FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • A lot of talk of very high mileage here. I've never run more than 35 in a week although I plan to do more this time. I'm at 27.5 for this week and am planning a 14 miler on Sunday.
  • LS, you are going to blitz sub 3.45 in April.

    I am excited for you. 1.39 for 13.1 in training!!!!!
  • Ms Raptor,thank you for your kind words.
    I am now, through reading this forum, making sure I glug down enough water after a run, to dilute the colour of my "stream". Also, I ensure I have the 3 or 4 Weetabix with skimmed milk, shortly after getting in. Will need to continue swotting up on "glycogen depletion", carb loading etc. (Are Weetabix OK for that ? I also have 2 slices of jam on toast with the coffee.)
    My approach up to this point has been a bit "Tough of the Track". i.e. Non scientific, just see how far and fast I can go. Read some stuff this morning on the difference between OK carb loading, and perfect carb loading, leading up to a race.. It was on a website for that Pfitzenschalingerger fella, and described how minute differences impact on your time.

    Velly intelesting
  • HRR, is it necessary at this point to be doing the high mileage for an April run?
    With my 3 days of 5/6, 8.6, then 13.1, I'm only at about 27 miles a week just now. It will grow, but I'd hate to bust a gasket by over doing it now. I plan on learning more about the science part of nutrition, hydration, speedwork, VO2 max( which I thought was a fizzy drink), etc.etc, whilst gently increasing the long run. Then I'll find a 16 week schedule, and know that what I'm doing is correct in every way.

    Mr Dap, I feel confident at the Half, but don't know what the pits of hell of a full 26.2 feels like ! Can I borrow your mental strength that weekend ?

    The snow is on the hills overlooking Glen Clova today. How hard is it to run wearing a duffel coat and wellies ?

    Gymbo, how many press ups can you do ?
  • LS if you're running 27 miles a week at this stage you are doing fine (I'm at exactly the same point myself). I would be slightly wary of some of the 16 week schedules which will get you to the right level by race day but only just. They have no slack whatsoever for injuries or anything else stopping you running. Have a look at some schedules now and maybe think about starting on Dec 1st rather than Jan 1st. If you don't get injured then you have four weeks extra training under your belt which might give you that liitle bit more confidence on race day. The counter argument is that your added training might leave you more vulnerable to injuries. Just thought I'd throw my tuppence halfpenny worth in!
  • LS, I can run with Wellies and a duffel coat on. They teach us how to do that in school down here ;0)
  • LS, Weetabix with milk is fantastic carb-loading food and also ideal for recovery. Beats all that powdery stuff that comes in big plastic tubs bearing huge lists of vitamin-this and coenzyme-that and a hefty price tag. And it's obviously working for you!

    I'm just in from a nice 10-miler (maintenance mileage for me and a "slow" recovery run for eL Bee! - personally, I think calling 8.51mm pace "slow" is just gamesmanship!) and refuelled on sticky toffee pudding and vanilla yogurt. Loads of carbs, a dollop of protein ... perfect! And it means that I don't have to worry about whether or not I'll have room for pudding after dinner ;o)

    The 16-week schedules will do the job - I did Abingdon on less than 16 weeks' training from a standing start, and most of my training was aimed at a half-marathon with the full marathon being an afterthought. But if you can approach the schedules with a running jump rather than a standing start, so much the better. I looked at the P&D 24-week schedules, but decided that I'd spend the next few weeks simply building mileage and pick up the 18-week schedules instead. They start of with, I think, a 53-mile week and a 15-mile long run. I'd like a base of having already done that sort of mileage for a few weeks beforehand.

    I've read the article in the current RW about how the Kenyans carb-unload before winning marathons. Interesting!
  • Evening Commrades

    Just found out today that my cheque was chashed on Tuesday.I didnt donate,so im assuming im in.This was my 4th attempt.

    So ladies and gentlemen,would it be ok with you all to join this thread?? Ive just ran Abingdon(4hrs03mins) and would like to go for 3hr45mins FLM.London will be my 5th marathon.(3hr58mins pb)

  • Evening Mick.
    How old,tall,heavy,henpecked,bald are you ?
    I'm 37,6ft,13stone,very,very nearly.
    You can join only if you adopt the once mighty Dundee Football Club as your Scottish team.
    Let us know what stage your running is at the moment, and whether on your PB run you had to sprint all floppy jelly like, the last few miles to get in under 4 hours?
    If the thread inspires you the way it has me, then we'll both smash the 3:45 barrier no problem.

    Welcome aboard

  • Hello mate
    40 years old,5ft 10ins,12 stone,still a wee bit of hair,our lass is spot on.
    Sorry mate the GERS have taken my support,as well as Sunderland(season tkt holder).
    Just taken a 2 week rest after the Abingdon marathon,back to marathon training on Sunday.
    Thanks for the welcome mate.
  • Oh, sh1t! My Scottish team is Kilmarnock. Shall I get my coat?

  • Welcome, Mick :o) Well done at Abingdon! And congratulations on getting a FLM place.

  • But you've been to Lochee !!??!

    You've stood on The Law and gazed down at the centre of the Universe !

    You've driven over the bridge from Fife and been awe struck at the panorama stretched out before you!

    You've swam in the "juice" of a Wallace's peh.

    I don't know for sure, but you may have even witnessed the rock of gibraltar himself, Sir Bobby Glennie, smash in a 40 yarder v Aberdeen wearing the famous tram lines jersey of the late 70's, copied by Coventry.

    You've read the works of Oor Wullie.

    Your neighbours were the Broons.

    Och, Ms Raptor, I despair !!
  • Little stoker
    Ive been to both grounds in Dundee-in fact quite a few grounds in Scotland.I worked at rosyth dockyard from 85-92.All in a drunken haze if memory serves me right.Didnt like going to Hibs ground,too much trouble in those days.Went back a couple of years ago to watch Sunderland play hibs in pre season friendly.We drew 2-2.Had a good day on the drink.
  • OK, LS, I'll 'fess up. When I was in Dundee, and coming from the West of Scotland, and being from a good Presbyterian family, I capitulated to the family expectation that I would pledge my allegiance to the orangemen ;o)
  • Hi Mick!

    Welcome aboard. Another footy fan :) Always nice to speak to a black cat. You must adopt Swansea as your Welsh team! We not too keen on Cardiff either!!!

    You and I are exactly the same standard running wise by the way.

    My Scot's team is Queen Of the South, not sure why, never seen them play, just one of those names that stuck with on a Saturday evening as a kid watching the results come through on Grandstand.
  • LS, I stayed in the Tay Side Hotel on my last visit to Dundee. Its a bit, how can I say, exotic?

    Cracking people up there!!
  • Bellbottoms!??
    No such hotel as the tayside? Think back.
    Rosyth....Scotlands very own Monte Carlo. Not a single overweight or ugly person is allowed in the town. No tattoos, no swearing, no gambling, no under age sex, no unemployment, women are treated as equals.. etc etc
    Choosing a football team according to religion?! Must be a West coast thing.
    Mick, you no doubt stood on the old TC Keay terracing behind the goal. I played on Dens Park as a 10 year old before Jocky Scotts testimonial, with a drunken George Best in a booth behind the goal signing autographs.
    Mick, at least you got a proper pint, unlike the soapy bubbles that was the bitter I couldn't swallow when I went to live in Bristol in 1990.
    RD, why were you in Paradise, or do all Welsh schoolkids get the trip as motivation to stick in at their exams ?! Ha Ha, only kidding.
  • LOL!

    I am sure it was the Tay Side Hotel.

    Anyway, back to running!

    Just did 14 miles nice and slow. Everything fine, no tweaks. Letting the body know that come Monday we start some proper training.

    How everyone else doing today? Is anybody racing?
  • That's excellent so soon after a marathon, RD. Well, actually, it's silly cos you should still be resting, but you know what I mean! It's great to hear that you've got 14 miles in your legs a week after a hilly 26.2 :o)

    I quite fancied racing the Shepshed 7 today, but it was full. So I talked nicely to the kids, popped on my Vaporflys and went and did a little tempo run. 7.5 miles in 59.31 minutes, with which I'm happy. Did miles 2, 3 and 4 at my aspirational 10-mile race pace, eased off for a couple of miles, then wellied mile 7 just for the hell of it.

    That's 45.5 miles this week, and I'm planning to do around 51 next week, but none of it speedwork.
  • Well done RD and Vrap on your runs. 14 miles for me as well today. Beautiful autumn day running on the Thames towpath. Home to Chiswick Bridge then back again. Paced to perfection at 9 min miles with a slight negative split. A very happy road runner indeed.
  • Good Running Chaps!!

    HRR, you are dead right, wasn't it beautiful out there today?! I was across the Hafod mountain today. Was going to go over Llangynydr but there was a terrible accident there the other night. Four girls died in the back of a car, they were all tennagers. The lads in the front were ok. Did not seem right to run over there earlier.

    However, it was a superb day, I love it when the weather is like this.

    Good weather & Good Running = A Happy Bunny
  • Lots and lots of miles going on - making me feel very lazy. I ran a slow, hilly 10 at 8.15 on Saturday morning (for which I think I deserve a medal - had to get up earlier than I would for work!!!)

    Felt really tough and now have a sore throat and head of cotton wool - so looks like an easy week for me till I get better. Still, loving the weather at the moment, crisp and sunny and last night the fireworks were lovely and everywhere.
  • GA, 8.15 on a Saturday morning is VERY dedicated :o) I hope you make a speedy recovery from whatever lurgy has descended upon you.

    My legs have been completely untroubled by yesterday's run (which, scarily, averages out at the sort of pace I'll need for a sub-3.30 marathon) and I've got a 10-miler scheduled for this afternoon. Looks like a good day for it :o)
  • Mornin' All...
    Can I join In?
    My Cheque was cashed this morning so that means im in yeh?

    Now goin to read back over the previous posts...
  • Welcome Stace.
  • Hi Stace :o) Welcome aboard!
  • Did the Flying Fox 10 Sunday. Finished in 1:22. Forgot how hard the second half of the race was. Never really got going, but tried to pick the pace up in the last 3/4 miles.
  • Welcome aboard Stace!!

    Quinn, good solid performance yesterday. I take it your pleased? You should be.

    My shins feel like someone has taken a sledge hammer to them this morning. Light recovery run tonight.
  • RD Wanted to run it under 1:20 but not that disappointed with how it went.

    Next aim is to increase my long runs so im doing close to 2h comfortably.
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