Deca Ironman France 2006



  • By do a decca I mean organise our own.
  • is this before or after your solo unsupported trek to the south pole?
  • i can't believe he's seriously planning to stick the feathers to his arms with ear wax
  • So, one person slept for an hour at a time, is that normal. What do others do?
  • Talking of flying to the sun!

    We should get a pirate team together and enter the redbull whacky flying challenge.

    Being trying to find a link but cant.
  • Ah thats the baby :o) its postponed! good job as was on same day as IMDE..

    Right you build me a flying machine and im happy to leap off in it :o)

    Should prove im no pansy to.
  • "launching their home-made and manpowered flying machines off a 6m high ramp into the water below!"

    eek hang on I didnt know it was from so high up!
  • build your own bloody aeroplane. sheesh.
  • Short power naps work just as well as longer periods of sleep. Its surprising how long you can keep going on 15-20 min naps every so often.
  • yeah dave good point. i've done that when working solidly for 2 or 3 nights... but i was thinking that it might be different if you're doing ironmans in between!


    i wonder if the 'slow' people (the ones making use of the full 14 days) ever follow the collier plan and sleep every night? maybe rosey can find out when tony gets back.
  • I guess you go into a deeper sleep after an hour, so it makes sense to keep it either under an hour or have at least four hours, to stop you feeling so terrible when you wake up.

    It would be amusing to settle down every night for a cup of cocoa and 8 hours sleep.
  • Polyphasic Sleep? 20-30 mins a time, 6 times a day.

    I'm not sure what happend to pants mate who tried this?
  • i think he tried for about 6 weeks then gave up?
  • i think the collier plan is the way to go. obviously you need a year of sprint and a year of olympic before you do a deca though, and you should NEVER try something new on race day
  • it would be funny coming down in a smoking jacket and a fez with a plate of toast every morning, and waving to the athletes cycling with their eyes closed. and then still beating cut off by a day!
  • a smoking jacket for the evening, a silk padded dressing gown and slippers for the mornings. I think its definitely the way to go....
  • no qualifications but plenty of medical approval I think.

    And Barley, 10-12 days ?? I think you overestimate your ability dude.

    Seriously !
  • my point about a good night sleep was what is the point of entering a deca ironman but planning to do it with good nights sleep.

    its like the FLM but planning on stopping half way round for a massage and lunch.
  • horses for courses i suppose. i'd liken it more to doing the london marathon but stopping to take the stone out of your show.

    the IUATA must agree, or the cut off wouldn't be 14 days

    but then again.... a year of sprint and a year of olympic!
  • the mexican one this year is 10 ironman races (2.4/112/26.2) on 10 consecutive days. would you think that they have to stay up all night too??
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    hang on - I thought Barlist was swimming the Channel next??? he was wibbling on about it a while ago.......
  • Yea I always get these mad ideas but never follow them through, think the decca and channel swim are a bit over my commitment threshold? who knows. I do fancy a harder challenge than an Ironman though, maybe a double? or maybe just try and train properly for one race to see what im capable of?
  • why don't you swim the channel 10 times barlist?
  • and then do the GUC ...
  • or why not swim from key west to hawaii?? i'll follow behind in a support boat, chumming the water with fish guts and blood.
  • no candy, and i wasn't suggesting anyone stay up all night either, but there is a big difference between getting your head down for a power nap (say 45 minutes) and having a full on nights sleep.
  • would be good to see the different approaches... i think that if you're going to take the full 14 days, then faster pace but proper sleeps is just the more logical way to do it than trudging along in a permanent daze.

    maybe my way's just stupid and you'd wake up in bed unable to move a muscle though!

    but like an ultra bloke just said to me 'different racers, different strategies'
  • yes, agreed, i'm not sure how i would approach it as i know from my army days that power napping works for me for 5 or 6 days but then i really need proper "bathed, fed and watered" type proper sleep.

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