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  • im now thinking about the brighton. whats the entry fee??
  • blue and green are quicker starts than red ie they feed into main part of route before red i think - there is a plan on FLM web site. i will csatch up with you guys later as i have loads of work to do and i'm not in the office tomorrow. see ya! ps do you younguns work or are you at college/uni?
  • i dont have a hotel yet. dont know where to go? have you got any ideas linda? im currently training with lucozade to get used to it.
  • im at work. lol at VODAFONE im a team manager, klol
  • Need to sort the hotel today....
    i use walk breaks every mile when im training anyway, and ive heard that the FLM water stations are bottle necks anyway so a lot of people walk.

    vodafone annoy me.....not you lazer....but the company - have in the past really rubbed me up t'wrong way!
  • Young? not me!!

    Where you stay is often personal preference. I like to stay near the finish (especially if staying for the Sunday night too) as not far to stagger afterwards. but some like to stay near the start so that they dont have to get up so early to get there. That said there are plenty of tubes and you cant get lost among thousands of others heading in the same direction
  • i'm a solicitor - own business with sister and dad.

    what kind of lucozade do they have at the stations as there seem to be so many types in the shops/gym. do they also have gels/bars? i've never tried any of those...are they any good? i've got hotel in canary wharf...all the ones in blackheath were fully booked.
  • I work in the corporate section george, so dont deal with the public. where you looking at staying mate? ill have to have a look . i really got to book somewhere but done know where!
  • entry fee for Brighton £16.25 all in - i booked on line last night. it's a great route mostly along sea front. in laws are in brighton so will stay there. only about 2000 entrants but looked on last years times and i will be in last 10!!!
  • they have the Origional Orange Lucozade sport. ( i think) and they have the Gels too. so might be a good idea to incorporate them in your training so that your boday is used to them and doesnt reject them on the race day making you ill.
  • Lucozade sport in the pouches is used. But there are no energy bars or anything else. If you think you might get hungry (and I know I did) get someone to have something at a designated point for you.

    Find one that you like the taste of - some of the gels are very sweet and hard to get down. Or you could use jelly babies, starburst sweets - anything high in carbohydrate! Just make sure you start trying your options now (I had disastrous consequences with jelly babies but luckily it was in traing)
  • are the lucozade stations at every water station or less frequent? anyone recommend gels or anything else to take - never tried them yet. just used water so far.
  • Im using Lucozade and water. just going to start the gels as im going to have a water pouch with me during the marathon so can store gels in there. probarbly have a camelback. i seen a few with them last year.
  • i was thinking of having a bumbag with tissues and sweets/food in and poss my mobile. will try the jelly babies out - how/why can they make you ill? is it just a case of getting used to them?
  • Its because their solid jeyyy like stuff covered in flour i think. could be updsetting you stomach as its used to the intake of liquids during exercise not solid matter.
  • is that true of any thing you eat? also read you should not have anything sweet after you finish as likely to throw it straight back up but they give you a mars bar in goodie bag?!
  • its personal choice really, some things work for some and dont for others, Personally i can eat anything after training, mostly eat pasta followed by chocolate or ice cream though . Yum Yum. lol.
  • REALLY goin to do some work now!!
  • lol. yeah me to. i finish at 1:15 today so better go. talk to you all tomorrow.
  • ideally you need a high GI food after and/or during exercise. Thats why the gells work as they are all sugar and easily absorbed. Thats why i guess you eat the icecream with the pasta razor - to spike your insulin and increase the rate at which muscle glycogen is replenished? Low GI's (like pasta) are generally not great for this job, is why i mainly eat apples and orange juice after a run - that with a little protein staves off the aching muscles.
  • exactly why i eat what i eal. I also have protein supliments, Vitimins and also Creatinemonohydrate.
  • so why is it the sugary stuff can make you sick? i'm so confused about what is best to eat when and i have an intolerance to most fruit (especially bananas and apples) which is really annoying as they're so goof for you...any suggestions anyone?
  • Never heard of sugary stuff making you sick (and there haven't been mars bars in goody bags since mars stopped sponsoring)

    You do need to have a mix of protein and carbs when you finish but it will be ok to eat what is in the goody bag.

    Some people get motion sick when they stop running - especially if they have worked really hard. It isn't something to get over worked up about.

    I cant tolerate Lucozade after my first LM so use High5 gels. And I have no idea what it was in the jelly babies that my stomach didnt like but I was glad I tried them before race day.
  • if you were to eat like pure glucose and malodextrin then it wouldnt make you sick, provided you were hydrated enough to deal with the more negative water potential created by taking a lot of sugar onboard, jelly babies however although mostly sugar have gelatine in them, which i think is a protein (the methods of making gelatine alone make you not want to EVER eat it! lol) and it is the protein which is hard for your body to digest, let alone all the other crap they put in sweets...just isnt good news! the gells tho, they should be fine - going to try one at the weekend on the 9 miler, see how it does me.

    Lazer, does Creatine monohydrate not bloat you? you considered taking creatine ethyl ester?
  • ok, so jelly babies are out then! do you think the gels are enough or is there an alternative? are the creatine substances supplements - what do they do?
  • great photo George!!! must get mine sorted!
  • creatine is a performance enhancing supplement, it works (havent got all the science with me, will dig it up if you want) by increasing the amount of water your muscles hold, and in doing so increases strength, stamina and apparantly sex drive too lol. Monohydrate which i think is what lazer is taking works, but some people find that it just holds a lot of water under the skin and not in the muscles, thats why a lot of people taking monohydrate take it with something very sugary because when your insulin spikes your muscles absorb more of whatever there is to absorb (creatine in this case but works with protein too) and this lessens the chance of the 'bulge'

    creatine ethyl ester is relatively new and is used by a lot of body builders, it works well, and there isnt often any water retention in the wrong places.

    Creatine is made by your body naturally, but it still needs to be cycled on and off, which is why i decided not to experiment with it at such a crucial stage in my training.

    N.B. - im not by any means an official voice on this, so dont quote me but i believe most of it to be correct, like i said i have the science somewhere in my bookmarks - just need to dig it out.

    With regard to the gells, yes i recon they should be fine. Combined with a decent isotonic sports drink there should be no problems. The lucozade carbo gell has roughly 34g's of carbohydrate in it, 5 of which are sugars (so i was mislead by thinking it was all sugar) but that simply means that aswell as giving you an initial boost of energy and fuel for your muscles it also gives you some long burn carbs also - which works out nicely. They are well suited to long distance runnning as they have some sodium in them to replenish that which is lost in sweating. Only trace amounts of fat and protein. Im going to try these out this weekend, will let you know how i find them.....now howz about that 5 miles....legs do not feel up to it at all lol, probably going to hurt.

    time to bit the bullet all the same, laters.
  • I didn't think you should use gels and isotonic drinks??? They need to be taken with water or they just sit in your stomach. The water contains all the sodium you will need along with the carbs of the gels. you can over do it - mayb why people are sick.

    I managed last year on the gels I had with me (plus an energy bar courtesy of the RW forumites at mile 18) and the water provided on the course. With no problems
  • think i will give the gel a go too this weekend on the long run. yep, 5 miles tonight and i feel really tired...still abit sore in the lower back after the chiropractic but will go slow and see what happens - going to run on the treadmill at home so its not too far to collapse into the bath after! will catch up with you all sometime tomorrow...not in work as on the photo shoot so probably friday.
  • I would give it a rest tonight Sara otherwise you could end up worse off. You wont lose anything by missing tonight and if you are tired you could end up injuring yourself. If your back is sore then 5 miles is 5 miles too far. Rest until your long run at the weekend and you will come back stronger
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