moment.
  • about 45 minutes whih equates to about 10 KM. so i think thats 6 miles?? not sure. well im 2o ( 21 on race day ) an EX smoker as only gave up last week lol. abd been smoking from 5 years. so should be a challnge!
  • well you're way too fast for me - think i'm twice your age and probably twice as slow!!lol!! my eldest is 20 this year - he is at uni and thinks i am bonkers for entering the marathon! i'll show him!! chris are you doing the novice programme? going for a sports massage now - my bod is complaining about all the work i am asking it to do so needs a treat!
  • yeah...novice for me...would have done very novice if he had one!!! I hate running!
  • be sure to drink lots of water and not to have a hot bath nor drink ANY alcohol afterwards, i didnt follow the advice and had a seizure last time. lol great fun wiggling on the floor doing the maggot. lol
  • scarrry!!! how does that happen then?? Had my lower back and glutes massaged...very interesting experience but my back feels a whole load better! just feel like i could sleep for weeks though?!! Chris, i'm novice with you then!
  • lol, its to do with the oils they use. i didnt take the advice and the alcohol reacted with the stuff they used in my blood and i have a wale of a time. lol. oh well. learnt my lesson. looks like were all in the same boat. funny how we might actually see each other, but then again i doubt it. lol.
  • don't think i will see you as you will be half finished before i cross the start line! can't believe that is how u are going to spend your 21st b'day...awesome!!! perhaps you should go in fancy dress with a big b'day cake on your head??!!!lol!
  • lol, i think there may be a miss understanding,, My 21st is on the 22nd march, i said in 20 atm but will be 21 on race day. lol. but then again i can see where the confusion starts!!
  • ooops!! well you could pretednd for a laugh!! you'd certainly get plenty of attention! what is your running plan tonite?
  • 5-10 minute warm up on the cross trainier. 45 minute jog on the circuit. then weights to tone and strenghten. then core exercised to increase stability and flexability. what about you??
  • i'm tired just readin what you will be doing tonite! mind you i have 2 kids to sort out before i can even think about running and that is a marathon in itself! may have today as rest day or otherwise half hour steady run. chris? anyone else?
  • look s as if chris fell asleep ages ago! lol. bless. nah im really going for it. but not much hope for the day! lol.
  • Yep, either he's snoring or decided to switch off when we mentioned Gloria Estefan!lol!!
    what is the circuit you run on, is it indoors or outside? gotta ask...why 'Lazer'- is it a cryptic nickname and how did you get to put it on the forum thingy ie how come i just come up with my boring real name?
  • sorry...busy with work at the time
    rest day today...4 miles tomorrow, tho feeling a bit of a strain in my calf after yesterdays 8 miles

    anyone doing the brighton half?
  • i told people at work i was doing the flm for the first time and someone kindly remarked about people dying during the gnr!!!
    im worried now -why did people die? does any one know?
    sorry to put a downer on things i wont go on about it!!
  • Chris, i'm definitely following the same plan as you know so we can compare notes etc. whenis Brighton half - my in laws live in Hove so i may well enter if its not too late. are you going to do it...what is the route?

    Laurie, i had the same reservations after 4 died in GNR. not sure if they had heart conditions anyway...does anyone know? if in doubt get checked out by your gp.
  • hey guys, im in on this one too. Will be 20 on the day which is going to be cool.

    any reccomendations on training programmes?
  • Hey george, are you actually 20 on 23/4 - i've already had this confusion with Lazer...see above!! Chris put me on to the hal higdon novice plan which is v straightforward and easy to follow. are you a new runner and what level are you at now?
  • yeh actually 20 on the day :D

    yeh im following hal higdons, but ive sort of come in at week 5! due to injury skiing at chrimbo wasnt able to run for a couple of weeks. Well down on my speed at the mo, but hoping i should be able to pick it back up.

    Not lookin forward to saturday tho - 9 miles cold turkey! Level wise i couldnt say, nothing to compare to....before christmas i was on like 7.5 miles in an hour. Now im more like 6.
  • hay yall! LAZERS back! Sara, they died through extreme dehydration and exhaustion. the body couldent cope anymore. also 1 died of a heart attack. Groege. I will be aged 21 when running so good for you buddy! as most people on here know its my first as well. oh sara i didnt go training last night. decided to have a rest day. lol.
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