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  • Just about got out of Sheffield yesterday (work is next to meadowhall) as they let us go early. The river don rose to just below the flood defences by 2pm. I think it went over them soon after that. 

    Waiting to hear from studio head if its is going to be open today. 

    Whereabouts are you LMH? Hope you are safe and not too affected? 

    I was reading a blog by a 2:45 guy who did lots of MP. Highlighted how little I did really for York compared to Manc. I think I probably only improved (just) purely on building on the training gone before. To see significant gains I have to get used to running at the faster speeds. Almost remotivated to put my trainers on again. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Hope you're not flooded out of work then SJ.......LMH will be ok at the mo, she is in Florida........good point re the MP, i think that might be my hammy cramp answer, the best way for me to include it is the long runs so P and D it is.

    Its so wet out there round here that todays run was treacherous after it had iced up overnight. Was glad i was only doing a short run.
  • LOL Wardi - I don’t think you need to worry about treats or indulgences anyway! Flooding at home according to MiL but hot, hot, hot here - until Wednesday anyway when we are forecast a cold day 😕
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Flooding, Ice here, hot hot there  - that was enough to make me just book a week in the sun February half-term. 
    SJ - Great self- restraint, I go bonkers if I don't run for 4 days even after marathons.  Interesting observation on faster training runs, I think its so easy to miss these out if your not following tightly a P&D type schedule. And interesting that CD reckoned may have given him an added edge for New York. 
    Joe - Happy birthday and Chamonix, my dream place. The trail running there is really something. I hear on Tuesday if I am in the 2020 Mont Blanc marathon. I think you will love Valencia again, just think of that booming Star Wars theme beat-box around mile 6.  
    TR - Some pretty speedy sessions. Go easy as still post Abingdon and that run will do you the world of good for Gosport. 
    Following my DNS at Cornwall, turning into a decent week (should be 55m or thereabouts) and looking forward to a weekend up in London and doing some memory lane runs around Bushy Park & Richmond Park. 
  • Wardi- same here. Haven't missed a xmas day run in 10 years now. Wasn't the easiest sell to my girlfriend but it's the one tradition that's non-negotiable. I like to run around the empty streets and imagine all the festivities inside. Can't think I've ever come across another runner at that time. I noticed that the record parkrun attendance was on xmas day at bushy park. I think that's excellent.

    a couple of small treadmill runs for me in Tenerife. Weather nice enough for running outside but not keen on the faff. 7.5 miles yesterday with middle 5 miles at TMP and then 7k today with middle 5k at 5k pace. I managed a 17:50 without pushing the heart rate too much. i have to assume distance/speed on a treadmill should be taken with a large pinch of salt. Nevertheless, even a bit of running coupled with quite a lot of walking each day and a bit of sunshine probably isn't doing me much harm.
  • For some reason I didn’t see so and TRs posts when I posted earlier.

    Hope things aren’t too disrupted for you so. As TR said I’m in Florida at the moment so fine and fortunately there is a good flood plain still in existence where I live so the village should be fine.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Glad you're warm & dry LMH, sounds rough around Matlock area.  Our river is quite high but not critical.

    RJoe.. a guy in my club usually  announces he is stopping running on Xmas eve til' New Year for family time.  Trouble is he likes his food too much so is always surprised when he has put on several pounds by New Year.  I'll see if I can drag him out this year!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - im repeating the last 10 days of my Abo taper now. So i have a very easy week ahead (now todays blow out is ticked off).

    I did 12 inc 5 ~mp 8 days out from Abo, thought i should try to get nearer to hmp with gosport 1/2 next sunday, although im not sure that i can run 5m at hmp in training, so I'll call it 12inc 5m hard. Was a good blowout.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    6m easy peasy pace today. Nice day for running, could have done with todays weather next sunday.
  • Xmas day parkrun for me and junior has been a ritual for 10 years now.  Always good fun.

    So, I got back into it with an easy run Thursday, an easy trot round parkrun yesterday (my 400th) and then a turn out for XC yesterday - sorely tempted not to bother in the rain but it's only 600m from the house so it had to be done I guess!  The rain and mud were a world away from the streets of New York and I know which I prefer!  
  • CD - Do they still do the xmas day parkrun at banstead? I've never bothered with a parkrun on xmas day but only because I feel like i need to be flexible with timings. maybe this is the year.

    the weekend running I'd hoped for hasn't materialised. 5k yesterday at a gradient of 2% and then around 4 miles this morning. I have done a fair bit of walking up and down hill today so i won't stress it too much. 10 miles tomorrow and 20 on Tuesday and then start to taper off.
  • RJR - yes, it's on this year.  They did skip a few but it returned last year due to popular demand (and plenty of volunteers) and it'll be on again this year.  Not on new years day though.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    5m easy peasy pace today, monday mlr day seems a long time ago now. But it will be back soon.
  • Hope all is OK with SJ, otherwise it seems nice and relaxed in here. :)

    Chester has a round the walls race every boxing day which is always well attended. Ive never managed to get myself out to it yet.

    Got upto an uneventful 40 last week including 11 at under 7s and 2 at sub 6, which i will double down on this week and I guess I should think about proper training then.
  • Good to see people getting back into it and a lack of injuries around. Fingers crossed that that continues!

    Around 5 miles for me yesterday post flight. 20 miles today at 7:35 pace. Felt fairly fresh through 12 miles but it was a bit of a grind after that. Shouldn't be too surprised I guess with around 5 hours on a plane yesterday plus increased alcohol and unhealthy food over the last week or so.

    18 days to go now so that's the last of the long runs. Going to do a medium length run on Friday and then keep things ticking from there. No obvious reason why life should get in the way of the running, sleep or carb loading so hopefully I can go in with a decent taper.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
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    Nice run at a decent pace Joe, remind me which event you are aiming for?  Tenerife must have been pleasant (compared to here anyway!).
    Menn.. 40 miles in a week is encouraging progress, long may it continue.
    Hope the Gosport taper goes smoothly TR.

    I too managed the dizzy heights of 40m last week, the last of my three recovery weeks.  11m today which is my first double digit run since the marathon.  Still haven't decided on a spring marathon, might well do Barca again if the unrest over there settles down.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good continued progress Menn. Hopefully the S and C is paying off as well as the shoe insert.

    Wardi - feels a bit bizarre tapering for a non marathon race, esp as im tapering from some recovery weeks. Could be in for a surpriae Sunday, and maybe not a good one.
  • Good to hear it Mennania. I hope that’s the end of your issues.

    How is the weather looking TR?

    You must have started fast if you ground out the last eight rj.

    Anything planned between now and Brass Wardi?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    LMH.. hope you continue to enjoy the warmth over there, struggling to break 6-7 degrees here.  On the race front nothing much, Edwinstowe (Sherwood Forest) 10k trail race on 1st Dec then a club 5m race (Jan 5th).  A few Parkruns scattered in between.
  • Wardi - Nottingham Christmas marathon on 30th November. Doing a marathon on a Saturday is a first although I have done an ultra. Tenerife was lovely temp wise. Mid 20s is just about perfect  Just a pity it's so built up where we stay, not ideal for running.

    LMH - I had my waterproof on yday which covers my watch so I wasn't really looking at splits and just going off feel. Some of the later miles were as quick as early ones but some also drifted over 8 mins. So it was more of a mixed bag then some of my other long runs. I love running in my new area but pavements can disappear and you can end up running on the road in 50 mile an hour zones which probably also has an effect mentally!
  • RJR - I am off to Tenerife in Feb, see it as half term / warm weather training.  Your visit coincided with the Tenerife marathon this weekend in Santa Cruz.  Ran it in 2015. mid 30's and a PW - scorchio. A decent LSR for the Nottingham build-up. 
    Menn - That's good and hope your injury woes are well behind you now. 
    I wasn't lucky with the Mont Blanc Marathon ballot -roughly 4.5 applications for each place,  so hoping for the UTMB-OCC ballot when timely and maybe the Zermatt Marathon July 2020.  For now, need more miles and some faster miles if I am to sub-3 at Malaga as the last 8 weeks have averaged 45 mpw of steady running and that's unlikely to do it. 
  • Upcoming 2020 Marathons

    RJR - Nottingham 30th Nov 

    Joe - Valencia 1st Dec 
    TickTock - Valencia ?

    OuchOuch - Malaga   15th Dec
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    No winter marathons this end, only a 10k in January for me.

    LMH - coldish with an easterly breeze forecast. Depends how much of a breeze as its a lot of running into the wind. It is what it is though, its a bonus race tha i havnt trained for. Operation sub 255 is of more interest already.

    6 inc 2 mp, became 6 ~hmp today, it was so frosty i had to do a few strides to make the transition from 8mm to 6mm less risky. So 6 inc 2 av 6.12, which is the same pace as the 12 inc 5 i did saturday. We'll find out how close to hmp that is sunday.
  • I’m enjoying it whilst I can Wardi - I think I’m going to need to wear all my kit when I get home and adjust to the cold!

    Sounds promising TR.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    You are in for a shock LMH, ive done a few very cold and frosty runs already. Could be a long winter.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. haven't heard of that one before, best of luck with the rest of the build up.
    OO.. bad luck on the Mont Blanc ballot, hope for better fortune on the OCC event.
    Hope the weather is kind to you on Sunday TR.

    Lovely morning for a run here, chilly but the sun was out and light winds so took advantage and got 10m done.  By contrast looks a bit damp & breezy tomorrow. 
  • Wardi - cheers. I hadn't either but it is supposedly a good, if a little boring, course and the timing was perfect. my only worry now would be the weather. had a look at some in Spain and Pisa for this time of year but didn't think I could get the logistics right for a decent performance.

    OO - unlucky on the ballot. one of those tough to get into races but all the more special when you do! hadn't realised about tenerife marathon but that's probably a good thing or I might have tried to run it. went to siam park instead and that's a whole load more fun. wouldn't rule out doing it in a future year as I'd get good buy in from the girlfriend as she loves it there. 
  • I’m thinking the same TR.

    Hope you have more success in the other ballot OuchOuch.

     I think wind is likely to be your biggest issue weather wise rj - it’s a bit exposed around that rowing lake.

    The Edwinstowe race is a regular fixture for you if I remember correctly Wardi. Is Mrs Wardi running it?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    FB tells me I ran the Tenerife marathon under blue skies and temps in the low 30's, 4 years ago today. I've just been repeatedly hit in the face with freezing bullet-like hail on my lunchtime run.  First NY resolution, running Tenerife in 2020.
    Cheers RJR, Wardi & LMH - I got into Mt Blanc in 2018 and loved it, so was lucky then.  Its just a surprise when your old and relatively fast as you can generally get into the races you want.  The OCC will be similarly competitive. There are lots of other great alpine marathons out there and Zermatt does look appealing with a finish 3,089 metres above sea level. 
  • I see the list is back so I should report some training. I took a week off following Abingdon then eased back into it. I managed 60 miles last week plus 100 on bike and now tapering for Valencia. Will decide target closer to race but will probably just be brave and see what happens. As long as I can drink beer afterwards I am fine. Joe when you flying out? I am going on Saturday but know Dan flies on Friday.

    I went to Tenerife last January and the weather was great. I even ran up El Teide, though at 3700m it was an effort and there was snow on the top. I have decided to go to Lanzarote in January for a few nights with some nice running? Will get an Airbnb but unsure where on Island. Any recommendations?

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