the person underneath...



  • False have been monogamous for 23 years

    the person underneath has had a general anaesthetic
  • (xpost but still a false PH isn't my type)
  • <still daydreaming of BB in her fluffy towel>

    False - but I've had a job that was like a general anaesthetic.

    The person underneath can put their leg behind their head.
  • False I can put both legs behind my head and that is what attracts the men.

    The person below is like me, witty, inteligent and not at all slutty.
  • true ;-)

    the person below has cried in the last week
  • false, I am only witty and intelligent.

    the person below likes fish and chips and is considering having them for dinner
  • True and false

    The person underneath has considered cosmetic surgery.
  • false Scares the life out of me

    the person underneath likes theme parks
  • False

    The person underneath likes Ben & Jerrys ice cream
  • true, but not specifically I like most Ice cream, especially chocolate or raspberry ripple

    the person underneath wears y fronts
  • false I wear black midis from M&S

    the person underneath has been waxed
  • No.... but I'll try anything once, except Morris Dancing!

    The person underneath has a secret desire to do Lorraine Kelly.
  • lol no deffo false

    the person underneath needs to go and hang the washing out
  • False

    Just done it

    The person underneath has a bikini on
  • false

    the person underneath likes bracelets and earrings
  • On me? No.
    On lovely ladies? Yes.

    The person underneath has woken up after a really good night out and forgotten where they are.
  • true I did that after england wnet out of the world cup but I cant reveal any more......

    the person underneath likes brandy and dry ginger
  • False

    Oh but I wish I had

    The person underneath has woken up feeling grotty and knew exactly where they were and who they were with last night.
  • false I drink whisky and dry ginger

    the person underneath should really be doing stuf not faffing on forums
  • X post
    Still false
  • (xpost)
  • X post again but this time true

    The person underneath is going to put more washing on
  • True but later on as I am in the office now and no washing machine and I would get weird looks from the numpties in here.

    Ther person below has a secret desire to wear a basque and suspenders, in public

  • false, I do it all the time. How else do you think I afford the mortgage?

    the person underneath is going out with their boyfriend for a meal tonight
  • false though I did once walk out of the loo at the theatre in York with my dress tucked in to my knickers and I was wearing suspenders and french knickers at the time

    the person below could talk the hind leg off a donkey
  • doh xpost again

    false eating at home with the family tonight

    the person below is married
  • True.

    The person underneath is having a lazy day at home
  • true will need to do some domestic stuff but am mostly being idle

    the person below prefers showers to baths
  • True

    In the mornings
    The person below likes a really deep hot bath in the evening
  • True

    The person below would like to have baby oil rubbed into their back by Joanna Lumley.
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