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  • When do you travel CD?

    Are the inserts making any difference Mennania?

    I hope that Katie heals quickly Joe. Stress fracture maybe?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • selbsselbs ✭✭✭

    wow Joe!  she must be one tough cookie.  perfect material for a smashing sub 3 once all healed up.  Well dont to you both.

    i have entered one of the P&D programmes into my spreadsheet with thoughts of maybe following it for London.  It looks a bit tough for me (both the actual runs/volume, and how to manage it all with work/life balance, but might see how it goes).  one of my Birthday gifts over the weekend (along with new run commute OMM bag).  just 2 years from V50 now.  Man we got smashed in the rugby, well played England and hope they do the same job in the final now.  I got a bit smashed myself, drinking from 9am is pretty unusual these days!!

    Just started to try and tick over again here last couple of days, but I am still feeling sore in same places that caused me problems at Abingdon (lower back/glutes/hammies) so not sure what to do about it, other than just crack on!

    CD when are you doing Tokyo?  One of the things that kept me going for sub245 was that i thought it was a qualifying criteria to get in there?  is it a simple enough process to apply, i can't seem to work it out!  Good luck in NY.

    Joolska - congrats on the national champion win!

  • selbs - you could always get a recommendation for a good sports physio and let them have a look. Happy belated birthday - sounds as though you celebrated in style.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Wow Joe, nice pacing job and just how fast can she go using both feet?

    You've got me specifically worried now -- had a bit of a niggle on my 3rd metatarsal and decided to review the situation after my summer 100K race. Then after my autumn marathon! Nothing specific there now, but the ball of my foot feels a bit odd sometimes, and that toe looks a bit wonky... having a bit of a running break, anyway, in case there is anything to let heal up.
  • Ouch - Nasty. Well done to Katie on posting such an amazing time given the injury. What shoes does she train/race in? Thats the exact place where I suffered damage in Valencia.

    Inserts havent turned up yet LMH. Will be sure to test them out asap. How long before I can expect to notice  any tangible difference?
  • Difficult to say Mennania - I had to gradually build up time with the orthotics in and there were a few weeks of odd aches and pains as everything adjusted to it's new position but I wasn't addressing one specific acute problem. When I did use an insert to off load an inflamed hamstring so that I could run a marathon (I knew I had a few months off to let it settle ahead of me and physio said it wouldn't make recovery any slower) the relief was instant.

    If you can't feel anything it isn't a stress fracture charlie:-)
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Mennania: when I started wearing orthotics many years ago I did have to build up gradually and got blisters on the arches of my feet, so stock up on the Compeeds in advance!  I can't remember quite how gradual the build up was, but I'd hazard a guess I had a week of just walking in shoes and then very slowly introducing running.  My ITB was so inflamed and tight I don't think I could have run much anyway...

    Jo: blimey.  Is that a metatarsal that's broken?

    Local 5km race tonight. Apart from the odd parkrun and the local road relays, Po10 suggests this will be my first raced 5km since January 2017.  I am at least guaranteed an age group PB, although I can safely say my actual PB is under no threat whatsoever.
  • Selbs - I'll be there on 1st March next year.  It's a simple enough process, although it's a bit hidden on their website because it's only open to overseas runners.  They call it 'sub-elite' if you're looking for it.  It's a bit like GFA - entries opened in July with a month or so to apply with evidence of your sub 2:45, and they let you know mid-August if you've got in.  They're not strictly guaranteed but I never found out if they were oversubscribed this year and if they are, what criteria they use: whether it's a random ballot or a GFA-style slowest times are out kind of thing.  

    Worth doing because the main ballot is heavily oversubscribed and the tour operators entries are similarly hard to get.  They do sell a number of charity entries that cost around £750 depending on the exchange rate on a first-come-first-served basis though.  

    LMH - flying out Thursday morning.  Should be good.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Menn - good point re hills.

    Selbs - belated happy birthday. Give yr legs time, mine still have a bit of fatigue, so no faster running til next week.

    Joe - ouch !

    CW - relax, you cant read about stress fractures and develop one yrself.

    9m easy here, was surprisingly cold this morning too.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    I was brought back down to earth at my local 5k last night. It's not the fastest course and I wasn't feeling that nippy: it's been a long time since I tried to race on a Saturday and then the following Tuesday! A sluggish 20.09 and 2nd fv35. Something to build on!
  • LMH - stress related we think, but a stress fracture is just a tiny hairline fracture in the bone - this is a full blown snap! 

    CW - wouldn't worry too much - I think you'd know. She could barely move once she'd actually stopped running, and was in a huge amount of pain. Worth getting checked out though.

    Menn - she was in the trusty 4%'s, but obviously only races in them..

    Jools - it is indeed - 3rd metatarsal broken. It's good you're getting multiple races in - sign of progress and will build the fitness back up quickly, regardless of the results.

    Best ever recovery for me post marathon, back swim, bike and running with no real fatigue/soreness which is v. positive. Starting to feel much more like myself. 
  • I meant that Katie may have had a stress fracture which fractured because she continued to run on it Joe. Good to hear that you are recovering well - what does next year hold for you race wise?

    That was a tough ask on tired legs Joolska.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    Joe - that's amazing for Katie to have run so well with that. As you say, that's not "just" a stress fracture! I guess it is at least in a place that isn't under massive stress when running.

    selbs - glad you enjoyed the rugby last Saturday (well, the drinking anyway!). If we can keep playing like that we should win but I'm not getting my hopes up.

    - that's not too bad is it?

    Talking about the magic shoes, some people were commenting about the significant improvement in results at the Leeds Abbey 10k and whether that is related to the shoes. According to Po10, 27 of the first 28 runners got PBs....

    I had about 40 mins for a run last night before doing nursery pick-up, but managed 6M in just under 36 mins - 1M warm-up, 2x10mins tempo with about 3:30 easy between, and 1M cooldown. Tempo bits were around 5:30 pace and felt genuinely like "tempo" (rather than "10k race").
  • (I don't think I have a stress fracture now, for sure. For a while I had a specific sore spot on one bone and feared I might have something very minor, but it went away. But it still feels a bit wrong sometimes on the ball of that foot, under the 'knuckle' of the toe bone I guess, and that one is now poking into the adjacent toe a bit -- hence I thought I might have done something to it by continuing to train and race on it.)

    Well raced (twice now?), Jools!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I read that there were 9 sub 29 at Ledds after 0 the last few years, reckoned to be due to the shoes. Also said that the irish guy who did 2.12 sunday was allegedly wearing a dusguised pair.

    I bought a new pair today......another pair of Rides for £50.
  • This shoe stuff still rumbling on I see. Will there come a point where we'll be pointing out the people not wearing them? 27 out of first 28 getting a PB is pretty incredible though.

    No run yesterday but a nice round of golf. 14 miles at sub TMP today (avg 6:37 min/miles). 34 miles from 2 runs so far this week; probably need to do a little more "normal" running. Hoping to hit around 65 miles in total.

    I'm feeling I need to do a little more running at the target pace. If I push a little I seem to drift towards 6:30 min mile pace and sitting back is around 7:15. Maybe that's not much of a surprise given the way that my training has gone but any tips for hitting targets in a run (in a consistent way)?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Forgot to say....

    5m easy this morning, need 7m tomorrow to hit 200 for October, which is a bit low but it was Abo month. Tomorrow will also take me over 2900 for the year. I should hit 3000 a lot earlier than last yr.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Inspired by Jooligan's Snowdonia run, Katie's Frankfurt, RJRs Abingdon and the story of Kevin Webber, a change of heart and the RD has reinstated me for the Cornwall Marathon on Sunday. 

    Running 17 miles on Monday is not the ideal prep but I feel in "reasonable" shape (apart from the bilateral hernia :#  and an average of 45 mpw for the past 3 months, 1X20 miler). Its a tough but beautiful route over the moorland and there is a pasty at the end.  So will attempt to turn off my sub-3 racing button and run as a LSR as training for the Malaga marathon with some planned walk-breaks up the steeper hills. 
  • LMH - as always, I'm stuck on the running v triathlon dilemma. But I think it'll be another year of swim-bike-run to explore how much more I can improve. I've got Ironman Wales already in the diary, and might do Ironman Cork also. Few running races in the spring, including London, which might be another Katie sub-3 shot. How about yourself??

    OO - may as well give it a go! Sounds like a sensible approach, will be a good training run with time on feet.

    I wouldn't actually recommend Frankfurt as a race on reflection. Definitely faster courses out there in Europe (Valencia, Berlin) and nicer places to see.

    I've done a more comprehensive write up on the blog if anyone wants the full story;

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - sounds good, hope it goes well.

    Joe - iM wales 2020? I always fancied that one, pembrokeshire is a great place to race.

    All the best to Cheerful Dave for Sunday

    8m, 201 for Oct, 2905 for year.
  • selbsselbs ✭✭✭

    off with family for a long weekend tomorrow so no running for a bit again for me, will try and get back into it properly from next week, although work is going to make that difficult as well as 3 days of all day workshops plus some evening socialising on cards.  maybe the break will help sort out my hammies/glutes.

    anyway, really just popping in to say good luck to CD for NYM.  Not that you need luck CD, you're pretty expert at this marathon malarky.  thanks for the Tokyo info although it may be too pricey to consider for a selfish trip.

    Oh, and now also enjoy the LSR Sunday OO.

    171 miles for Oct for me - might fit in another 4-6 jog later but not sure.

    I'm only 22 miles short of my annual total of 2,474 from last year, which was itself a record for me, so should go past that comfortably enough if i get back to it.

    The P&D 18 week 70-85 schedule would have me starting for London this year!!  29th December.  That would be a bit of a shock to the system as i don't normally ramp up till end Jan...

    oh and good luck England on Saturday in the rugby.

  • Good luck to Eng on sat too. As long as they avoid an arm wrestle I think its theirs.

    CW - Metatarsalgia maybe? 

    Good luck to CD and OO.

    98 miles for me in Oct - I think theres a couple unlogged so calling it 100. Inserts landed and 2 runs in and no ill effects and no nerve pain down leg so hopefully they are doing a job.  
  • Enjoy OuchOuch.

    Safe journey and have a good race and weekend CD.

    Sounds positive Mennania.

    Enjoy the weekend away selbs.

    Are you looking to qualify at Wales Joe? I'm thinking of a last long run eight weeks before London - a local 41 mile ultra.

    Are you thinking of going back to tri TR?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Menn -- "Metatarsalgia perhaps" -- good thought, I'd forgotten about that as a 'thing'! Sounds reassuringly harmless...

    Still on a running break after York, been about 10 days now. Doing a few extra bike miles, but nothing crazy. Will probably not be here so much for a bit...
  • I suffered with it after Valencia but for obvious reasons. My route cause was the shoes ie Nike zoomfly FK hence the previous question to JB re Katies preference. I Just binned the shoes and ice packed it after every run for 3 weeks and it went away. There is another condition called Mortons Neuroma which is linked to pain in that area too - 
  • 5 miles reasonably gentle today. 182 miles this month and 1425 for the year. It's funny how it feels like it's been a big year run wise but it is nothing compared to some of you guys! I had planned for this to be my biggest month yet after 211 in March but I felt I had to respond to my body at times and ride out some niggles. Feels like I've done that!

    Second edition P&D arrived today. Probably shouldn't read it before Nottingham as it'll only make me regret the training i've done or overcompensate now but looking forward to it afterwards.

    The Cornish marathon sounds as beautiful as it does tough so good luck OO, and to you CD in NYC!
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    JoeB/TR - IM Wales is on my list too, along with Lanza. Not in 2020 though, I can't dedicate the time to it at the moment. Until we move back into our house (probably around January) I don't have access to the turbo so cycling is unlikely to happen this winter. And I just don't like swimming enough to spend the time getting to the pool.

    OO - sounds like a plan, good luck. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, and it's good time on the feet.

    CD - good luck at NY, hope you have a good weekend.

    Menn - that sounds positive, hope it continues.

    8M for me last night, then 7M at lunchtime, all easy. That makes 156M for October which is a decent total for me.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Selbs - i had a quick skim and reckoned on 18 weeks starting mon 22rd Dec, seems early but id be training in january anyway. Theres not much hard running early on edition 3 arrived today, so ill be reading up later.

    Menn - good news on the inserts, im sure they'll take some getting used to esp on longer distances as your muscles are used to working the way they have been running for 50 yrs. I get Mortons in my right foot, a small piece of cotton wool as a toe spacer on anything over 10m and its totally manageable.

    Padams - i wont be doing it anytime soon either, havnt sat on a bike for 2 years.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. one of my lady club mates had similar break after a freakish awkward landing during a dog walk about a year ago.  She was in pot for a few weeks and a right old misery for the duration.  Anyway it all turned out well as she knocked 38 mins off her marathon PB at York recently (4.34-3.56) so all smiles again.  Congrats to Katie on seeing it through, marathon adrenaline has been known to shield a few niggles.  :/
    OO.. hope the 'training' marathon goes ok, you could always wear a truss.  :)
    LMH.. after a week of little running but plenty of eating & drinking in Malta I have gained about 3.5 lbs in weight so there's a target for you in Florida.
    CD.. best of luck, safe journey and hope the weather gods are kind to you.
    Selbs.. the muscles don't lie so hope the break does you good (enjoy!).  I'm trying to come back slowly to ensure full recovery.
    Jools.. good effort, it will come back as the weeks go by.  BTW stunning run from your club girl Jenny S, quite a chunk to take off her PB at that level.
    Padams.. must be quite an upheaval being out of your usual property, though you seem to be managing it well.
    Back home yesterday to find the gloves will have to come out again.  About 6-7m planned with the club tonight
  • Challenge accepted Wardi. LOL.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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