Nike+ on the front page

...the competition where I get to win one (please)?


  • hmm
    very good point
  • Happy recipient of Nike+iPod yesterday and as I don't have Nike trainers have secured sensor under my laces with a couple of tie-wraps and so works! Yippee!! The sensor isn't even the direction it would be in the Nike shoe as I couldn't secure it any way other than horizontal.

    I've only pranced around the house so far but will be putting it to the test pounding concrete later today. I'll keep you posted.

    Are Nike trainers any good? Nervous of changing my Saucony Omni as they have treated me so well. Looks as though Nike have only launched one basic pair of iPod compatible trainers, with two more styles following later this year.
  • Whitpod - I'm not at all jealous... honest... even though I have a GPS I'm still tempted by the powersong thing... let us know how it goes - also let us know how lovely or annoying the voice is that tells you your pace - I'm hoping they bring out celebrity voices (I think I need Anna Friel urging me to go faster!) - one thing on the shoes is that I think adidas are building shoes with a gap ready for polar sensors - so it will be interesting to see if they are compatible...

    And I've decided to forgive RW for nto putting up a competition yet - I guess they do have to award me my 305 first, and then afterwards they can get on with my ipod+ :-)
  • Hollywood ive asked to road test em.

    They need a fair and honest opnion!

    no word from robbie baby though :-(
  • Definitely interested in hearing from anyone using this in non-official shoes. I'm pretty sure, when it was first announced, the Nike shoes were described as 'optimised' for it, rather than being 'mandatory'... but the Apple online store lists Nike+ shoes among the 'requirements'.

    Convince me it'll work with my Mizunos, and I'll be investing in one on Monday. :)
  • Like wise. If someone can confirm it gives accurate results on other shoes (such as my asics) then I’ll be straight down to Regent St. I've been considering buying a Nano and a Garmin but the Nike+ will cover both!
  • I'm an Asics user as well and wouldn't want to switch. From the Nike web site, it looks as though you would have to carve a cavity under the insole in which to place if you don't have one of their shoes. If the shoelace method mentioned earlier works, I am onto this for sure. Would love to hear how the non-Nike wearers get on.
  • Could you stick it in one of them ankle wallets for timing chips?
  • Hmmm - Anna Friel encouraging you to go harder and faster ? Has possibilities...

    All looks very gadgety - now if only I could get my s*ddin' pc to connect to the ipod...
  • Went running with a friend this morning so a bit unfair to stick my iPod on!

    Since tinkering about on the computer have discovered that the Nike+ Workout download is only available from iTunes Store in the US at mo. Voice and pumping tunes train you through your run, depending on whether you wish to build endurance or speed. I'm sure now that the gizmo has been released in the UK it will follow on our iTunes store. Fingers crossed. Sounds like fun. Cheaper than a personal trainer?!

    Re. using non-compatible shoes, watch this space. May go out for a play later and calibrate the sensor.

  • Whitbot - if you don't have time to test it properly I can help.
  • cougie whats the problem with connecting?

  • Check out the following site

    Am a little dubious about how effective it is, considering I paid substantially more for a Polar s625x!

    But it seems like you can use it any shoe, you don't need to carve it into your insole

  • Whilst it appears to be a useful gadget, I think the concept behind it fell short of the mark. One questions who the product(s) is/are aimed at.

    If the primary target audience was EVERYONE and that the aim was to get people out running and listening to music; then fair do's - although I find it hard to believe that 'responsible' companies should go against established personal safety advice.

    If it was aimed at more serious runners then; why not make the footpod more universal? why not provide some heart rate monitoring function? and why not provide a facility for lap times? At the very least.

    I don't think I'll be buying one. But if there were a competition....
  • TT - just fails to recognize my shuffle now. It used to work, and then stopped. And now Itunes and my PC seem to have 'issues'.

    Studio - I'm thinking Nike may well be subsidising this gadget. So they want you to buy their shoes. I reckon there will be sensor pouches up on Ebay within the week though so you can use it with others.
  • whitbot: I use the itunes US store, as it's cheaper than the uk. Haven't got an ipod though...
  • I did write in our 'first-look' article (above) that it seems to work fine in non-Nike shoes - though the official line from Nike is that it works at its best in the Nike+ shoes.

    We just tucked the footpod under our laces, which admittedly is probably a good way to lose it after a while...

    We plan to do a head to head with other footpods and a GPS model next week - would be interested to hear what anyone else finds out

    Sean, RW
  • £120 for a foot sensor'd S&D monitor (I don't own a nano), how does that compare?

    I don't intend buying into apple's attempt at mobile music monopoly so I'm not that bothered but does the nano use a miniHD of is it a smartcard type of player?

    Why do so many people buy ipods? They used to be white which looks nice if your name is Tracy, you are from Essex and you are interested in buying a Ford Escort Cab. or a pair of stillettos otherwise it's naff.
  • Sean send one to me, i will send it back.

    I have a nice muddy course to practice on.......

    earl, heathen. I got a sexy black one.
  • Tri, sending our test model to you might actually be a good way of stopping the violence in the office over who gets to keep it...
  • They're £20 aren't they? Why the fighting?
  • .... having said that, an RW Towers biffathon might be entertaining. Any chance of a podcast?
  • I'm no expert right, but how on earth could Nike claim that this will only work on a nike shoe? It's impossible. When people start to realise this, they'll drop the pretence and market it at the majority of runners who don't use nike shoes. Do Nike running shoeswork in a different way to my sauconys or something? I doubt it.
  • I'm guessing that 90% of Nike wearers know nuffink about running other than what they've gleaned at their local megasportsfashionshop. They probably don't even know of sauconys - so they'll fall for it.
  • Cougs i wear nikes!

    oh sorry 1/10 is not that bad.

    Im a perscuted minority for wearing nikes.
    P*ssed of thought, JJB sell vermeros!

    Sean, LOL!
  • TT - that makes you special then. ;-)
  • Shunned at races, laughed at. called chav.
    What us nike proper runners put up with.

    Is this gizmo in the shops? I might might get one after work. If its sh*t the old girl can have it.
  • Matty, the (only) difference is that the Nike+ running shoes have a special clip-in hole under the insole for the motion-sensor footpod
  • Does Paula really cheer you on at the end of each run? Is the message customisable and can it be used for other exhaustive activities?
  • Just completed my first run 5K used my garmin as well to test accuracy. Even though I haven't calibrated it it was only a couple of meters or so different from my garmin (301) that is until I got under tree cover when garmin predictably gave up. Uploading it to the website was as easy as.
    I ran in the Moire's they were great, not enough cushioning for longer distances though as they are basically a souped up version of the frees.
    Unfortunately its not really Paula giving you the info just a generic american lass (or bloke if that floats your boat).
    Just need iTunes UK to catch up with the US version and start selling the coaching mixes. £7.99 for a top marathon coach sounds lie a bargain to me.
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